DIY winter home decor. We decorate the house for the New Year 2019 (34 photos)

DIY winter home decor. We decorate the house for the New Year 2019 (34 photos)

Before the celebration of the New Year is completelylittle, so it's time to think about how to decorate your house with him. After all, it’s its decoration that creates a feeling of comfort, a fabulous mood, the magic of fulfilling wishes. The splendor of winter decor with your own hands is always expressed in an original approach to ordinary things. In this article we have prepared for you the most interesting ideas for winter home decor for the upcoming holiday. We decorate the house for the New Year 2019

DIY winter room decor for New Year's Eve 2019

Room decor for winter and holiday night is possibleto perform using almost any materials at hand, you need only a little creative inspiration. Decorating the house for the New Year with your own hands, be sure to use cut out letters, tinsel and festive garlands. Decorate the room with festive garlands andLetters In the photo we present the ideas of New Year’s home decor using festive garlands. After all, they create excellent light flares, they look especially beautiful in the evening. With their help, you can decorate the interior of the room, window opening, ceiling and walls in the form of a Christmas tree. We decorate the ceiling in the room using several rows of electric garlands. To do this, you just need to tighten the ceiling with them, and the resulting composition will create a feeling of the starry sky giving an atmosphere of magic. Garland as a decoration of the ceiling in a room. You can decorate a room by creating light bulbs woven into a metal frame. Christmas wreath with bulbs. The walls of the room are perfectly decorated with handmade snowflakes. Decorate with snowflakes the walls in the room for the New YearAlso in the winter home decor will look great New Year’s fireplace made by yourself. You can read about how to execute it in the article: Do-it-yourself fake-decor New Year's decor Read also:

Winter window decor

Decorating windows for the New Year holiday is notwill take you a lot of time. For the embodiment of creative ideas, the most ordinary materials are suitable, which no doubt will be found in everyone. We decorate the windows with toothpaste. Pasta is a wonderful material for creating a festive decor on the window. Children can be attracted to such a creative process with pleasure. An important positive point is that after the holidays this decor is easily cleaned from the surface of the windows with a damp cloth moistened with water. Before you begin, please prepare:

  • Foam sponge;
  • Sticky tape;
  • Water
  • Stationery scissors;
  • Cloth napkin;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Sheets of paper.

First, pick up a New Year’s decoration stenciltopics using pictures from the internet. As a stencil, a bell for Christmas, a snowflake, New Year's deer, a holiday tree, Santa Claus, etc. will be suitable. Then print the pictures on the printer and cut them out carefully using scissors. Then blot the sponge in water and wet the cut out pattern with it. Attach the wet stencil to the glass on the window. Then remove excess moisture by patting it with a dry cloth. Step-by-step instruction for decorating windows with an application,using toothpaste Take a little toothpaste and dilute it with a small amount of water to make a liquid consistency. Using a foam sponge, blot along the contours of the stencil, the resulting mass. Evenly covering the surface of the decor, gently detach the paper stencil from the glass. Your winter drawing is ready! We decorate windows with stickers. The simplest and most beautiful option for winter decoration will be stickers with which you can decorate windows. Stickers should be glued with the front side facing the room. Such stickers can be purchased in stores, or by printing your favorite picture in color on self-adhesive paper. Window stickers in the form of snowflakes. Not worth it.worry about how you can peel off this New Year’s decor. To do this, it will be necessary to warm up the application using the warm air of the hair dryer, remove it, and then wipe the place with a cotton pad, after wetting it in a solution to remove varnish. Or you can use a special tool that removes stickers, which is sold in the clerical departments. Fairy-tale houses Decorate your windowsill with a simple, but original craftsmanship in the form of fairy-tale houses, made by yourself. In order to make a magic town, we need:

  • Stationery scissors;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • PVA glue;
  • Candles or an electric garland.

