We make decoupage of plates with our own hands, turning them into a work of art

We make decoupage of plates with our own hands, turning them into a work of art

Very unusual and original looks a plate,made in the technique of decoupage using photographs or napkins. Lesson decoupage is not less pleasant than the moment of delivery of such a plate as a gift! How to make decoupage plates, a detailed master class. Photo №1 So, let's define what is needed for the job. You'll need:

  • a plate of glass and a photograph or a napkin with a drawing you like).
  • a small sponge,
  • Palette (may be needed),
  • acrylic paints,
  • varnish,
  • adhesive for decoupage,
  • flat synthetic brush (about 2cm).

Execution First thing we choose is beautifulphoto. It needs a suitable background, which will be placed on the rim of the plate. In this case, a pink background is selected, which is suitable for black and white photography. We take the chosen paint and put it on the rim on the back of the plate in a thick layer, so that there are no visible gaps. The paint should be dense. Dry it well. A palette can be needed if you need to mix some colors (it all depends on your imagination). Then proceed to the photo. Apply it to the bottom of the plate and select the fragment of the photo, which will look more successfully on the plate. This fragment is torn out, we do it right on the plate, tearing away the unnecessary part of the photo. Line breakage should not go beyond the rim, but must hide behind it completely. If the printout is too thick, it needs to be soaked, so it will be thinned. For thinning, you need a file (photo face up), which is convenient to dilute the photo. The main thing is to do it quickly, so that it does not completely get wet. Straighten wrinkles. Then take the plate and put it directly on the photo. At the same time we correct at will, because it's not too late to move the photo so that it looks the most successful. Turn the plate over (it's important, do not move the motive) and straighten the wrinkles with your fingers, remove the bubbles. The file is not removed. On the front side you need to check whether everything suits you. After that, you can carefully remove the file. We begin to lubricate the photos with glue. The next stage is to cover the dish with varnish, the rim of the plate can not be lacquered. To illuminate the resulting printout, apply two layers of light paint. We do all this without traces and streaks, try evenly. After that, the whole back of our plate is covered with acrylic lacquer. The layers should be more than three. After full drying, the plate is ready! Now you can put it on the shelf and decorate the interior of your house, or you can give it to someone. And the options for drawing can be very diverse, because everything depends on your imagination.