A detailed tutorial on knitting double gum

A detailed tutorial on knitting double gum


Species gum, knitting, theregreat amount. This voluminous, loose (patent, English), and the usual - 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and slanting, and uneven (3x6, for example) and relief (Polish, French), and even gum with openwork, and Haran. In this article we will look at what are the gum and how to knit them.

Types of gum

Some of them are shown in the photo below. They may look like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

You can find various schemes, description, orvideo, in which the process of their implementation is shown graphically. The latter option is more appropriate beginning knitters, which is sometimes difficult to understand in a dry text description or icons schemes. After viewing a few clips question - "how to knit gum spokes" can be transformed into "some of them are connected."
Where to apply double gum
What are they used? The most common design for cuffs, hem and neck blouses, sweaters, vests. At the same time achieve a dense and accurate obhvatyvaniya hands, neck and waist. Often such drawings knit:

  • hats;
  • scarves;
  • straps or sundresses overalls.

For the first two kinds of products are good socalled "sports" gum yielding lush, loose surface (English, for example). For the straps and belts just fit a double, dense and elastic, holding the shape of a well.
Double Gum has a number of distinctive features:

  • when it is formed by knitting the empty space between the two layers of fabric;
  • it is necessary to twice the loops;
  • outwardly it looks like stocking coats;
  • This knitting pattern requires twice as many yarns;
  • it can be used as kuliske for threading the cord or belt.

Double gum can be called in a different way:

  • hollow;
  • hollow;
  • tubular.

Description and implementation of the scheme double elastic bandsand light enough in principle, should not cause difficulties. So, we look at how to knit elastic knitting needles? (If you still have difficulty - see the video).

Hollow double gum

Actually, it can be expressed in severalsaying it 1v1 gum, purl loops in which not provyazyvayut. How? Very simple: they make a copy, displaying the thread before work (that is, by the process of education is wrong). It turns out so: first row - gum 1x1; second row:.. 1 persons, 1 lift, a thread before work, and so on until the end of p. In the next series of the shooting as the wrong loop, which was in the previous face. Next, knit, repeating the last p. As a result, vyvyazannoe canvas as if divided internally, remaining intact with the edges and bottom. Do not forget that in the total score of loops set does not include edge, which should always be at the knit fabric to make it happen even at the sides. And in elastic figure - even more so. That's all the job description. Driving hollow gum is shown below.

Important: if you want to do more cunning and link after entering the usual stocking surface, and then sew it, bent in half (since apparently our drawing looks that way), double gum you, alas, will not work. Indeed, in the hosiery knitting in facial p. tally only facial, and to give the canvas of elasticity required of their alternation with purl.

Selection method set loops

Consider the types of set loops, suitable for double-gum. Set for knitting hollow gum has its own characteristics due to the density of loops. Species kit for such a case.
Set with additional thread. In this case, workers are gaining first spokes thread color half of the required number of pet. Next, knit, introducing an edge in the joint account of loops: 1 persons, 1 nakida.. In the following p. nakida provyazyvayut front, and the noose that was individuals., remove as Izenave., thread before leaving work. Knit a few p., Color thread dismiss and get a neat edge that looks like a crook.

Set using the laying of additional fiber. Gaining pet. working on the spokes between the parties. and PHI. pet. passed an additional thread. A few rows of its pull to give a neat edge.
The Italian set. With this method you set during a set on the needles immediately formed a flexible, easily expandable, not strapped region of alternating parties. and PHI. pet. (What is needed in this case). At the same time the first loop on the needle dial as usual, and the second -. Relegating myself and holding it for a "bottom over the top" Details and clearly the process of performing this type is shown in this video.
Video: Italian way to set tabs
Description of knitting on circular double gumspokes. If you need a tubular elastic knit on circular needles, you will have to use some cunning. It is connected with the fact that the circular knitting no Izenave. series. But we need to get it alternating them with individuals. R. so we will imitate them:

  • 1 p .: 1 individuals., PHI. remove, thread before knitting, etc .;
  • 2 p .: persons. removed, the thread of the work, PHI 1. etc.

Continue knitting after gum

How to knit after the hollow gum? As already mentioned, the knitting density of this species gum twice. Therefore, the transition to the basic knitting to not get "volnushek", the spokes must remain exactly half loops. To do this, every individual. and PHI. provyazyvayut together.
Well, if hollow gum, according to the scheme fitin the middle of the product (for example, on the waist belt for threading on dresses or skirts), for her education first, double the number of loops on the spokes and after vyvyazyvaniya gum to save the appearance of the product again cut in half. Spokes while taking at least one size smaller than those that perform basic knitting cloth.

Methods for closing the loop

And what if the tubular elastic knitting ends (eg the neck)? In this case, there are two types of closing of knitting:

  • a conventional method, only provyazyvaya from two loops together. This top product is tough enough;
  • with a needle. Here, the top will be a very elastic. Using horizontal knit stitch, which runs the same thread, which is knitted. For this purpose it is necessary to vdet thick needle. Driving performance of this joint clearly shown in this video.

As you can see, no highly complex techniques in the scheme and description Double gum no. There are small details, considering that you can get high-quality products.

Videos: Knit in a circle two-tone patent gum (gum brioche)

Video: Perform knit stitch horizontally