Detailed lessons with knitting patterns for men's pullovers

Detailed lessons with knitting patterns for men's pullovers


Pullover is an indispensable part of the men's wardrobe. Excellent in cold weather, visiting business events, creating an individual image and maintaining a style. To tie a man's pullover with his own hands is best knitted. Such a model will sit perfectly on the figure and become an original gift to an expensive person.

Even with a huge number of industrial products for men, they prefer to wear things of home manufacture. The advantages of knitted pullovers are obvious:

  • The product will ideally fit in the shape;
  • Manufacturers do not limit the choice of color, pattern, silhouette and texture of the yarn;
  • A gift can be prepared for any date;
  • It's easy to change the knitted model - to remove or add decor elements or details.

But, the main advantage is the uniquenessA man's sweater knitted with knitting needles. It always remains possible to choose a model for any shape, taste, age and season. Such a pullover will successfully replace the jacket or light jacket. Even the description, with its strict observance, does not guarantee the repetition of the product. Therefore, each thing is individual and unique.
The most important feature is the individualDrawing selection. This will make it possible to make for men an original sweater with knitting needles, which will be unique and not ordinary. You can make a model with different patterns:

  • Arans and braids will give the pullover volume and masculinity. The combination of several of these drawings will emphasize some features of the appearance of men;
  • The ruffles will make the men's pullover gentle and festive. If you knit a delicate pattern of fine yarn and small diameter spokes, then the thing will be very stylish;

  • Irish drawings will add color and color;
  • Harmony and order.

In any case, a man-made pullover connected by hands will bring many pleasant sensations.

Tips for preparing for knitting

Link a man's pullover to the force even noviceKnitters. The only difficulty is the amount of knitted things. For those who do not have much experience, it will be problematic for the first time to knit large parts. Otherwise, you can greatly simplify your work if:

  • Pick up a simple pattern for knitting. Even the usual stocking or garter stitch will look very good. To achieve this, you need to "play" with the diameter of the spokes or combine the yarn of different shades or colors;
  • Choose a simple model with a simplified pattern. This can be the absence of a collar, a straight armhole without an ocular sleeve, no gum;
  • Carefully take measurements. This will prevent a poor-quality result and help avoid bandaging the model;
  • Competently and responsibly execute the sample. Such a simple operation will give an accurate picture. Once again, you can make sure the correct choice of pattern, thickness and type of yarn. The sample is slightly stripped, and then the number of loops for the set is calculated;
  • Knit both sleeves at the same time. In this case, all additions or subtractions of the loops will be made symmetrically;
  • The front part is knit in the last turn. With an inaccurate calculation of the amount of yarn, it is possible to buy the same or a suitable thread;
  • Tie a men's pullover without gum. This model looks very stylish and suitable for men of any age.

But, the basic skills in knitting will still be required. You need to be able to:

  • Correctly fix the main loops (edge, face, purl);
  • Read and understand the diagrams or description of the drawing;
  • Build a simple pattern;
  • Calculate the density of knitting.

Video: Classic pullover knitting

The very first action is the selection of yarn, the choiceSpokes and pattern diagrams. This is a necessary stage for the model to be harmonious. Then it is necessary to tie the sample with the pattern that is chosen for work. Thus, the correct calculation will be made, and the thing will not have to be adjusted or altered. We continue knitting in the following order. Dial two smaller diameter spokes with the necessary number of loops for one half of the sweater and carry out the elastic. If there is no elastic band in the model, then you need to calculate the number of rapports of the pattern. In this case, immediately take the needles of the desired diameter for the pattern. After tying the gums go to the main drawing. In this case, it is advisable not only to move to the spokes thicker, but evenly add a few loops. Continue working up to the armhole line with the desired pattern without changing the number of loops.

At the level of the armholes begin to form a smooth line. To do this, make major reductions in one row, and then turn the canvas and the last two loops are tied together. So the armhole will be much more accurate. Having finished decreasing, continue to knit exactly up to the shoulder line. Close all the hinges in one row in a convenient way and proceed to the second half. If this is before, then it is necessary to determine the shape of the neck. In the case where the male pullover will be with a collar, then knitting this element is performed after stitching the parts.

It is desirable to connect two sleeves at once. To do this, use
And two skeins of yarn. One hose is knitted from one hose, the other from the other. After finishing the work, the parts are slightly stripped and stitched. First, the shoulder seams, then the lateral ones. The sleeves are sewn at the last.
Now proceed to the design of the model. You can simply treat the neck with an elastic band or continue knitting the collar.

Well adorn the men's sweater overhead parts or large buttons.

Creative approach is unlimited. Your pullover will be a wonderful gift.

Photo lessons for knitting pullovers

Video: We knit a sweater for her husband