DIY sofas: masterclass + 49 photos

DIY sofas: masterclass + 49 photos


    DIY sofas

    It’s not easy to find a suitable sofa in the living roomtask. Often the quality of the material of which the sofa is made, its shape, color or size, is not satisfied. However, a similar problem is quite simple to solve. If you are smart and imaginative, you can independently make a sofa that will have the necessary parameters and perfectly complement the interior style of any living room. Also, this is a good way to save enough money. Even those who have minimal wood skills will be able to cope with this task on their own.

    DIY pallets sofa

    A sofa from pallets in any interior will belook fashionable, unusual and creative. In addition, such a sofa is quite simple to do with your own hands. . First of all, for a sofa from pallets, you need to make a base. It is very simple. Just put a few pallets on top of each other. The height of the future sofa may be different, but, as a rule, from one to four pallets are used for the base. As the back of the sofa, you can use the pallet by placing it vertically. In order to make the design more stable, it is better to connect all pallets with each other using self-tapping screws, nails or bolts. To make the design reliable, you can use metal corners. If ordinary pallets are used to make the sofa, it is better to close their surface with a sheet of plywood or particleboard. An excellent folding sofa can be made from pallets, although for its manufacture you need to purchase the necessary mechanism for work, as well as supporting legs in a specialized store. The mechanism is attached to the pallet quite simply. The result is an excellent sofa, which will not take up much space in the living room, and if necessary, can be laid out, creating an extra bed. The surface of the finished sofa is processed by a grinder and varnished for furniture or paint. A mattress or foam rubber with a thickness of at least 20 cm must be put on the sofa. The sofa will be decorated with cushion pallets that match the color of the living room textile. Sofas from palletsSofas from pallets

    Sofa from the old bath

    Do not rush to take in scrap metal orthrow an old bath into a landfill that has served its age. It will make a very original and comfortable sofa, which can decorate the interior of the living room, salon, office or country house. For work, an old metal or cast-iron bath is suitable. Although, preference, nevertheless, it is worth giving cast iron. It is more stable than metal, and has an interesting shape, especially if it is an old-style bathtub. Making a sofa out of the bath is quite simple. For work you will need: • Cast iron or metal bath; • Grinder (Angle grinder) with nozzles for grinding and cutting wheels for metal; • Paints; • Foam for pillows and seats. First of all, it is necessary to remove the legs from the bath and clean its surface from exfoliated enamel and paint. Then you need to lay the bath on its side and draw on it the shape of the frame of the future sofa. Any form of sofa can be given, it all depends on personal preferences. The cut lines are semicircular, oblique, flat or lekalny. Using a grinder, it is necessary to cut out the sofa frame and grind the cut line. Then the bath should be covered with paint. For this purpose, you can choose any paint suitable for the metal base. The legs of the bathtub must be thoroughly cleaned, painted and put on in the grooved inserts of the bathtub. In order to make a seat for a sofa, you need to take a piece of foam that is suitable in shape, wrap it with spandbond or synthetic winterizer, and cover it with a cloth from above or insert the resulting seat into a cover. Pillows can also be sewn on their own or ready-made. Sofa from the old bathSofa from the old bath

    Sofa from the car: retro style

    To make a sofa out of a carhave to sweat a bit. All work is carried out in several stages. . The first step is to prepare the necessary tools for the job. First you need to prepare the front of the car and its rear seat. It should be noted that the sofa will have a beautiful appearance only if the necessary parts of the car are in good condition. Also for work you will need a grinder, a set of auto mechanics, car paints and a spray gun. Then you need to prepare the front of the car for installing the seat. To do this, remove some elements from it, make the structure more stable, sand and paint. After all necessary work, the bumper and headlights must be put back. If necessary, you can slightly upgrade the seat. It remains only to install the seat in the front of the car and the sofa is ready. The resulting sofa looks very unusual. In addition, the sofa from the car is quite light. Sofa out of the carSofa out of the car

    DIY sofa photo

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