Diamond pattern - a unique mosaic own hands (photo)

Diamond pattern - a unique mosaic own hands (photo)


Embroidery stones - is a popular contemporary crafts to create unusual paintings.
or mosaic is available for each needlewomanbecause of loyal prices and easy execution of the process. Images created by the method of mosaic crystals and different original design, luxurious appearance and resemble embroidery beaded jewelry. In order to create a unique diamond pattern correctly and quickly, you need to carefully read the recommendations on this entertaining skill or read our detailed master-class.
Today, a different class rocks occupy a worthyplace in the world of needlework. Beadwork, known since the 17th century and received a new round in the modern needlework. Pearl Embroidery - Needlework their luxurious natural stone that adorns the clothing, household items, creates original jewelry. But the youngest -
stone or mosaic.

This interesting way of needlework embroiderythe needle is not necessary, only small crystals carefully glued to the surface in a specific pattern. The amazing beauty of the work of the stones are fast but require the masters of special attention and perseverance. Those umelitsy who embroider
, Will appreciate this new and easier way to needlework. After all, created by the diamond embroidery resemble beadwork, mosaic only much more affordable.

Diamond painting - a choice with taste

This type of needlework carries into the world of interesting and unusual skill. Mosaic pattern shimmer with bright stones, and the image is pleased realism and skill.
When you select a plot for putting some mosaics, you should pay attention to several factors.
Beginners should choose simple images, inwhich uses a small number of colors rhinestones (5 to 8). Such pictures have a small format and are sold mostly in non-expensive online stores.

or mosaic is of several types:

  • The most popular kind - pasting on adhesiveacrylic square surface crystals. Stones have a facet of 9 or 13 faces along and across. During operation, it does not matter which side is to stick a pebble, in any case, the picture is unique, with beautiful iridescent sheen. Square crystals can be laid out as a simple image and gorgeous photorealistic image;
  • There are also sets with round rhinestones. To work with such material a bit more complicated because of the shape of stones. The images are vivid. Basically, round crystals are used for floral compositions, colorful birds and butterflies;
  • A large number of colors and shades rhinestonesIt allows you to create unique masterpieces, which are called "diamond mosaic." Such a method is for putting some realistic scenes, nature, animals, colorful landscapes. This method is considered more difficult and is recommended for experienced seamstresses laid out.
  • In recent years become popular diamondPhoto Stitch portraits. Realistic photo image is transferred thoroughly professional artists in the form of a diagram on the fabric material, and umelitsy must be clearly and accurately lay out the image stones. , You must apply to the specialized studios or workshops to get the individual scheme on the photo. Needlewoman finally gets its own set of embroidery sequins complex but unique picture. How does it look fashionable to view the video.

    Video: Diamond embroidery photoportrait

    Workplace Preparation

    Before you begin, you need to prepare yourworkplace. For embroidery diamond is very important good lighting, as will work with small crystals and symbol scheme. On the table, where the creative process will take place, should be a lot of free space for scrap materials: bowls with rhinestones, bags with numbered plastic bags.

    Get set to create a picture of the puzzle, you need to familiarize yourself with the contents. The kit includes:

    • character scheme with printed pattern;
    • colored acrylic rhinestones;
    • tweezers;
    • saucer;
    • Operation Guide.

    We must now consider the scheme carefully.
    In woven material is applied pattern thatwill be posted crystals. Top superimposed film that protects the adhesive layer. The whole scheme is lined on the little squares, they correspond to the sizes of stones. In the upper right corner of the figure shows the number of stones that will be used in the work. Each color stone mosaic pattern of his number awarded, these numbers are all over the picture. For convenience, the need to write a number on each bags with stones, it will unmistakably the color you want to stick to its place in the picture.

  • Spread scheme in the middle of the desktop;
  • Bowl and kulechki with colored rhinestones set next to the picture;
  • Take the tweezers, which is in the set. They are very convenient to take the square stones and glue into place.
  • Preparation is completed, and now he'll start putting some stones process.

