DIY hanging gardens: how to hang indoor plants (30 photos)

DIY hanging gardens: how to hang indoor plants (30 photos)


    Hanging gardens of flowers and plants in the decor of apartments and villas

    Any room has a finished look, if itplants are present. They not only decorate the interior, but also give comfort and bring joy. In addition, plants are known to purify the air, which is very important especially for urban residents. Hanging garden: lamp and pot for indoor plants at the same timeHanging Garden: a lamp and a pot for indoor plants at the same time Plant breeding is a huge work that requires time and skills. Each plant has its own characteristics, living conditions, needs a certain humidity, temperature, lighting. We make hanging gardensWe make hanging gardens

    Gutter: a simple idea for a do-it-yourself pendant garden

    The gutter will become an original idea for a suspended garden; this simple device will adorn both city apartments and any garden or summer cottage. How to make a hanging garden from a gutter with your own handsHow to make a hanging garden from a gutterdo it yourself In order to translate the idea into reality, you will need gutters (a few pieces), hooks, a metal cable and clamps. We will make holes along the gutter and on both sides we will extend metal cables into them, fasten the cables from the bottom of the structure with clamps. In the next trough, according to the first example, drill holes and run the cables parallel to the first. The design will not move if the attachment points are strictly observed under each other. All that remains is to fix the hanging garden on hooks, sprinkle the earth and plant the plants. Master Class: Cooking the gutter Clips and cable Drill holes We stretch the cable We put fasteners We hang the gutter Planting plants Kindergarten is ready A similar idea for hanging gardens,realized more simply - using plastic bottles. It doesn’t look so impressive, but with its own hands it is done more quickly, simply and precisely by the strength of everyone. DIY Plastic Bottle Hanging GardensDIY Plastic Bottle Hanging Gardens

    Climbing Basket Hanging

    There is a huge selection of special outboardspots with a tray for excess moisture. They can be made of any material of wood, metal, woven from branches, ropes. In addition, you can easily make a flower-hanging pot yourself without much effort from improvised means. Hanging Gardens of Climbing Plants photoHanging gardens of climbing plants photo Verylook beautiful plants hanging on a special planter made of rope or cord. A good choice for such decorative dishes will be a fern hanging in the air or ivy, as if hanging in the air. Or use ordinary hanging flower pots and home plants. Hanging flower pots - the easiest solutionHanging flower pots - the easiestsolution Using saw cuts of various tree species, you can make original hanging pots for the same ivy, as well as vines. A pendant made of bamboo sticks or slats, as well as a piece of wood in which you can make a small indentation, will be able to combine several types of plants that have a poorly developed root system. Or you can use bags made from ordinary fabric. So you can decorate the fence in the country. Hanging garden in homemade potsHanging garden in homemade pots Widegalvanized wire baskets were spread. They are the most durable and rather unusual design decision. You can also make a hanging garden from ordinary galvanized or painted buckets. DIY pendant gardenDIY pendant garden

    Hanging garden without pots

    An interesting idea is to make a hanging garden, in generalwithout using any pots or things that replace them. We will just have moss balls suspended on twine, from which green plants grow. Here is the "" instruction, but here is the result: Hanging Garden - A Work of ArtHanging Garden - A Work of Art Hanging Garden PhotoHanging Garden Photo Hanging garden without potsHanging garden without pots

    Hanging garden in pockets

    A hanging garden in pockets is quite an unusual solution for placing plants. Pockets can be sewn by yourself or use a ready-made organizer for tools, you also need a cornice and hooks. DIY pendant gardenDIY pendant gardenthe main thing is to find a place for our future adaptation under a canopy, so that in rainy weather the excess water does not fall into the pockets. We install the cornice in the chosen place and hang our canvas with pockets on the hooks. Now we fill the pockets with earth and plant the seedlings. It remains only to attach a wooden block for gravity and the hanging garden is ready! Instruction: Hanging garden in pockets in the country - we grow greensHanging garden in pockets in the country - we grow greens Fasten the bar Planting plants Pour earth We sew pockets

    Hanging garden upside down

    A very creative idea for a hanging garden -use special shifter pots. The plants in them do not grow as expected, but upside down. These original pots are called Sky Planter - search the Internet, and they were invented by Patrick Morris. Hanging garden upside down: original potsHanging garden upside down: original pots How it works: Pots Sky PlanterPots Sky Planter

    Hanging Garden: A New Idea from Old Boots

    A pair of old boots lying in the closet, successfullywill fit in any garden. For decoration, any boots made of any material and absolutely any size are suitable. Make a hole on the inside of the shoe and put a hook into it, which can then be fixed anywhere. The main thing is that the hooks are strong, since a boot with the ground can weigh pretty well, and when watering our "flower pot" will become much heavier. Hanging garden in old shoesHanging garden in old shoes Hanging garden made of colorful rubber bootsHanging garden made of bright rubber boots Ampel plants of various colors and varieties will look especially successful in such an interesting fixture. Hanging pots for the gardenHanging pots for a garden with ampelous plants Do you like this article? Share on social networks!