DIY mirror decor: 10 master classes and 50 photos

DIY mirror decor: 10 master classes and 50 photos

Currently, the mirror is an essential attribute.any living room, the purpose of which is not only to admire your reflection. The mirror is also an important element of the decor and decoration of any interior. Often, industrial mirrors can not fully emphasize the individuality of the room design. And here come to the aid of mirrors made with their own hands. Naturally, if we talk about his ownthe decorated decor of an old mirror, it is not necessary to mean the shod frame or the frame made, for example, of mahogany. There are many ideas for decorating mirrors using readily available and relatively cheap materials that will allow you to make an original decorative element with your own hands. The content of the article:

Decor mirrors the room

In a modern house or apartment mirrorspractically each room is equipped: a hall, a bathroom, a bedroom or the nursery. Depending on the location in the house, the purpose of the mirrors may be different, but they are united by the fact that modern people simply can not imagine life without a mirror. This item should be in the living room, although many believe that it is not. If the room is spacious enough, the absence of a mirror in it may of course be justified, but the presence of this household item in small rooms can visually expand the space of the room. Room decor unusual mirror Do you like this frame for the sun mirror? Detailed lesson in this article. These 3 very stylish mirrors are also it yourself - follow the detailed master class link. At first glance it seems that all mirrors are similar to each other. You can avoid this by completing the mirror decor yourself. Consider next the most common decoration options. The decision to equip the walls of the room with mirrors often leads to the problems caused by the need to purchase products of a certain size, shape and design so that it is in harmony with the interior of a particular room. Decorating mirrors with your own hands helps to solve this problem. It should be noted that this work will require not so much skill and skills in a certain area, as the presence of a developed imagination and good taste, as well as a creative approach to business. Wall decoration with small mirrors Unusual shape or frame for the mirror - an excellent solution for an empty wall in the room Such curly mirrors are easy to make yourself - you need to choose a shape and order cutting Composition of 16 mirrors Pen-shaped mirror is a great solution for a recreation area.

7 rules decor interior mirrors

When using mirrors as an element of decor, you must follow the following rules:

  • Products are better to choose the same size, preference is given to small and medium mirrors.
  • If the mirror object has an irregular shape, it should not be placed in a frame.
  • Rounded or square mirrors are advised to enclose in a beautiful frame.
  • To make the composition look like one, it is best to choose frames of the same type.
  • It is most important to use the same frame for products of different sizes.
  • Creating a composition of mirrors on the wall, you need to try not to create excessive clutter - sometimes, in order to create a harmonious image, 5 mirrors with spectacular frames will suffice.
  • Excellent look frame, which overlap with the decor of the room as a whole.
  • TIP! For example, a frame made of wood, ideally combined with a wooden table. In general, as professional designers say, the design, which is made personally with the use of imagination and creative approach, will look spectacular. Mirrors are capable of visually expanding the space of small rooms (for example, in "Khrushchev"), but often this will require more than one mirror.

    • Three, six, or even ten different productsshapes and sizes will achieve the desired result. In the interior, made in a classic style, for such mirrors fit volume frames made of stucco.
    • Modern trends in the design of rooms are ideally complemented by narrow mirror frames of various geometric shapes, sometimes with drawings on the surface.
    • When using lamp lighting, a bright reflection in the mirrors will contribute to the visual expansion of the space.

    Large mirrors for the living room can be orderedmanufacture of “curved” mirrors and place them on one of the walls (in the form of applications or a single size in the form of a square). Light walls perfectly decorate the mirrors differing in shape and size. Such a “row of windows” will enliven the room and further brighten it. Mirror over the fireplace A beautiful large mirror is ideal to sit on a sofa, table or fireplace. However, from combining this item with other mirrors should be abandoned.

    Wooden frame for a mirror with their own hands

    The tree looks great in almost anythe interior. This is a very popular and time-tested natural material. Products from a tree possess excellent operational characteristics and attractive appearance. Therefore, the tree is ideal for use in the decoration of the mirror. Household items of square or rectangular shape are well framed by ordinary wood borders, but you can and should experiment with round and oval mirrors. The sun mirror from the branches Original for anyoneinterior will look so-called mirror-sun. It is made using wooden blocks or twigs of wood, plywood rim, primer, special glue, spray, sandpaper, and a glue gun. How to make a mirror-sun:

  • To begin with, around the perimeter of the rim, glue the branches with wedges, alternating long and short, to make it look like rays from the sun.
  • Each bar must be held for 15-20 seconds so that it is well glued.
  • After waiting for the glue to dry, it is necessary to remove its residues with an emery paper, then apply the primer and leave for 1 hour.
  • Then you need to cover the frame with paint or varnish.
  • Dry twig decor Sprigs can be replaced with wooden clothespins. So, a few minutes and the decorative sun frame is ready! Clothespin mirror frame

    Paper decor

    Round and small mirrors can be decorated,using egg packaging. This solution is very original and requires a very small cost. It will be necessary to cut each individual cell, glue the flower and glue the mirror over them. The frame for the mirror from the packaging of eggs

    DIY bathroom mirror decor

    Under the decoration of the subject understand the achievementshapes and colors harmonizing with the style in which the interior of the room is made, as well as with its purpose. When decorating a mirror in a bathroom, it is necessary to ensure moisture resistance and a strong fixation of decorative elements. Decor of an old bathroom mirror - painting with acrylics How to make a decor of an old bathroom mirror:

