DIY wooden candlestick: photo and description

DIY wooden candlestick: photo and description

Candles will help to create a cozy atmosphere in any house. Very original and stylish wooden candle holders can be made with your own hands. For their manufacture, we need:

  • wooden plank approximately 1 meter long and 7 cm wide;
  • a pole from a tree;
  • 40 mm diameter drill bit;
  • file;
  • drill;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • sandpaper;
  • wood glue;
  • paint is white;
  • varnish.

Using a pencil and a ruler we divide the woodenplank on squares 7x7cm and saw them with a file. In the squares you need to drill holes. Then we treat all surfaces with sandpaper, remove dust and cover with white paint in several layers. The wooden pole is sawn into segments corresponding to the length of wooden squares. Glue the resulting segments of the pole in such a way that a square is formed, the same size as the squares from the plank. After the glue dries up, glue wooden squares with holes and then coat the entire product with varnish.