    The process of creating a picture of the mosaic

  • Decide on a place in the scheme, which iswill spread first. On squares painted rooms stones, they must be used in the place of the picture. Therefore, immediately put the flowers in front of the data rooms. Considering that it is necessary to use several colors crystals, can be used to help match boxes, a bowl. Pour into each box in color and place them near the circuit;

  • Slightly open the film below, exposing a small area to work;
  • Take the tweezers single crystal of bowls and verycarefully glue it into place on the circuit. To get a perfect mosaic pictures smooth and clear, every stone has to take its place. It is therefore important first stone glue evenly. Tweezers can correct a small chip, helping him firmly adhere to the substrate;
  • The adhesive base can keep their adhesiveproperties for several days after the removal of the film, but it is better to remove portions of the film. So, firstly, it is more convenient to operate, and secondly - the mosaic will stay strong;
  • If the stone has an irregular square shape orhis side with a small flaw, it is better not to use such crystals. Due glued to the circuit defective crystals, can worsen the appearance of the final picture;
  • Do not completely remove the film with the workingsection, it can help to pin down larger crystals that are stuck to the base as possible. In the video you can see how to properly glued rhinestones on the adhesive surface. Once at the site crystals stuck tight, the film can be partially removed by cutting the necessary part.
  • Embroidery stones or mosaic takes a little time. Sometimes work takes only a few hours. Of course, it depends on the experience of skilled workers and the availability of free time.

    Video: master classes on the diamond embroidery paintings

    An expert on the note

  • If Expert has experience owning needlebeadwork, then she can avoid professional errors in the method of diamond embroidery. Embroidering with beads, needle running from right to left, making neat rows, this method requires embroidery. But the diamond technique should stick stones left to right. So they will stay up straighter, and drawing will take the right form and shape;
  • Working with tweezers differ from owning a needle and thread, you must prilovchilis and get used to it. After a few minutes of fruitful work, the skilled worker will be skillfully wield an iron aide;
  • For the convenience of round rhinestones in a setembedded white pencil. With it easier to take one stone and glue into place in the picture. Pencil is useful with round sequins, and more convenient to take with tweezers square crystals;
  • In some kits include steel ruler. It is necessary to align the series with fake stones. When laid out a number, you must adjust his line, in the case of deformation of the series - to improve, to move. To easily move the stones, they should not be fastened initially strongly. Once the skilled worker will see a positive result, you need a good squeeze crystals, using the upper film;
  • Stones need to stick butt, tightly clutching them together, so that in any case no more empty space, and no light fabric.
  • The result is a cleverly created mosaic pictures, which will be luxurious in look beautiful baguettes. Watch the video on the right embroidery design prints.

    Making pictures

    His handiwork can also finish theirpowers by issuing a canvas into a beautiful baguette. Passepartout give a picture perfect finish and clear glass frame with elegant sophistication and underlined the wealth of wonderful diamond technology.

    To conclude on their own canvas prints, you need to prepare the material:

    • thick cardboard or plywood;
    • PVA glue or double sided tape;
    • rubber roller to align the wallpaper;
    • picture frame under glass.
  • In order to securely attach the canvas, you must attach it to the plywood using double sided tape or glue;
  • Stick adhesive tape over the entire surface of the rear wallweb, make measurements with a plywood surface. If the size is perfect match, gently peel off the adhesive tape securing the picture on a solid surface;
  • Now it is necessary to walk very carefully squeegee across the diamond mosaic surface to perfectly smooth the fabric and again to fix each stone;
  • Now we can safely conclude embroidery in picture frame.
  • If at this stage there is no time at masterspossible beautifully and correctly arrange the work, then it is possible to tightly twist and roll, wrapped in paper, hide until better times. You can also refer to a workshop on registration of paintings in a baguette. There's a wide choice of mat, baguettes to your picture was not only brilliance and beauty of the images, and luxury furnishings.
    "Embroider" mosaic pattern gives greatpleasure. This activity is a distraction from negative thoughts, it helps to calm down and relax. Diamond jewelry art as embroidery biserom- a modern beauty created by the skillful hands of masters.

    Video: Diamond embroidery decoration prints