DIY monkey made of felt: master class

DIY monkey made of felt: master class

Monkey made of felt Cute little monkey made of felt and rushes to youon the holidays! And all you need to make your 2016 character’s dream come true is a bit of free time, a couple of pieces of felt in two colors to match, and a good mood. And we will provide you with a pattern and an idea.

So, to create a monkey from felt with your own hands you will need:

two colors of felt; sewing thread suitable tocolor felt; floss for embroidery faces and heels; two beads for the eyes; quite a bit of filler: sintepukh or holofiber - suitable; ribbon for hanging or floss + crochet hook; needles; scissors; marker, tailor's chalk, simple pencil or gel pen to transfer the pattern to felt.

Felt monkey: pattern

Choose the option that you like best. - or click on the picture below to enlarge it. The pattern must be printed in the desired size. I have a finished figure in height of 8.5 cm. Another option is to redraw the pattern directly from the monitor: attach a sheet of paper to it and trace the pattern along the contour. The next step is to cut out all the details of the pattern. DIY monkey made of felt: patterns I put them in the order in which the parts will be located in the finished toy. Pattern of Christmas monkey made of felt Let's get to work.

Felt monkey for the New Year: master class

Toys from felt: monkey (pattern) Every detail, except the face, will need 2 copies - in mirror image. Outline of a monkey made of felt This means that we cut out the carcass pattern.apply to the felt, circle, then turn over face down - and circle again. However, it is easier to work with felt - it looks the same on both sides, and therefore the error can be easily corrected. Symbol of the Year: Felt Monkey Thus we cut and then cut (withoutseam allowances) all parts of the monkey. Pay attention to the hind legs: we make an incision along the canvas of the carcass, then cut out small triangles. In this incision, the monkey's hind legs will be embedded and fixed there. Toys monkey do it yourself from felt It is more convenient to first complete all the decorationwork, and then sew the figure. Therefore, we begin with the design of the muzzle. It can be drawn or embroidered. If you have not found suitable beads for the eyes - they can also be made embroidered, knots or satin stitch. We sew a monkey from felt We sew the muzzle to one of the parts of the carcass with a seam "forward needle". For sewing, I used one of six floss threads. MK monkey felt During the cutting, I missed an important detail: the inside of the ears! I cut two small semicircles out of the felt trimmings without a pattern and put them on the ears. It fits! Felt monkeys: photo Sew and their several stitches - especially not to turn. How to sew a monkey out of felt Bang "dorisu" stalk seam - the same floss as the face. Felt monkey on the Christmas tree The case for paws. Our front paw looks the same on both sides, so we take both pieces, fold them together and sew along the perimeter with a “forward needle” seam. MK monkey felt MK monkey felt Two strokes floss direct "fingers." MK monkey felt Hind legs. They are almost ready, it remains to embroider pads. We draw with oval pencils. How to make a monkey out of felt We embroider them with a double-sided satin stitch (both parts). Paw of a monkey made of felt We sew a paw on the place put to it - pay attention where the shovchik begins and where it ends. At the same stage, you can embroider the contour of the hind paw towards the tail. I decided not to embroider it. Paw of a monkey made of felt That's how this detail now looks from the inside. View from the inside Do the same with the hind paw that goes to the back of the monkey. Christmas monkey made of felt Suspension can do or not do. I decided to do it, but because I didn’t find a ribbon matching the color, I made the cord - I crocheted the desired length of the chain from air loops of floss of the same color with which I embroidered parts. You can, for example, glue the magnet to the back - it will turn out great. Felt monkey pattern That's all, now proceed to the simplest andfinal: stitching of two details of the future monkey from felt. Felt toys are usually sewn either with a “over the edge” seam, or a “forward needle”, or with a stitched seam. Make sure that the parts do not move relative to each other. Given that the shape of the monkey is quite complicated, I recommend starting with the tail, then it will be easier to work further. Do not leave stuffing toys at the very last moment. Insert the filler as it is stapled - given that it needs very little, it will not hurt you in further work. If you are going to make a suspension, do not forget to put the suspension folded in the right place in the right place and fix it well. When the seam is laid along the perimeter completely, the thread should be fixed and cut, and the tip hidden inside the toy. Felt monkey: master class Monkey made of felt ready. Felt monkeys for the New Year DIY monkey made of felt: master class Crafts monkey made of felt Felt toys: monkey DIY monkey made of felt Fans of these animals are also invited to familiarize themselves with master classes for, and. Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: