DIY Christmas toys: 4 ideas for crafts (12 photos)

DIY Christmas toys: 4 ideas for crafts (12 photos)


    New Year's toys with their own hands

    New Year tree, both for young children andfor adults is the embodiment of celebration and joy. There is an opinion that the ritual of decorating a Christmas tree helps all New Year's wishes come true, especially if the toys for the Christmas tree are made by oneself. Such Christmas toys are perfect for decorating a Christmas tree, home, apartment or office. Such toys can serve as elements of decor and a festive table.

    New Year's toys from light bulbs

    New Year’s toys look very original,made of ordinary incandescent bulbs. For work, you actually need special stained glass paints or gouache. You can use the usual watercolor paints. Only pre-paint should be diluted with soapy water. This will help to apply paint to the light bulb evenly. After painting, let the light bulb dry thoroughly. Take the fishing line and put various beads or beads on it. Tie a fishing line to the thread of the bulb. The light bulb can also be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, coffee beans, etc. The main thing in this work is improvisation. Thus, a whole New Year's composition can be made from light bulbs. New Year's toys from light bulbsNew Year's toys from light bulbs

    Christmas pasta toys

    Even ordinary pasta can make beautifuland interesting Christmas toys. In order to make such toys you will need only pasta of various shapes and sizes, paints and glue. To begin, pour the pasta on the table and create from them the composition that you would like to see on your New Year tree. When the composition is completely ready, carefully connect all the pasta with each other using glue or a glue gun. After the glue has completely dried, proceed to coloring the toys. Acrylic paints or spray paints are suitable for coloring finished toys. Such toys can be additionally decorated with beads, rhinestones, sequins, glitters or sparkles. So Christmas toys will look more elegant. You can choose any color for such toys. However, the traditional New Year gamut looks best: toys of snow-white, silver, golden and pale blue. Christmas pasta toyChristmas pasta toy

    Christmas tree foil beads

    In order to make foil beads youneed: - food foil; - strong threads; - a needle. Cut the foil into identical squares and roll tight balls out of them. When there are enough balls to make long beads, connect them with a thread and a needle. Make small hooks or eyelets at the ends of the beads to better fix the beads on the tree. Foil Christmas Tree BeadsFood Foil Christmas Tree Beads Colored Foil Christmas Tree BeadsColored Foil Christmas Tree Beads

    Papier-mâché beads for Christmas tree decoration

    In order for you to get beautiful beads frompapier-mâché prepare: - white leaves; - PVA glue; - paints; - brushes; - food foil; - threads; - a needle. To begin, cut the paper very finely, place its prepared container, fill it with hot water and leave for several hours. Cut the foil into squares. It is possible that the squares be of different sizes, then the beads will also be different. Then roll the balls from the resulting squares. When the paper in the container accepts the consistency of the dough, remove it and squeeze it well. Then mix the paper with PVA glue. Spread all the foil balls evenly with the resulting mixture and leave to dry. After the beads have dried, color them to your taste. Finished beads will only need to be threaded with a needle. Papier mache Christmas tree necklacePapier-mâché Christmas tree necklace We also recommend viewing:

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