DIY Candle Holders for Candles - 6 Lessons

DIY Candle Holders for Candles - 6 Lessons

Want to have a romantic dinner, but do not knowhow to give the right atmosphere? Love to take a bath in a dimly relaxing light? Trying to hint to your husband for the desired massage? Well, you got to the address! Why puzzle when you can fill it with a useful workshop on making candlesticks with your own hands for long candles. In this article you will find 5 master classes on how to make a candlestick like this. Wooden, clay, from the bars and even from cement! Everything you have on hand canturn into excellent home decoration! Do not believe? See our photo of candlesticks with your own hands for long candles and make sure that home decor on your own is bright, fascinating and not at all expensive. The content of the article:

    Classic wooden candlestick

    To make such a candlestick for long candles you will need:

    • A small wooden board;
    • 3 wooden and 3 iron candle holders;
    • Spray paint;
    • Sandpaper;
    • Joiner's glue.

    Step 1 Sanding the board thoroughly with sandpaper, leaving no chipping or irregularities. Step 2 With any shade of spray paint, paint the board and the wooden coasters. Note that the iron coasters should be smaller in volume and go into wood. Step 3 We wait until the paint is dry, and insert the iron stand into the wooden ones. We glue double stands with equal girder with joiner's glue and leave to dry. Done! You can insert candles and admire the creation of your hands! You can experiment and make at your discretion different in size and color of the stand, selecting candles for them appropriately.

    Plain Candle Holder

    To make this candlestick take:

    • Round bars of different sizes;
    • Saw;
    • Carpenter's glue;
    • Sandpaper;
    • Candle holder - 3 pieces;
    • Drill with a thin drill;
    • Cardboard sheet;
    • Pencil;
    • Scissors;
    • Plate.

    Step 1 If the bars are long and not sawn,use a saw and cut a bit different in height. Grind the bars so that there are no chipping and irregularities. Then attach a plate to a sheet of cardboard and circle, cut the resulting circle. TIP: instead of wooden throws you can take cork wine corks, put them in a circle and glue them together! Step 2 Use glue to start with glueThe bars in any order on the cardboard circle are our template for the candlestick. Wait for the glue to dry and drill three holes into which to insert the candle holders. You can give vent to fantasy and cut a pattern of a different shape by painting it in any shade of paint. Want to do something different from wood? Check out this article!

    Festive candlesticks with their own hands

    Prepare the following tools:

    • 3 (or more) different in height wooden bar;
    • Drill with a drill bit;
    • Acrylic paint (color at your discretion);
    • Bucket / basin / other paint utensils;
    • Sandpaper.

    Step 1 Drill in each wooden blockholes for candles. Measure the diameter of the candle in advance to find the exact drill bit. Emery paper walk on the bars, removing all the irregularities. Step 2 Dilute the paint with water in our container. If you want rich color in a short time - dilute a large amount of paint in a smaller volume of water. Put the bars in the paint; if it is highly saturated, then:

    • hold short - 7 minutes,
    • if it is weak - 15-20 minutes.

    We are waiting for the paint to dry, we insert candles and enjoy the work done!

    Beautiful ombre clay candlestick

    For the manufacture of candlesticks you need:

    • Multilayer mold under the mini-ice cream;
    • Cement or clay for crafts;
    • White and turquoise spray paints;
    • Copper candle holders;
    • Glue moment;
    • Newspaper / waste fabric.

    Step 1 Dilute the cement (or clay) with a little morethe amount of water than indicated on the package - so it will more evenly fill the mold. Pour cement into the mold and wait for solidification. On the spread newspaper or fabric we paint the resulting figures in white; For uniform paint application, keep the can on the distance from the figures. We paint in 3 thin layers. Step 2 After the paint dries, startglue future candlesticks. Two figures stick together between the broad sides to each other, the other two - the narrow sides. The remaining 4 are glued together by the narrow sides, and then the wide side. We receive 3 candlesticks from 8 cement figures. Step 3 Take a turquoise paint and from a distance start to put on the bottom layers of candlesticks. Try to give an ombre effect by unevenly painting the bottom of the candlesticks. We are waiting for the paint to dry. Step 4 Sticking brass candle holders on top of the candlesticks, insert the candles and place them on the dining table. Very beautiful and simple candlesticks can be made from glasses or bottles. See master classes!

    Candles for long candles made of concrete

    To make these candlesticks for long candles, prepare:

    • Cardboard small bags (in the form as for seeds);
    • Copper pipe;
    • Truborez;
    • Insulation tape;
    • Decorative concrete;
    • Multicolored thick threads.

    Step 1 Take our cardboard bags and cut them off.corner of Cut the copper pipe into unequal parts (of course, you can make even parts), and insert the resulting tubes into the holes in the bags. An electrical tape firmly fix the place of the knock tube and package. Step 2 Fill the concrete in cardboard bags, leavefreeze After the concrete has hardened, carefully remove the insulating tape and cardboard, we obtain concrete cones with inserted copper tubes. Tip: instead of concrete, you can take absolutely any mortar that holds a shape after solidification, for example, any finish or alabaster. Step 3 Threading the joints of the tube withconcrete; You can wrap one layer, as an option - to make several colors on a single candlestick. Also, if you want, concrete bases can be painted in any shade or beaded to suit your taste. As you saw from this master class, giveCharm your home can be quite simple, without having to buy expensive unnecessary dust collectors. On the contrary, a little bit in mastering, you can independently, with fantasy and our help, make both a useful and decorative thing at the same time. Even if you knock out traffic jams in your house, and on the street it is damp and chilly, with the help of a candlestick you can make with your own hands, you will manage to create a cozy light for the children or a romantic twilight for you and your beloved. And you no longer have to look for where to put the candle, and indeed it can spoil the jar or glass, in which you usually light candles. Enjoy and enjoy!