Diamond embroidery - amazing technique of needlework (photo)

Diamond embroidery - amazing technique of needlework (photo)


Recently, more and more often you can hearSuch expressions as "diamond embroidery" or "drawing with rhinestones". After all, this new technique of needlework, which came to us from China, managed to please already a large number of people, continuing to replenish their ranks with new fans and admirers. Many are pleased to choose this type of embroidery because of the tremendous beauty of finished products, the amazing simplicity of their creation, as well as the availability of raw materials.

What is diamond embroidery?

In fact, diamond embroidery is a techniqueCreating a variety of paintings, which consists in fixing on the adhesive basis specially designed for this rhinestone. That is, for this method of embroidery, neither needles nor threads are required, since this is not embroidery at all. Although it looks very much like a beaded product.
, Made with this embroidery, alsoThey are called not because diamonds are used as consumables for their creation. This name was fixed because the bright edges of the rhinestones, pouring into the light, make them like these precious stones.
What is the Chinese technique of diamond embroidery so fond of many fans of needlework?

The advantages of diamond embroidery

  • For this kind of artistic hobby are soldAlready ready-made sets, with the help of which and create a variety of pictures of stunning beauty. Such sets include everything that is needed in the process of this work. Additionally, you do not need to buy anything. They are presented in very different subjects and a wide color range, so that you can easily find any story for your taste and style - icons, triptych paintings, flowers, still lifes, landscapes, animals (eg peacocks, lions, cats , Dogs) and many other things;

  • Diamond technology is very easy to understand and notRequires no special skills. Schemes are simple, and the process of placing rhinestones with tweezers or pencil is extraordinarily convenient. However, before you start the work, it's not superfluous to find a video tutorial or a master class on this topic on our site;
  • The sets for creating diamond exposures are quite affordable, and therefore anyone who wants to try himself in the art of diamond embroidery can easily buy himself one of them to his taste;
  • Fast work pace. This embroidery technique is especially important for those who like to do needlework and want to have in their home creations made with their own hands, but does not have enough time or desire for this. After embroidering products from floss or beads, you should have enough patience and a decent amount of time, and in our days, alas, many do not have either one or the other. And diamond embroidery is created five times faster than threads.
  • Composition of a set for diamond embroidery

    Ready-made sets for diamond embroidery, which are in stores now a great many, include four main components:

  • Glutinous base with a pattern, according to which you need to spread the rhinestones. This scheme is covered from above with a protective film, which must be removed as the work progresses;

  • The key to the scheme, which is needed to decrypt it. The numbers indicated in the key correspond to the numbers on the sachets in which the stones are packed. Due to this, the rhinestones quickly fit on paper in the designated order, and the corresponding image is obtained;
  • Rhinestones, with the help of which the picture is laid out. They are made of acrylic or other special resin and have a round or square shape. The top surface has a very beautiful cut. The size of the top face is always the same. The number of lateral faces can be different, and therefore their size varies. This depends on the form of the rhinestones and light reflection. These bright edges really give the crystals a similarity with diamonds. When creating a picture, several types of stones can be used at once, which gives the products a true uniqueness. After all, the light, falling on the edge of the rhinestones, is reflected from them in different ways and causes the stones to shimmer, attracting the attention of all those present;
  • Tweezers needed for working with rhinestones. The stones are very small, the side of the base of the square rhinestone is approximately 2.5 mm. Of course, working with such small elements requires jewelry precision, and therefore it is with the help of a pair of tweezers that the rhinestones are laid out on the adhesive base with a mosaic. Instead of tweezers, a pencil can be embedded, to which the rhinestones stick like a magnet.
  • After watching the video, where a master class on the topic of diamond embroidery was taken, lessons that can be found on our website, you will protect yourself from possible mistakes and avoid unnecessary waste of time for thinking.

    Master class on diamond embroidery technique

  • In the beginning, you need to decide on the topic andColor solution, and then buy the right set. Another should be stocked with a ruler and a capacity with departments - such a sorter that will simplify the work with the mosaic. Although many manufacturers and its invest in the set;

  • Unpack the set and get out all the contents. The glue base with the applied scheme can be presented either in the form of a sheet of thick paper or fabric. Here on this paper or fabric with the help of a decoding scheme and will be applied the rhinestones that are packaged in packets and numbered in strict accordance with the key. In the event that the basis is paper, and the circuit is large and does not fit on one sheet, additional docking will be required when joining two finished halves. When the canvas is a fabric, there is no need to join it. If there is a triptych in the set, then all three fragments are drawn up separately;
  • Pour some of the rhinestones from the sachets into the sorter;
  • Gradually removing the protective coating with glueThe basis of the fabric, one by one, paste the rhinestones with a pair of tweezers or a pencil. Do this according to the chart, placing the key in front of your eyes and focusing on it;
  • In the process of embroidering, finishing each row, it is necessary to equalize its ruler - this will improve the quality of the work done;
  • If the paper is used as the basis for the future picture, and the sheet is not one, but, for example, two, then they are stapled in such a way:
    • At the end of the work, you need to leave a pair of the last rows running near the junction, free. Then take a sheet of cardboard, to which both these sheets fit. On this sheet just to butt paste them;
    • After that, paste the last rows of pastes.

    When the work is ready, you can neatlySeveral times walk over the top with a rolling pin (better through the fabric), as if pressing rhinestones into the base. Also, for additional fixation, the surface can be sprinkled with ordinary hair spray or treated with a special silicate adhesive.
    At the end, place the picture in a frame under the glass. Tightly adjacent to the product, it again provides additional fixation and certainly will not let the rhinestones fall.
    A few more words can be said that in addition toConventional rhinestones for mosaic painting can sometimes be found and so-called thermostrases. The canvas in this case is made only of the fabric on which these same thermo-stresses are applied using a special thermo-applicator.
    Such lessons will come in handy for those who want the first experience in this art to pass as successfully as possible. At the same time, be sure to watch the video on this topic.
    What surprises can arise in the process of work?

  • Laying out a mosaic, you can sometimes stumble uponRejected crystals. It does not matter. The total amount of consumable material in the set exceeds what is needed to compose the mosaic. The stock, as a rule, is 15 percent;
  • Occasionally, it happens that small parts of the substrate are not properly treated with glue, or it has dried up. In this case, use a silicate adhesive, walking through these areas again.

  • This embroidery technique allows you to create brightMasterpieces, the most real works of art. Sets of diamond embroidery, coming to stores mainly from China, like a Chinese box, reveal us the rich culture of this country, which has very different facets. Many fans of this hobby with pleasure choose for themselves pictures in the eastern subject, which depicts peacocks, dragons, oriental beauties, different deities and other similar subjects.
    Having bought a favorite set for diamond embroidery,You can create bright pictures step by step. Having spent relatively little time, you will find a unique masterpiece from ordinary acrylic stones, which will delight all your relatives, friends and acquaintances with its juicy colors. The bright edges of the rhinestones of the picture, created by the method of diamond embroidery, will add to the creation of uniqueness and spectacularity. Such a product in the appropriate subject will perfectly fit into any design. Animating and decorating every room, diamond paintings will undoubtedly become an excellent gift for people close to you.

    Video: lessons of diamond painting