Make a beautiful decorative cap with your hands from start to finish

Make a beautiful decorative cap with your hands from start to finish

An interesting decorative cap with your own hands. Photo №1 Want to surprise and please your child? Make a magic mini-cap for dwarfs. This work is done quickly and requires very little material, and you can use it for both your child's toy and a simple but pleasant souvenir that someone can give or decorate your home. So, you need:

  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Centimeter
  • Yarn of different colors.

As cardboard is excellent cardboardbase from a roll of toilet paper. It is round and does not have to glue a strip. We measure from the edge of 1,5-2 cm, put a mark and cut the strip. Such strips need as much as you want to make caps. Now take the yarn, cut lengths about 30-40 cm. There should be many such segments. Then take 1 piece of yarn, bend in half, make a noose and push the tails as shown. Thus, you tie the whole cardboard strippieces of yarn. You will get the base of the cap with protruding tails. Collect the tails together and tie about 3-4 cm from the base of the cap. Remnants of tails cut, deviating from the nodule 0.5 cm all! You have a funny cap for fairy dwarfs, any other toys or a great souvenir. You can take a yarn of different colors and make colorful hats. Such unique crafts can decorate your anteroom. To do this, tear a small dry branch from any tree, peel it from debris and cover with paint. Very convenient and beautifully obtained, if you take auto enamel in a can of silvery color. Note that you need to work in a well-ventilated room, best of all on the balcony. Pre-bed the old newspaper on the floor. The field of how you will paint a twig, let it dry for several hours on the balcony. Then you can attach it under the mirror with decorative carnations for upholstery. Then left to hang on it your decorative hats. Agree that such an original and stylish object of your interior will make you wonder and smile at any guest in your house. A child will be happy with an optional accessory for his toys!