Manishka knitting needles for a child: nuances in knitting

Manishka knitting needles for a child: nuances in knitting


Manishka is an interesting and practical accessory,Able to decorate the child's winter wardrobe. It is designed to protect the baby's chest and throat from winter colds. There are many ways how to tie a shirt. Most masters use knitting needles for this. Their differences are only in the technique of execution and the methods of knitting.
It is enough simply to tie the front of the baby to the baby, soAs its dimensions are small. It consists of a mantle and a neck. In the front part, the product is usually slightly elongated. The width of the arm is equal to or slightly less than the width of the shoulder. The throat surrounds the neck quite tightly, and its height is usually up to the middle of the chin.

Knitting Bachelorette

For a child can be connected in three different ways. The first way is to start knitting from the neck and then follow down to the shoulder strap. Equipment
Perfect for beginner needlewomen. For the second method, you can also use the technique of knitting in a circle. In this case, start from the outer edge of the shoulder strap and move upwards. The third way is to start from the shoulder and then move in circular rows (the abbreviation P is applied hereinafter).
In order for the shirt-front shirt to be seamless,You can use circular or stocking knitting needles. If the scheme assumes the presence of a seam, you can sew a zipper into it or make loops (shorten P) and sew in buttons. It will be interesting to look like a shirt for a girl. You can tie the mantle and collar separately, and then sew them together.
Calculation of hinges for the neck
We knit a small sample. The pattern is the same as that used for the shirt-front. We measure it at maximum tension and in a calm state. We divide the second indicator by the first. Thus, we know the coefficient of stretching of the sample. We measure the head of the child, more precisely - its circumference. The index is multiplied by the coefficient obtained in the first step. The result should be added 3 cm. The obtained value is the necessary circle of the product throat. We use a control sample to calculate the density of knitting - that is, we count how many centimeters of the sample contains P. Multiplying the result by the circumference of the neck obtained at the previous step, we get the number of P that is required to be typed.
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Choose a pattern
For beginners, you can advise the schemeChildren's shirt-front - it's much easier to make than an adult. The first thing that needs to be done is to choose a pattern according to the sex of the child. Knitting for children is always interesting. Girls are more suited to a scheme with flounces or ruffles. You can use all kinds of weaves, lace or openwork drawings. For the boy choose interesting drawings, to tie them to the usual smooth surface will not be difficult even to inexperienced knitters. Scandinavian patterns will be a decoration for children of any age and sex.
Boys will not be approached with complicated knitting patterns, which,Undoubtedly, will benefit the inexperienced skilled workers. The master class is quite simple in execution. For the gate is assumed a pattern of knitting with an elastic band of three by three dots. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the dialed number П should be divisible by 6.

Knitting of the neck occurs on four spokes,The length of it does not reach the desired value. Now you can go to the shoulder strap, knit it a bit harder. The first two P are usually knit. In the third P, one by one, we make an increase in front of the face loops (LP) and after them, that is, from one purl. Two knits are loosened. Knitting is stopped when the size reaches the plan.
Manishka usually requires more effort from his mother, if it is created for the girl. It can be decorated around the edges of a beautiful fringe or lace pattern, knitted or crocheted.
The standard scheme is simple, the master is alwaysWill try to make the product more interesting. The child will have to like a delicate knitted article, as in the photo. The main feature of this knitting is the use of shortened R.
Another simple scheme for beginner needlewomen. It's very easy to show a class and surprise everyone with a simple and spectacular thing.

The neck of the article is knitted with an elastic band 1X1. The height depends on the measurements taken earlier. You can tie 10 cm or more, make a neck with a bend or a single P. Next - the first circle is knitted according to the scheme 2 PI, 10 LP. Second circle - nakid, 2 IP (purl loops), nakid, 10 persons. And so to the end of R. The third circle - we bind the LP (we need to knit behind the wall from the back) from the cusp of the previous P, 2 PI, again, from the mantle obtained from the previous P, the LP is loosened, then - 10 persons .. And so, until it ends P. Then repeat the pattern from the first circle until the length of the product reaches the desired size.
How to decorate a car Spokes are much easierTo connect an unusual and interesting shirt-front. For girls on the older age, an important role is played by jewelry. If the scheme with a description of the complex technique of knitting you can not do it, you can decorate the finished product with fringe. Children's fringed thing will become an ornament of the wardrobe of any modern girl.

It is interesting to see a product created by combining knitting techniques with knitting needles and crochet.

Tips for making mannies for children

Anything a child should be in a time. Therefore, start knitting with fairly accurate measurements. In no case should bunny tighten the neck of the child too tightly. Knit should be free - the elastic of the neck should be free and pleasant to wear.
If the child is small and can not independentlyDress and spread your clothes, the shoulder strap should not be knit longer than the shoulders. In this case, it will not stray and curl under the clothes. Spokes can easily decorate clothes with different patterns. It will bring great joy to the child.

Patterns of patterns for the front man

For a boy of 2-3 years the following scheme of the front man is perfect. For its production it is necessary to purchase woolen yarn. The master class is simple in execution.

We start with a set of 10 П on spokes. We knit them with any viscous, after two P add 2 P. We do this with the help of nakids, usually at the end of P. We knit until the number of loops. In P will not reach the number 32. By this time, the size of the canvas will be about 15 cm.
Then, knitting another 6 cmCanvases. After that, on a separate spoke or pin, "throw" 14 P in the middle. We continue knitting the knitting needles of the two canvases separately from each other. It should be rounded off the sides. To do this, we need to P through P together. Thus we knit about 13 cm of cloth. After that, close in the shoulder area of ​​3 P. Thus, it turned back and in front of the product. On the circular knitting needles, we transfer Π from the middle of the knitting. Continue to knit the neck to the desired size. It remains only to sew the shoulder seams together and the shirt for the boy is ready.

The stocking pattern is perfect for the front man. Knit his knitting needles. He will be able to even a professional knitter, with his description, we now get acquainted. Odd P from the 1st to the 9th knit according to the scheme: 3 IP, 1 add, 25 LP, two together as front, 18 LP, then again two П together, LP - 25 pieces, 1 add and three again at the end. Even P we bind the IP. 10 Р knit by the scheme: ИП - 3pcs, persons - 26 pcs, ИП -20 pcs., Persons 26 pcs., ИП -3 шт. Beginning with 11 Р the drawing is repeated as from the 1st P.
The size of the shirtboy depends on the age of the child. We knit from 15 to 20 cm in this scheme, then go to the rack. If the rack is circular without seams and buttons, then it is knitted on circular knitting needles.
For children 1,5-2 years old the followingKnitting scheme. In the usual way, you need to type 72 P on the stocking knitting needles. Knit will be on 4 spokes, so P is evenly distributed over them. We use a rubber band to fill the neck with a length of 7-8 cm. Then, 4-6 Р should be fastened with LP. Next, proceed to the shoulder. At the front and back we assign 22 P, on the right and left shoulder - 12 P. At the junction of the parts of the shoulder strap, there will be raglan. We continue knitting.
From the side of the Raglanov we add by P. one P. We try to tie the surplus loops so that no holes remain. For this, under the broach we grab the working thread with the right knitting needle, transfer it to the left knitting needle and tie it.

The children's shirt, decorated with a pattern "rhombus" on the canvas and the back, looks simple and tasteful. The wizard will perform this pattern very simply. Another rhombus is somewhat more complicated in execution.

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