A detailed lesson on how to finish knitting on photos and videos

A detailed lesson on how to finish knitting on photos and videos


It's not enough just to tie a beautiful product, it's important to be able toCorrectly to finish knitting, that all work suddenly, has not appeared it was done in vain. Incorrectly closed throat loops can make the volumetric collar of the sweater completely inelastic and tightened, and too loose the finished hem of the cardigan, later it will turn it into a shapeless cloth.
There are many ways how to finish knitting with knitting needles is not only right, but also very beautiful. So the finished thing will get a finished look, and the needlewoman can show all her skills.

Closing the canvas in a simple way

How to close the loops of the canvas, connected by anyPattern, other than rubber bands? This is the simplest way, in which the edges of the work look like a pigtail. A set of loops can be made in any way. We remove the edge, the subsequent loop (in the text, the abbreviation P is introduced), we knit the face loop (this term for LP is reduced). Through the edge we stretch out the formed LP.

Again, we sew the follower of the front with a follower. Stretch through the one to her right.

We continue this way to the end of the series. Through the last loop we thread the working thread and tighten it.

Closure the canvas with a needle

For this method, a needle with a wideEye, thread it with a thread that you knit the product. In the example, a thread of contrasting color is threaded to make it more visible. Closing loops starts from left to right.

We fix the thread behind the blade. We introduce the needle from right to left into the two extreme points of P. We tighten and remove the last P.

Again, we insert the needle from right to left into two P, tighten, remove the outer loop.

Here is a closed edge.

We close the web with a seam

To close the loops of a simple clothUsing a needle with a ketting suture, thread the needle with a working thread. In this example, a thread of contrasting color for clarity. We begin to close P from right to left. We introduce the needle into the second P with the purl. Hand on persons-yu. Now we will introduce a needle through the first П from the front side.

In the third P we take the needle as well as the second, from the other side. And again in the second, but from the face.

It turns out that such a seam.

Now you can remove the spoke. The knitting edge turns out to be loose and elastic.

Close the gum with 1x1 knitting needles

To make the edge of elastic 1x1 elastic,We will make closing of loops by means of nakids (it is shortened in the text as H). Before each purl loop (hereinafter referred to as the PI designation) we make H "from ourselves". This is the one that we "throw", usually with knitting. Before the LP, the nakid will be "to itself," that is, in the opposite direction. We remove the edgeband. Then there is an IP, then it will be an ordinary N. It's the IP.

Now we "throw" H, on the newly bound PI. And after her first P.

Then comes the LP, so before it we will make H "to itself". We knit the LP.

Now we are doing the same thing: we put H on the LP first, then on the next P. It turns out that such an elastic edge. A set of loops for this method can be any.

About closing of loops of elastic 1x1 can be learned from the video from the channel "Women's Hands".

Video: How to close the knuckles with an elastic edge

Closing the 1x1 rubber with a needle

The closing method is this: If the first P person., Then the needle in the first two P is entered from the persons. On purl. Side, if the purl is wrong, then vice versa. In this case, the first goes LP, so we pass through it a needle from front to back. We remove P from the needle and also from the face we pass it to the next PI. Tightening the thread, leave a small loop. In the formed P, we introduce a needle from the wrong side to the front. We tighten the thread, and P from the knitting needle is not removed.

Now the first PI, then the needle isThe wrong side. Remove P from the needle. The next step is to insert the needle in the same way. We tighten the thread, leaving P, into which we insert the needle, but from the side of the person to the other side.

We tighten it, but do not remove it. Repeat all over again and continue to close until you get such an elastic edge.

More information about closing the loops with a needle you will learn from the video of the lesson on the channel "Crochet and knitting knitting lessons".

Video: Learning to close the gum loop

Closing of gum 2x2 on spokes

How to finish knitting with knitting needles on 2? This method of closing is similar to the method of creating an elastic edge of the rubber band 1 by 1, only H will be done just before the first paired loop.

This gum starts with LP, so before the first LP do N "to yourself." We send the LP and "throw" the cape over it.

And now P, located on the right. Then we go to bind the LP. After there is an IP, then we'll make an ordinary cape. Next IP.

"Let's throw" on this П накид and the second ПП. We continue this way to the end of the series.

Video: Masterclass closing gum

Author photo master-class Ekaterina Kuryleva.