DIY dream catchers

DIY dream catchers

DIY dream catchers

A dream catcher is an amulet of the ancient Indians,whose purpose is to protect sleeping people from the effects of evil spirits. Initially, such amulets constituted the basis of willow twisted, interwoven with the veins of a deer, strong threads and decorated with feathers of various birds. It is believed that a self-made dreamcatcher has a certain energy. It is recommended that before proceeding with the manufacture of the amulet, let go of all negative thoughts and tune in a positive way. DIY dream catchersDIY dream catchers

Necessary materials

To date, no one sticksstrict frameworks, what kind and materials from which to make a dreamcatcher. In order for the craft to work out, it is enough to follow the main stages of work. To make a dream catcher yourself, you will need the following materials: • Ring. As a ring, it is not necessary to go to the river and look for willow twigs, as the ancient Indians did, you can also use a metal or wooden hoop, or a ring from any tin cover. Nobody adheres to the exact size, but a ring with a diameter of 15 cm is considered the best option for work. • Leather cord. If this was not at hand, you can use a decorative tape, twine or fabric cord. The length of the cord should be at least 12m. • Threads. For work, you can use various threads, but it is better if they are made from natural materials. • For the manufacture of a dream catcher, you can use all kinds of decorative elements: buttons, beads, bells, etc. • Feathers. The easiest way to find feathers is to open your pillow and get some of the largest feathers. Although at present it is not so difficult to find suitable feathers. Entire sets of beautiful decorative feathers are commercially available. • Instruments. Scissors, transparent glue, thick needle, crochet hook. Necessary materials for making a dream catcherNecessary materials for making a dream catcher

Stages of making a dream catcher

First of all, on the ring you needfix the cord. Tie the cord so that one end of a length of 15 cm remains free. The other end must be tightly wrapped around the ring. The cord should be well stretched and lay snugly on the ring. Thus, you should wrap all the rings, tie the ends. From the second cord, you must also leave an end length of 15 cm, cut off the excess cord. Ring winding processRing winding process Near the bundle from the cordyou need to bind the prepared thread. After about 3-4 cm, wrap the thread around the ring and stretch it into the resulting loop. Thus, a semi-node will be obtained. The smaller the distance between such half-nodes, the more circles of the cobweb will need to be done. The cobweb should continue to weave in this way until all the space inside the ring is filled. During weaving, various beads can be strung on a thread. In order to weave a cobweb in the very center, you can use the crochet hook. When the cobweb is ready, the thread needs to be tightened well so that the weave aligns, tie a knot, peel off the excess and grease with a thin layer of transparent glue. Spider weaveSpider web weaving 2 must be cut off from the cord30cm times and tie on opposite sides of the ring. Beads can be strung on cords, and prepared feathers can be attached to the end. If there is no special fastening, the feather should be firmly attached to the cord and tightly wrapped with fishing line. Wire or thread. The place where the cord is attached and the feather can be hidden with a bead. In order to tightly fix all the beads in one place, a knot should be tied under each. Thus, you need to string decor elements and feathers on each cord. Amulet decorationAmulet decoration Only need to be donemount for dream catcher. To do this, you need a cord that is tied to the top of the ring. If desired, the mount can also be decorated with beads, a bell or any other decorative elements. In the process of making a dream catcher, you do not need to limit your imagination. Allowed to use materials of any color and texture. It can be either bright multi-colored beads, or transparent. In the process of weaving cobwebs into a large ring, you can insert a ring of small diameter. The ring does not have to be wrapped with a cord; beads with a large hole can be strung on it. Also, beads or beads can fully decorate the web. A dream catcher looks unusual in which threads of different colors are used to weave each tier of the web. The finished amulet can be hung at the head of the bed, on a lamp or wall lamp near the bed or on the door when entering the bedroom. It is believed that such an arrangement of the amulet is best able to protect against nightmares and the effects of evil spirits. Different variations of a dream catcherDifferent variations of a dream catcher We also recommend viewing:

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