First, as usual, we need a template,which can easily be found on the Internet. As such a template, choose curly images of fairy huts, a metropolis with high-rise buildings is also suitable. They should be printed on sheets of thick paper and carefully cut along the contour. When cutting, pay special attention to the windows of the houses, since it is with their help that you get the effect of a magical city. DIY Christmas StencilThe next step is to fasten the houses in such a way that a rectangle is elongated. In the foreground we place buildings not large in size, and in the background we set high-rise buildings. So the composition will look more voluminous. We install the resulting town on the window, and put small candles inside it, or decorate it with an electric garland. Do-it-yourself magic city on the windowsillThus, we managed to create a fabulous town on our own windowsill, which will delight you with warmth and New Year's magic in cold winter evenings. DIY Christmas wreath of needles To make such an application of needles, we need:

  • Wide wire;
  • A thin wire;
  • Coniferous branches;
  • Hot glue;
  • Red ribbon;
  • Accessories to choose from: a few cones, balls, beads, rose hips, or viburnum.

Two pieces of wide wire should be bent intoring shape, different in diameter. The difference should not exceed 4 cm. Wrap the resulting circles using a thin wire, so we get a frame for the future wreath of needles. Next, we take coniferous branches, divided into bunches, and using adhesive tape we fasten them to the frame of the craft. New Year's coniferous wreath as a decoration on the windowFor a decorative effect, add a few cones, beads, rosehip berries to the branches of needles, gluing them using hot melt adhesive. Then, take a red ribbon and tie a voluminous bow, sticking it to the top of the coniferous wreath. Coniferous wreaths as an element of New Year's decorIt should be noted that such a coniferous wreath will be a wonderful New Year’s home decor decorating the front door. See also: New Year's ideas for decorating doors. There are many interesting and fun ways to decorate doors, from Christmas wreaths to fairy-tale characters. Introducing the most original of them. The front door can be decorated not only with fir branches, but also set next to the basket decorated with apples. Do-it-yourself New Year's decor of the front door If you have a beautiful door with glasses, decorate them with snowflakes. The front door is decorated with snowflakes. The craftwork from the frame with Christmas toys fixed on a bow looks great too. DIY Christmas decoration of the front door You can compensate for the lack of snow by using various symbolic variations on the theme of winter.

DIY paper decor in winter

Agree, there’s nothing more fabulousthan New Year’s preparations, when we decorate the house for the new year 2019, embodying all the most beautiful winter ideas. A fabulous house made of paper As a New Year's decor for a house in 2019, we present to your attention a craft in the form of a fabulous house made of paper, which you can make yourself. This composition is made in the style of the trunnions, since so many are fascinated by the resulting crafts. Let's start with making the Christmas tree. According to the selected template, cut several identical Christmas trees. Then glue them in the center, or sew them together. Thus, our Christmas tree will look more voluminous. The procedure for making a volumetric Christmas tree with your own hands In the same way, we cut out and glue the details of the house. It is important to choose the most painted template, so that the house turns out to be more fabulous. We make a house of paper with our own hands. The resulting parts are assembled all together and set on a white quilted napkin. Do-it-yourself fairy-tale house made of paper Nextthe composition can be decorated with festive tinsel, beads, sequins, giving it an atmosphere of magic. Do-it-yourself paper snowflake Not a single winter interior decor can be imagined without magnificent snowflakes. You can make them, both on a stencil and using the accordion technique. This method allows you to make a snowflake voluminous. We present detailed instructions on how to make a paper snowflake with your own hands.

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New Year's decor of a country house

On New Year's Eve, the interiors and facades of manyhouses are transformed, acquiring a magical and fabulous appearance. How to decorate the facade of the house for the New Year? LED garlands are excellent for decorating the facade of a country house. They are quite safe to operate and economical in energy consumption. Also, their undoubted advantage is the work in winter climatic conditions without loss of basic properties. We present a selection of DIY ideas for a New Year’s home decor. LED garlands as a decoration of the facade of the house We also recommend viewing:

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