Details on knitting jacquard patterns with knitting needles

Details on knitting jacquard patterns with knitting needles


Jacquard patterns with knitting needles, it's beautiful andHuge world. In it you can find patterns of colorful patterns and their description for knitting with knitting needles for children, men and women. As early as the middle of the last century, jacquard knitting was extremely popular. All dildos sought to purchase or tie the clothes with fashionable at the time Norwegian patterns, which refer specifically to jacquard knitting. Sweaters and pullovers, which featured snowflakes, fir-trees and deer, were extremely difficult to buy in the trade network, and therefore often had to knit independently.
It was then in the fashion magazines began to appearVarious schemes of jacquard patterns with knitting needles. This master class is intended for beginner needlewomen. In it you will find a rich selection of photos and video materials. In addition, there are various patterns of patterns with knitting needles, as well as a detailed description of them.

Lazy jacquard patterns

Many schemes of jacquard patterns with spokes look likeComplex, which sometimes discourages inexperienced needlewomen. To quickly master the technique of knitting jacquard patterns with knitting needles, it is recommended to begin to master the "lazy jacquard". Learning to knit a lazy jacquard with knitting needles and using more complex patterns, you will easily go to making clothes decorated with any of the existing jacquard themes. In addition, you can create charts yourself. Lazy jacquard is so simple that it can be performed even by eye, without a pattern.

Try to knit with a straight canvas, for example a scarf, performing different motifs of a lazy jacquard. We suggest you watch a video on the knitting of a lazy jacquard.

After such needlework, it is easy to bind a more complicated jacquard pattern, for example, imitating the coloring of an animal. In the photo you see a magnificent Jacquard imitation of a zebra.

Original and effective looks a picture depicting a leopard.

These more complex motifs can be attributed to a stretch to a lazy jacquard.
Video: How to knit a lazy jacquard

Norwegian schemes with deer and snowflakes

Norwegian motifs, this is the classic of our theme. They are necessarily present deer or snowflakes, as well as herringbones.

Most of the Norwegian motives for complexity coincide with the simplest schemes.

They are fairly simple, but very beautiful.

After prolonged oblivion, Norwegian themesToday again in vogue, and extremely in demand by needlewomen. Those of you who want to link the product in the style of "Retro", for sure like these models.

Jacquard patterns for men

When you gain experience, you will be able to make interesting geometric combinations for men. We suggest that you consider some examples of such male patterns with knitting needles.

Male patterns are mostly composed of the simplest geometric figures, but on the whole they produce a magnificent impression of masculinity and strength.

Children's jacquard patterns

Jacquard patterns for children have only themInherent in the specifics. At the same time, children's patterns are adorable and very popular with small citizens. Baby sweaters for boys are decorated with images of sailboats, and various marine attributes.

Children's motives with lovely lambs and penguins will be suitable for boys.

As for the girls, they will be happy with the different flowers on their clothes. Here are some beautiful examples with flowers for little princesses.

From all the drawings presented in the lesson for children it will be easy to choose the favorite pattern.

Jacquard patterns without broaches

This video master class demonstrates knittingA hat with a jacquard pattern without broaches. Such binding without broaches, like any such drawing, is very dense and warm. The pattern scheme is a snowflake you will see in the lesson. There is also a description of work for knitting without broaches. We tie a pattern pattern, typing twenty-one loops for this. Knitting without broaches is done by two threads. These threads must be held in the left hand, alternately putting them into work. The main thread for knitting the background is white, and for knitting snowflakes, a brown yarn is used. To perform knitting with two threads and avoid broaches, it is necessary to alternate two ways of tying the thread. In the first row, we knit with a white thread five loops, and alternately grab it over the black yarn or below it, as shown in the video. This technique allows you to perform work, avoiding stretched threads. The sixth loop should be tied with a brown thread. We continue to knit this technique until we finish the master class.
Video: We knit a jacquard without broaches

Double-sided jacquard

And at the end of the lesson, we will consider the description of the so-called two-way jacquard.

This is a special painting, connected with both sidesFront face, and with the presence of a pattern on each side. For this, the technique of making a double gum is used, but with some variation. Here it is necessary to apply the same method, but perform the cloth with two strands at the same time. In contrast to the double rubber band, in the double jacquard, the purl loops are not removed, and again they are knitted with the wrong loops, but with the second shade of yarn. This leads to the formation of an inversion pattern on the underside of the fabric, as shown in the photo above.
To better understand the topic of a two-way jacquard, we recommend that you repeat the lesson from this video master class.
Video: Knitting of a double-sided pattern