We make a beautiful flower from satin ribbons with our own hands

We make a beautiful flower from satin ribbons with our own hands

Blooming poppy is a symbol of unprecedented beauty,unfading youth and feminine charm, so I want to offer you a master class on creating a hair clip with a red flower that resembles a poppy. How to make a bright flower of satin ribbons with your own hands. Photo №1 To create this barrette we need:

  • wide red and dark green satin ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • candle
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • black beads
  • workpiece pins.

First, we cut our ribbons. From the red tape we cut the same squares from which the petals will form. And cut the green ribbon with longer strips to make the leaves. The number of petals and leaves can be changed as desired. To make the petal of our flower you need to take the square of the red ribbon and fold it diagonally. Then use a pair of scissors to gently round the edges. We have obtained such blanks here, the edges of which need to be scorched, so that in the future the tapes do not begin to blossom. Now we take a thread with a needle and sew our petal in this way. It is important to tie a knot only on one side. We take the resulting workpiece, tighten it with a thread and several more times stitching down below to fix it. We have turned out these petals. Then we need to make the sheets. For this, we scorch the edges of the green satin ribbon and add it as a triangle. From below, this triangle, we are sewn in exactly the same way as the petals. We tighten the thread, we sew it once more and get such a wonderful leaflet. After our blanks are ready you can proceed to assemble the flower. For this we take a hairpin and glue the leaves on both sides. Then with the help of glue we begin to glue the petals. That the flower was more voluminous - petals we made two rows. With the help of an adhesive gun and black beads, we make the middle of the flower. Since the back of our barrette does not look very attractive, we also put a red ribbon on it. To do this, we apply glue and apply a strip of tape that will hide all the imperfections. Here is such a gentle and at the same time originalwe have a flower. This hairpin can be used both in everyday life, and for evening images. In addition, it can be an excellent gift for a sister or girlfriend.