DIY wicker baskets (34 photos)

DIY wicker baskets (34 photos)


    DIY wicker baskets

    Recently, more and more often in the interior of an apartmentor at home, you can see various decorative elements made by yourself. Of course, it is easier to purchase such crafts in specialized online stores, various exhibitions, fairs, but it is much more interesting to make such decorative elements on your own. You can immediately begin to manufacture any large-scale crafts, but it would be more advisable to first practice on simple products. A great option are small baskets for fruits, sweets or other pleasant things. The process of weaving a basket is very interesting and fascinating, and the result of the work will delight others with its appearance for a long time.

    Basket of newspapers

    Making a basket of newspapers with your own hands is verysimply. First of all, it is necessary to make a newspaper "vine". For these purposes, you will need all the old newspapers available at home. Each newspaper leaflet should be divided into two parts vertically, and with the help of knitting needles to make newspaper tubes. So that the tubes do not unwind, the free end is fixed with PVA glue. For work you will need a lot of such blanks. To make the basket look attractive, all the resulting blanks need to be painted. For painting, you can use a water-based paint or water-based paint. The blanks will have a beautiful appearance if each newspaper tube is painted separately. You should also decide on the size and shape of the basket. As a basis, you can use a shoe box. The cut bottom from the box can serve as the bottom of the basket. In this case, the ends of the tubes-blanks must be glued to the cardboard and start weaving. All the tubes, except one, must be lifted up, and the remaining one, carefully begin to braid the vertical ones. You can build up newspaper blanks with PVA glue. Satin ribbons, fabric draperies or artificial flowers will perfectly decorate a wicker basket of newspapers. The basket will become more durable and will retain its appearance longer if it is covered with several layers of acrylic varnish. Such baskets will not only become an adornment of any interior, but also a great gift for family and friends. Wicker basket of newspapersWicker basket of newspapers

    Basket of shreds of fabric

    An interesting option for wicker baskets - baskets,made from scraps of unnecessary fabric. Such baskets turn out very bright and unusual. In order to make a nice stable basket that will keep its shape, you will need the following materials and tools: • Shreds of fabric; • Several tight bags; • Narrow adhesive tape; • Large needle; • scissors; • Crochet hook. Making such a basket is quite simple. To create the frame, you can use not only packages, rope or wire is also suitable. Prepared packages must be cut into thin strips, twisted into bundles, and fasten every 10 cm of the resulting bundle with thin tape. For work, prepare 2 types of shreds. One, 2-4cm wide, for wrapping the frame. Such patches can be of any length. Others are for weaving the basket itself. The width of the patches for weaving should be 1.5 cm and a length of about a meter. Shreds for weaving can be connected together by ordinary knots. At the end of the work, they can easily be hidden. So that when wrapping the frame, the fabric does not unwind, it can be fixed with a needle. Wrapped bundles of bundles from packages are intertwined with long shreds for weaving. It should be noted that the color of the product depends on what color the patches for weaving are used. Weaving and determining the shape of the future basket is done using a crochet hook. Wicker basket made of cloth shredsWicker basket made of cloth shreds

    Basket of clothes line

    Basket from a cord, come in handy in everyday lifethe hostess. In addition, its production will take very little time and effort. For work, you will need any synthetic or cotton cord, the thickness of which is at least 5 mm. The basket will be more stable if you choose a cord made of cotton for work. You will also need threads to work. Better if they are the same color as the cord. If a synthetic cord is used for work, be sure to slightly melt the edge. A cord made of natural material should simply be trimmed carefully. The edge of the cord must be slightly bent and secured with a wire, needle or thread. The shape of the basket will depend on how much the end of the cord is bent. You need to sew a basket from a linen cord on a sewing machine. In order for the machine to connect two cords on it, it is necessary to set the line "zigzag". They begin to sew the cord from the center, then gradually wrap it in a cochlea and flash each formed coil. Continuing work, therefore, is necessary until the bottom of the basket reaches the required size. To raise the edges of the product, each turn of the cord should be slightly pulled. When the basket reaches the required height, it remains only to fix the edge of the cord. To do this, you can attach a loop to the basket, or sew a braid on top of the product. Basket of clothes lineBasket of clothes line

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