  • First you need to wipe the previous coating off the surface of the frame. To remove old paint, use paint remover - it is not expensive and is in any building materials store.
  • Then a primer is applied in order to prepare the glue base.
  • After that, glue should be applied to the places of future fixing of beads, or shells. Decoration can be carried out in random order.
  • The original design idea is a frame made of metal rulers, which are also located in the form of the sun. Frame for a mirror of metal rulers Standardthe rule of decorating walls with mirrors: if the products are voluminous, then they should be a bit. For example, to decorate a large mirror, toy cars can be glued to it by painting them on top. One product decorated in this way is enough for a room. Original mirror frame from old toysBy fantasizing and using ordinary objects that are currently at hand, it is possible to decorate a mirror so that it looks unique and at the same time keeps in itself a part of the soul and warmth. dressing room mirror with light bulbs Also, a backlit mirror looks very relevant in the bathroom - it is very easy to do it yourself. Here is the detailed.

    Shell decor mirrors

    Before you start, make a picture ofseashells, putting them on the surface to be decorated. A composition may or may not have symmetry. Make the most of your imagination when creating a picture.

  • To avoid contamination of the glass of its mirrorneed to glue masking tape. After that, you can start gluing shells on the frame. To completely dry the glue, you need to wait for several hours.
  • Making sure that the glue hardens, proceed to painting the frame.
  • Staining is done in several layers, which are applied every 20 minutes in order to give them the opportunity to dry slightly.
  • Layers are carefully applied in such a way that they are as thin as possible.
  • Such design of the mirror with the help of shells will decorate any room, the interior of which is made in the style of "classic". You can also make decorative candlesticks from the shells - a detailed lesson:.

    Mosaic Mirror Decor

    To personally decorate the mirror in the bathroom, you can use a mosaic of glass or ceramic. Bathroom mosaic mirror A frame with a mosaic diagonally. If you want to make such a mirror yourself - here’s a detailed one. Frame decorated with sequins Such an original bathroom mirror can be made by yourself by simply ordering figured mirror cutting.

    The decor of a round mirror tube frame: Master Class

    A very stylish and modern frame for decorating a round mirror can be made with ordinary polypropylene pipes for water supply. The frame for a round mirror of pipes For this you will need:

    • plastic pipe;
    • electric saw;
    • A skin;
    • glue gun.

    Assembly technology Step 1

    • Cut rings with great care. At the same time, they must have the same width, otherwise the finished product will look sloppy.
    • Therefore, ideal power saw "trimming" with small teeth.

    In the absence of such a saw, you can use stusloma. We take polypropylene pipes for water supply - you can choose any diameter to your discretion Step 2

    • Immediately before gluing, the cuts on each ring are processed with the help of fine skins, in order to avoid burrs.
    • Since our task is to make an accessory that has a beautiful appearance, every little thing in it should look neat.

    Spread rings in any shape as you like. Step 3

    • Rings are fastened with a glue gun, which will provide an inconspicuous mount. Gluing rings can occur in different ways, it can be used in a different way than in the photo.
    • The form of the composition can be both square and oval. It is recommended to make it in the form of a mirror.

    Glue the rings together with a gun Step 4The mirror is glued to the rings also with a glue gun exactly in the middle. It should be noted that before gluing all the elements must be cleaned of dust particles and degreased. You can hang the finished product on the wall by the rings. So, you can make a product that combines 2 or 3 mirrors, and to give a greater effect it can be supplemented with a glass vase or a table.

    Master Class: Mirror with lace

    The frame of paper lace looks very unusual and at home. It can be purchased at any store where disposable tableware is sold. We need:

    • Lace paper for the cake.
    • Double-sided tape.
    • Round mirror.
    • Coating paper.
    • Paint spray.
    • Scissors.

    Step-by-Step Technology Step 1 Take the paper cake lace and paint it with spray paint. Dry well for 1-2 hours. Step 2 Spray the back side of the mirror with double-sided tape. Then cut the protruding end of the tape. Apply double sided tape to the mirror Cut off the extra tape on the contour Remove the protective film. Step 3 Remove the protective film and place the mirror on the previously made lace of paper and press it down well. We make an external mount for the mirror We put a mirror in the center of the lace and press the tape well We hang a mirror on the wall It will be the final touch, attach it to the wall. Such frames look especially beautiful if there are several of them!

    Master Class: Decor mirrors with petals

    The frame for the mirror can be decorated with artificial petals, they are usually sold in packages in the goods for decoration. Mirror decor petals For this we use:

    • Petals of artificial silk flowers.
    • Glue gun.
    • Round mirror (or oval).
    • Paint aerosol (any color).

    Order of work

  • Paint the frame in white paint,.
  • We start from the outer edge with a hot glue gun, glue the petals.
  • And so row by row we lay down the petals.
  • Insert the mirror into the frame. Your amazing mirror is ready!
  • Row after row we paste the petals with hot glue in a circle. Ready mirror with petals

    Workshop: Mirror decor with gold leaf

    An unusual and modern mirror will work out if you decorate its edges with gold leaf. If you did not find it - you can take the usual thin foil. Mirror decor with gold leaf We need:

    • Glue gun.
    • Mirror of any shape.
    • Foil or gold leaf

    Technology decor

    • Take a foil and tear it with different figures.
    • Use a glue gun to glue the edges of the mirror with pieces of foil or gold leaf, adjusting it tightly, against each other.
    • Allow to dry for 1-2 hours.

    Glue the foil on the mirror with a glue gun