DIY tulle pompons

DIY tulle pompons

It’s not customary to use it to decorate a summer residenceexpensive garden figures and complex decorative elements due to the fact that in the winter no one lives in the country, but someone else can get in. But you can decorate the cottage with something simple, for example, make just such a pendant on a fence made of old tulle and thread. We make pompons from tulle with our own handsWe make pompoms from tulle with our own hands Materials

  • Tulle
  • Wire
  • Sequins or rhinestones for decoration
  • Fishing line
  • Cardboard
  • Glue and scissors

Instruction 1. We wind the tulle on a cardboard. 2. Carefully remove from the cardboard, trying not to break the layers 3. In the center we tie the tulle with wire 4. We cut the edges of the tulle with scissors 5. Gently pull the tulle to the center, forming a volume pompom 6. Scissors cut the excess so that an even ball remains 7. Glue sequins and rhinestones 8 We make some of these pompons and put them on a fishing line Instructions on how to make a pompom from tulleInstructions on how to make a pompom out of tulle Our pompom pendant is ready - you can decorate a country fence with it, hang it in the garden or dress up trees and walls of a country house. Good luck Cute ball pompoms for summer cottage decorLovely ball pom-poms for cottage decor

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