A variety of patterns and patterns for knitting with knitting needles allows you to create great clothes

A variety of patterns and patterns for knitting with knitting needles allows you to create great clothes

Patterns and schemes for knitting products with knitting needles canbe the most diverse - from simple to more complex, pretentious. Beginner knitters should not immediately take on intricate patterns, despite their charm. It is desirable to learn how to use circuits on less complex, but equally beautiful ones. Knitted things always attracted attention and were the pride of the craftsmen. These are not just warm and comfortable products. They can completely change your image, make it more tender or rough, create a sense of frivolity and make you elegant. Everything depends on the model, purpose and style of the garment or household item. Very beautiful things are obtained if they are knitted with openwork patterns. A blouse or sweater, dress or tunic will look equally good in such a decision. Among the many such patterns we offer not very complicated, but interesting options. The photo shows the symbols needed to read the diagrams. Patterns and patterns for knitting. Photo №1 Pattern 1. Patterns and patterns for knitting. Photo # 2 We sew knitted patterns according to the picture. Where there were facial loops, there are purlins and vice versa. Pattern 2. Patterns and patterns for knitting. Picture №3 It turns out a rather unusual pattern, which is perfect for vests, jackets and jackets. It is simply sewn according to the scheme provided. Pattern 3. Patterns and patterns for knitting. Photo №4 Any sweater or jacket, an elongated waistcoat, andOther products made of yarn of light or bright colors will look very nice. First, let's try to link the sample to see what we'll get as a result. On the spokes we type 39 loops and two edge loops, we fasten three rapports. We knit according to the scheme. Important: on the diagram we see only the front rows. In the back rows we sew all the loops according to the drawing. We repeat the pattern from the first row to the thirty-eighth. As a result, we get the following figure. Patterns and patterns for knitting. Photo №5 Recently, sweaters and sweaters have become very popular.other knitted products with jacquard patterns. Jacquard - is the use of threads of different colors (two or more). However, the motifs of the drawings can be completely different, from ethnic to ordinary ornaments. One of the brightest representatives of the products made in this style is, already become a legend, a Norwegian sweater depicting one or a whole series of deer. Below are a few jacquard patterns and their schemes. Patterns and patterns for knitting. Photo №6 In total, during the existence of thiskind of needlework appeared a huge number of different patterns that can make the product a real work of art. In our time knitting with knitting needles, as well as crocheting, has received a new stage of its development, a real ascent. Manufacturers offer many kinds of new yarn, incredible fantasy designs began to appear, and a range of knitted garment patterns has increased. Such a surge in the new life of this type of needlework can easily be explained by several factors:

  • In every related thing handmade livesa piece of the soul of the master, her warmth and care for her loved ones. Therefore, they radiate not only the heat of the material from which they are made, but also the heat of the human hands and heart.
  • They are characterized by exclusivity, individuality and uniqueness, which can not be said about purchased things.
  • Experienced knitters can always copymodel of a sweater or dresses from famous world fashion designers and link exactly the same, which will be cheaper, but to which she will be able to add her own zest.
  • Knitting soothes the nervous system and develops the memory, attention, imagination and patience of the needlewoman, which is very important in the modern world.

You can use other drawings and schemes that attract attention, which will help you in the work, the process of creating your own masterpiece.