DIY crafts from lightning: we make jewelry, toys and decor elements (37 photos)

DIY crafts from lightning: we make jewelry, toys and decor elements (37 photos)

It often happens that we throw away old things,without even trying to give them a second life. This also applies to lightning, from which you can make DIY crafts. Surprisingly, with its help, unusual beauty and jewelry are made and other interesting little things about which we can now find out. Here are some ideas you can create from lightning: Table of Contents

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Flower of lightning He will become delightfuldecoration not only for clothes, but also for any handbag or other item. It becomes simple, all we need is a zipper with iron cloves, a thread with a needle and several mother-of-pearl buttons of any color that we like. DIY flower from lightning Earrings of lightningAn interesting solution is to glue the zipper cloves to the earrings (best of all, the earrings should be in the form of rings). They will become quite an extraordinary decoration in your collection. Decor earrings-rings with a zipper Lightning withpendant Another unconventional approach to creating an unusual decoration for any girl. Zipper can be used as a chain by hanging on it any of the pendants that you like. Fringed lightning An original decoration design solution that is not difficult to execute. To achieve the goal, we only need to fringe both sides of the zipper, then add some beautiful decoration to make the composition look beautiful. A flower made of lightning with petals This option can be made in the form of a brooch. All that we may need is directly zipper with iron cloves, the rest of the zipper, a pin or clasp for our brooch, a ruler, scissors, hot glue. A beautiful accessory in the form of a flower with petals. Lightning + felt. Various interesting decorations can be made from lightning and felt. Extraordinary jewelry made of zipper and felt Braceletfrom lightning Have you ever seen an extraordinary bracelet, which is also made of lightning. I think it is not so common, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you just need this kind of bracelet. Necklace made of lightning Sounds somewhat unusual, but intriguing. Such a stylish and creative necklace can be completely made with your own hands, using the most affordable materials, which are also quite inexpensive. The main task here will be to combine the color of the necklace so that you can wear it under your favorite clothes. Elegant necklace on the neck with your own hands Collarfor a pet Not only people, but also pets need beautiful things that will delight the eye. One of these may be a collar for a cat or dog made of lightning and decoration. For work, you need lightning and pebbles. Some prefer to use Swarovski stones, but this is not necessary. You can find other pebbles that you like. Owl from lightning Now many teenage girls are obsessed with "owls" in any of their manifestations. So why not make such an ornament with your own hands, using an old zipper, some felt or other material. After spending just a little time, you can get a great original product, which many will envy. >>> Beautiful souvenir in the form of "owls" Christmas tree toyDo not believe it, but the decoration can be not only everyday, but also timed to the New Year holidays. Ordinary lightning in just a few steps can freely turn into a Christmas tree or. Christmas tree made of lightning. Snowman. It can be not only a Christmas tree, but also. It will take just a little white felt and old unnecessary lightning. Craft a “snowman made of lightning” with your own hands. Heart for Valentine's Day. Present your “heart” to the lady you love. Making such a souvenir is quick and easy. Beautiful "heart" from lightning to the day of saintValentina Heart Pendant A pendant made of lightning in the form will be an excellent gift for the holiday of all lovers. Cockerel In the year of the rooster with its amulet in the form of this animal. Great craft "" for personal use, as well as a gift to friends and family. The extraordinary craft of “cockerel” as a symbol of the year. Flowers by March 8. But such beauty can be presented to women. Crafts from lightning in the form of flowers will look quite original and beautiful. Craft “flower vase” for March 8th Simple bracelet Another version of the zipper bracelet for everyday use. Stylish bracelet for hands Autumn picture Felt,a few threads for embroidery and lightning - these are the main components of an unusual and interesting craft - an abstraction, which you can play in the form and hang on the wall. Abstract of felt and zipper. Hairpin. One of the options where you can use a zipper is to make a decoration on a hoop. A zipper decoration for a hoop A zipper ring And how do you like a stylish ring that you can’t buy in a regular store, but you can do it yourself without any problems. Unusual DIY Ring Bow TieA very bright accessory in your appearance will be a butterfly made of lightning, which can be made in any size and color shades. Very contrasting and extraordinary element for any style of clothing. Beautiful and stylish “butterfly made of lightning” Cat A simple, but at the same time cute “cat” will complement the clothes, bag or gift wrap, as well as the card. Craft “cat” in black Pendant Here is another idea for a long pendant on the neck made of lightning. A simple craft that you can do with your children. Original neck pendant Bracelets from clasps Clasps - zippers in different designs and decor in the form of unusual bracelets on hands. Decoration of bracelets with zippers. We decorate shoes. Decoration from zippers for shoes, including ladies' shoes. To combine them with a handbag, you can do something similar for its decor. DIY shoe decoration

Master class "Jewelry from lightnings"

Because in the modern world is most valuedhandwork and interesting ideas, rather than template shop products, more and more people are trying to do something with their own hands. This also applies to jewelry, which can be made of various seemingly ordinary, but at the same time non-traditional materials. So it can be said about lightning, which is often simply thrown away with unnecessary old things. But if you turn your attention to this element and devote some time and effort, you can create unusual things that will be beautiful and useful. Materials that we may need in our work:

  • Lightning of different sizes and colors.
  • Glue.
  • Threads.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • The basis for the bracelet.

When all the materials are ready and at hand, you can go directly to the work itself.

  • We select the zipper that we like, and begin work. At the same time, it should be in a buttoned form.
  • Next, you need to cut a piece of tissue, leaving only a small piece (about 2-4 mm from the castle itself).
  • After that, we cut the zipper and its fastener from the zipper itself.
  • Now, dividing our zipper into two parts, we get blanks for jewelry, which will be used later in the work.
  • We bend one end of the zipper inward by about 3-5 mm and stitch it with thread.
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    Flashing our craft Thread Binding Process

  • Then you need to wrap the zipper in three rows in a circle and sew these all rows. To make it all right, the needle must be inserted every two cloves.
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    We bend in three rows and sew DIY stitching process

  • For a neater and more beautiful work, you can use the fishing line.
  • So we continue to wrap the zipper until we reach the desired size of the decoration.
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    We wrap the craft to the desired size

  • As a result, we get a blank of decoration in the forma disk with which you can arrange the basis of a bracelet, hoop or other jewelry. Similarly, it can be used for earrings, you only need to buy the appropriate accessories for the clasp.
  • Our product is ready and can be used in any version. As you can see, it’s not difficult to do it, it won’t take much time. Summing up, we can conclude that neverit is worth throwing out any things from which interesting crafts can turn out. The usual zipper from old jeans or other things, thus, has a chance to turn into original earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets and even ties. We examined at least 25 ideas where you can interestingly beat this element. And if you dream a little, there will be much more ideas. Of the most popular materials to beused in the work - it’s directly the zippers themselves, felt of various colors (depending on the idea of ​​the product), glue, threads with a needle and additional elements that may be needed for decoration. We also recommend viewing:

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