DIY craft ideas from twigs and twigs

DIY craft ideas from twigs and twigs


Crafts from branches - beautiful and simple

If you want to learn how to craft crafts frombranches, but never before tried to do this, do not be afraid to try. When choosing wood for crafts, it must be borne in mind that it should be even and that there should be no knots on it. Such wood can be found at a sawmill or at any woodworking enterprise. The main thing is that the waste should be of high quality. This is important, because the quality of wood directly depends on the quality of the crafts that you get. Crafts can be made not only from branches, but also from any scraps. They can make a beautiful little boat or knives. What can be made from twigs with childrenWhat can be made from twigs with children

Which rods and branches are better to choose?

As for the branches, it is better to choose straight lines, onwhich there is no resin. Therefore, branches of spruce or pine are not very suitable for the manufacture of decorative products. The fact is that the knife and hands can hardly be cleaned of resin after working with pine or spruce branches, which is not very convenient. For crafts, branches are ideally suited, the fibers of which are located in one direction. They are called straight fibers. DIY craft ideas from twigs, twigs and brushwoodIdeas of crafts made of twigs, twigs and brushwooddo it yourself But if you have already accumulated sufficient experience in the manufacture of products from branches of spruce and pine, then you can well use them. When choosing branches, you need to ensure that they are flexible enough. Such branches are easier to process, because they have enough moisture. It is quite difficult to cut something out of too dry branches, because they bend poorly. There are crafts for which forked branches are needed. Since the fibers of such branches go in different directions, it is more difficult to work with such material. This requires a certain experience and skill. Crafts with children from twigs and branches - photoCrafts with children from twigs and branches - photo Other crafts from the autumn gifts of nature: - - - - - -

Processing branches for crafts

If you want to craft crafts from branchessome hardwoods, consider that they need to be processed immediately after they have been cut, not delayed. This applies to branches of oak, cleat and maple. If you want to make some small figure, then birch branches are ideal for this. They are easy to cut, so it will not take you a lot of time to make crafts. I must say that birch wood is generally easy to process. But working with black birch wood is not so easy, because it is noticeably harder. If the birch wood is slightly dried, then it will become even more malleable. Beautiful DIY crafts from branchesBeautiful DIY crafts from branches

Storage conditions for twigs and twigs

It is very important to properly store blanks forfuture crafts. If the wood dries, it will be inconvenient to work with it, which means you will spend extra time and effort on making crafts. To avoid this, it is necessary to make blanks in advance, put them in a plastic container and put them in the refrigerator. If the branches are still dry, then you just need to moisten them with water a little before you start working. Now that the branches and trimmings are selected, and the blanks are stored in the refrigerator, we’ll talk more about making crafts. Vase or basket for fruit from twigs - do it yourselfVase or basket for fruit from twigs - do it yourself

Unusual over-door wreath of cones, branches, leaves and berries

Autumn is the right time forto make something from branches, cones and leaves, because in the autumn you can often find cones and amazingly beautiful leaves. Recently, decorative wreaths of leaves and branches are very popular, which are usually customary to hang over the entrance to the house. They can also decorate the interior of a house or apartment. In addition, such crafts are ideal for the Autumn Festival in kindergarten or elementary school. Such crafts look very original and original, and serve as an excellent decoration of any interior. Wreath of cones and branchesA wreath of cones and branches To make a wreath of branches you need:

  • Three big pine cones,
  • A lot of little pine cones
  • Foam rubber longer than 30 cm, which will serve as the basis for the wreath,
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sackcloth,
  • Acrylic paints (white, beige, brown, yellow),
  • Acrylic spray (colorless),
  • Small and large secateurs,
  • A few small flexible branches,
  • Berry branch,
  • A beautiful ribbon on which you can hang the finished product,
  • Two large magnets (desirable, but not necessary).

So, let's start making a wreath. First of all, you need to craft flowers from small pine cones and paint them with acrylic paints. To cut the cones, take a small manual pruner. You need to start cutting the cones from the middle, gradually moving up. Please note that after such processing a lot of garbage remains, so make sure that the trash can is nearby. To remove excess flakes, use the end of the pruner. If possible, work directly on the street. This is very convenient if you are in the country. Handle the pruner very carefully, otherwise you could be seriously injured. vetki_04 The basis for the wreath will be the basis of foam rubber. It must be wrapped in burlap and glued with hot glue from the back. Now that the base is ready, you can take a hot glue and glue small flowers from cones onto it. It is better to place them closer to each other so that the flower petals are in contact. vetki_05 A twig with berries and several small branchesneed to be placed on the back of the wreath and glued with hot glue. Then you should take a bright ribbon, fold it in half and make a loop in the upper part of the wreath. vetki_08 The final stage is the manufacture of largeflowers from cones. To do this, you will need a large secateurs. To prevent cone scales from getting into your eyes, wear special safety glasses. Cut flowers need, moving from the middle up. It remains only to paint the artificial flowers with bright acrylic paints and stick them on the base. To keep the flowers better, cover them with a colorless acrylic spray. The wreath is ready! More ideas for wreaths of twigs and branches: Read also:

DIY craft ideas from branches and twigs

Humans from the rods The easiest idea forchildren's crafts from twigs - you will need only straight or curved thick branches, fabric on clothes and paints. Such crafts are done very quickly, and a separate idea is to make not just little men, but Santa Clauses for New Year's gifts. Mirrors from twigs You can easily make an original frame for a mirror from sea brushwood, dried wood, twigs and twigs - what is not an idea for a gift? Photo frames from rods Similarly to the previous methods, a photo frame is made. DIY stars from branches If you thinkthat a wreath is boring and corny, or you just have twigs left, you can make stars out of them - a simple idea for Christmas decorations. To do this, the sticks will need to be laid out so that together they form a five-pointed star figure. Each corner will need to be tied with a rope and decorated with a satin ribbon. Such an original star will look great on a Christmas tree, as well as a great gift for loved ones. DIY Christmas stars from twigsDIY Christmas stars from twigs Lamps and candlesticks made of rods Most advantageously, such lamps andcandlesticks from the rods look in the interior of the bedroom. For example, a woven lampshade of a spherical shape, has a spider-like structure that creates an original play of shadows on the wall of a room. Candlestick or vase from the branches A simple way to make a vase from branches - photoA simple way to make a vase from branches - photo We also recommend viewing:

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