We make a bear from the sock with our own hands. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

We make a bear from the sock with our own hands. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A bear can be made of socks by its ownhands, for an hour or two of creative effort. It will be a man-made, warm, very individual bear - one of a kind and unique. That and is valuable. Shall we try? We need:

  • Socks. Better childish, not very worn out. Some models of bears require a pair of sock.
  • Synthepone or holofayber. Batting and cotton wool are not welcome - they make heavy toys that dry for a long time after washing.
  • Scissors.
  • Marker.
  • Thread with a needle, quick-drying glue.
  • Three buttons, or beads (nose and eyes), or pieces of colorful felt. Pieces of fabric for decor muzzle, ears.

Model №1 - bear with an apron or heart

  • We turn out the sock, spread it up with the heel. We draw the part marker. Head with whole-eared ears - in the toe part. Trace and heel not to the end of the gum - body with hind legs. The edge of the gum should be left - it's the future front paws.
  • Now cut out. We should have 4 details - head, body and two front paws. On the head, where there is a neck, we make an incision. It is necessary to fill the head with a sintepon.
  • We turn out, stuff all the details.
  • On the head we make a muzzle. From the contrast knitwear we cut out a circle. Sew it and stuff it. You can and do not stuff - also an option.
  • Eyes, a nose - from the buttons or beads.
  • Sew our head to the body. On the body we sew the apron-t-shirt of the same contrasting jersey that went to the muzzle. You can confine yourself to decorating with a heart or a strasik.
  • Sew pads. Mishka is ready!
  • Model number 2 - a teddy bear with a double sock. It will be a teddy bear

  • We take the whole terry toe and stuff his toe piece. It will be a head. Conditionally we form a ball. Cut it from the toe - over the neck.
  • Sewing place cut, pulling the edge of the thread. It turns out a terry-ball head.
  • We make a body with lower paws. The remainder of the sock is turned and spread out with the heel upward. At the heel we draw pant legs (future paws). On the lines sewing (seam forward needle, stitches small, frequent). Then cut the edges of the seam with scissors. It should turn out quite a distinct body of the future bear. Where the sock eraser is the upper part of the trunk. The bottom of the "pants" is sewn.
  • Fill the body with a sintepon.
  • Now proceed to the upper paws. For this we need a second sock. We turn it inside out. At the edge of the rubber band of the sock, on the right and left, we draw two oval feet. Stitch along the contour. Then cut out. As it were, there were two oval sacs. We fill them with sintepon.
  • Ears. With them we act in a similar way - now the nose of the nose is in use. Draw on the edges - on the right and left - on the future ear - the semicircle. Stitching. We cut out. We turn out. The ears are ready.
  • Next - the assembly of the details of the bear. First we sew the ears. Then the body to the head. In the end - the upper paws to the finished bear.
  • Decor - the final stage. The most interesting) You can make eyes, a spout and tongue out of felt. And fix it on the face with glue. It is possible - from buttons or beads. On the ears, you can sew internal circles of cloth into small peas or a cage.
  • You can decorate the bear with a bow, if it's a giftfor girl. Or a butterfly - for boychika.Sovet: teddy bears look good monophonic. Of white terry socks, they turn out pretty. Of the brown - classic teddy.

    • For one teddy bear, it takes two toes. So the number of a lone sock-loss here will not work. However, you can dream up and bear with multi-colored paws. Everything happens in a toy nature.
    • The figure of the bear depends on the amount of synthon. It is possible, when typing the paws, not to make very dense and immediately form the sitting position of the future toy.

    Do it! From your imagination, the character of the bear and its uniqueness depend. See similar master classes: