DIY vases from glass bottles with your own hands: paint from the inside

DIY vases from glass bottles with your own hands: paint from the inside

If you have any beautiful transparentglass bottles, for example, from under strong alcohol (we sometimes come across very beautiful options), do not rush to throw them out. Today we will tell you how to make very beautiful, bright vases from bottles with your own hands. We will paint the bottles from the inside, so it is better if they are completely transparent, made of colorless glass. Or maybe you have several of them? Then you can make different vases and use them for home decor, and these bright vases will look great even without flowers inside. Here's what we get: DIY vases from glass bottles with your own hands: paint from the insideDIY vases from glass bottles with your own hands: paint from the inside

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What do we need

  • Clear glass bottles;
  • Multi-colored paint or white + color;
  • Big syringe
  • Not too necessary basin or other capacity
  • Napkins or paint thinner

Paint can be taken ordinary waterproof for wallsor windows - in any hardware store. Often it is sold in large enough volumes, we don’t need so much, so if you want to use several different colors, it is better to take white paint and color tint - it is just sold in small bottles. This is for pastel shades, for bright colors you can use the color itself without adding white paint. Step-by-step master class In a bowl, mix two colors of colorIn a bowl, mix two colors of color if coloryou have fewer colors than you want to make a vase from bottles, you can just mix two colors in a bowl and get a third - completely new. But first, practice with one color to know how much paint you need to make one vase. Mix thoroughly and draw into a syringeStir thoroughly and draw into a syringe. Stir the paint to get a one-color mass, and draw into a large medical syringe (without a needle). Pour paint into a bottlePour paint into a bottle Pour color. If you did not find a syringe, you can pour the paint into the bottle through the funnel, which, incidentally, can easily be made from cardboard and then throw it away is not a pity. We turn to paint over the wholeTurn to paint the whole Turnthe bottle in a circle and tilt it in different directions so that it is completely colored from the inside, including the neck. The excess paint is poured back into the container where you mixed it. Set to dry We set to dry We set our vases to dry upside down - so that the remnants of excess paint drain. The paint or color usually says how long it dries. Vases are readyVases are ready After some time, your vases from glass bottles will be ready, it will remain a solvent to remove the paint from the outside or from the neck of the bottle if you accidentally stained it. If there is - use a container for flowersIf there is - we use a container for flowers. The author recommends using a container for flowers - sold in stores for florists or in flower departments. But I believe that you can do without it. Pour water into it and put in a vasePour water into it and put it in a vase. If you use a container, buy different sizes to fit the neck of your bottles. Then everything is simple - we pour water into the container and put flowers. Do-it-yourself vases of glass bottlesDo-it-yourself vases of glass bottlesHowever, our vases, which we made with our own hands, can happen to be an excellent decoration of the interior on their own. The main thing is to choose similar colors or shades of the same color. You can also use rainbow lights or shades that blend well together. Vases from bottles can be decorated with flowersVases from bottles can be decorated with flowers. If desired, they can be decorated with flowers, in the end, sometimes a vase should still be used for its intended purpose. We make several vases of different vetsWe make several vases of different colorsAgree - this is a great and very economical option to decorate your home and add spring mood with the help of such bright details. It is believed that it is worth making vases from bottles of different colors, but of the same shape, or use the same color and its shades for bottles of different shapes. But you can experiment yourself. Such bright vases are a great way to create a spring mood.Such bright vases are a great way to createspring mood You can choose any color for the vase. It can be pastel shades (mix the main color with white paint), and saturated colors, if you want to use vases as bright details of your interior, and even gold or silver vases - now it’s also not difficult to find such a paint. Here, for example, is an idea with blue and blue vases of various shapes made of glass bottles:

Blue and blue glass bottle vases

Blue and blue glass bottle vasesBlue and Blue Glass Bottle Vases LikeYou see, the idea here is the same, but only two shades of blue and blue paint are used to make vases from bottles of different shapes, but of a similar color. But this is how inside you can paint not only bottles, but also ordinary glass vases.

Decor a simple glass vase: paint inside

Making beautiful vases with your own hands photoWe make beautiful vases with our own hands photo The idea isthe same as before, but we will not paint bottles, but simple glass vases, which can often be bought for pennies in large hypermarkets. And in the end we get such bright vases, spending quite a bit of time on it. Choose color paint or colorChoose color paint or color First, weneed to choose a paint. If you paint the same vases, then you can use more than one color, for several, for example, three to four similar shades or two different colors, blue and yellow or green and orange. Paint the vase with a brushPaint a vase with a brush. We pour paint into a vase.just like when we painted bottles. Since the entrance to the vases is usually wide, you can paint it from the inside with an ordinary thick brush - this way you can more evenly distribute the paint over the vase.

How to make a vase from a bottle and paint: examples

Glass vases from bottles Gold and silver vases Blue bottle vases Different form of vases White country vases Marble Vases One shape, different colors. Similar shades of color of vases. Little secret: in the end I will give you one more tip. If you want to make a marble vase (look at the photo above), that is, not plain, but with overflows of paint, with charming stains, then this is done simply. Not one color of paint is poured into the bottle, but two or three. And while you turn the bottle over and distribute the paint, the colors will just mix in this way. Good luck We also recommend viewing:

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