Make a beautiful house of paper is very easy, using our tips with photos

Make a beautiful house of paper is very easy, using our tips with photos

Making a house of paper with your own hands Paperis the most simple and universal material for various creativity. Infants already from 3 months carefully watching the paper leaves. Older children do not cease to be carried away by paper, often using it in the manufacture of various handicrafts. They are very happy when adults help them in this. If you ask the child what object he wants to do, then most often he answers that the house. At the same time to do with their own hands is just such an odd thing to like boys and girls. Apparently, the child, even unconsciously, already in early childhood sees the house as an important attribute of human life. In this article, you will learn how to quickly and easily build a house of paper with your own hands. make a house of paper with your own hands. Photo №1 So, let's get started. 1. Preparation of the necessary materials and tools. If you want to diversify the evening time for the family to be an interesting common thing, you should prepare it in advance:

  • Paper (thin color, notebook or album, or pieces of wallpaper);
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • Brush for glue;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • stationery knife.

make a house of paper with your own hands. Photo # 2 Take a regular clerical knife and you cancarefully make cuts under the windows and doorways. Glue can use a variety of: fast drying, PVA, adhesive pencil, for wallpaper, well sticky tape. From the features of your imagination will depend on the choice of details that adorn your house. Here you can use watercolor or gouache paints, bright shades of pencils, beads, colored artificial stones, laces, rhinestones, and much more. For more convenience, when creating a paper house with your own hands, you better do it on the floor or a wide window sill. The main thing is that the surface is smooth and you are not afraid to make a scratch on it. 2. We prepare a sketch of our house. Before you begin to design a house, you need to determine its size and sketch. We begin with the drawing. If you have only small sheets for the future large house, you can cut the drawing and make each part separately. Separating the drawing, it must be remembered that the right part of it will turn out to be without bending under the glue and it should be docked. You can make a floor in your sketch. But, in our opinion, without it, the child will be much more comfortable to place his toys in the house: furniture, dolls, dishes, far from all they can pass through the door. make a house of paper with your own hands. Picture №3 3. We connect parts, decorate and assemble a house made of paper. We mark out where we will have windows and a door, and cut through these places with a stationery knife. Remove the cut pieces. One side of the door does not cut through, it will still remain slightly open. then proceed to the decoration of our product, since by gluing it together, it will be much more difficult for us to do this. You can decorate by gluing with colored paper or staining with pencils. If you want, try to attach a bolt to the door: at the edge of the door we attach a small rectangle of cardboard, and on the doorpost we make a cut - as a result, the house will look more secure and cozy. The roof can be made tiled. To do this, cut small "tiles" from the thick paper of the color you need.

  • Then we cut out parts of the house and proceed directly to the "construction" itself, smear and glue along the bend line.
  • Give a little time for the glue to dry.
  • For greater stability, glue the product onto the cardboard stand.

make a house of paper with your own hands. Photo №4 And further in your help children no longer need. They can already start organizing "housewarming". The construction of the house can be made more difficult, to attach a porch, the second floor, an attic, a balcony. Steps in the work remain the same: sketch -> cut -> decoration -> connection -> drying. Another couple of houses from paper. Quite interesting paper houses are round in shape. Creating a sketch of this design, its body should look like a long rectangle. You need to glue it around the bend on one side. And the roof is drawn as a circle separately, and then they are already attached to the body with glue. Great fervor causes children to make fabulous huts "from logs". The main materials will be the same, but the technique of "construction" is completely different. First, prepare the material itself. From the same rectangles in the same pencil, we create tubes - our future "logs". make a house of paper with your own hands. Photo №5 What do you get as a result - a small hutor a huge house, will depend on the number and size of these tubes. Of these, you will carefully build the walls. And in this work also there are two options: glue the walls with gaps of two "logs" or make a continuous "stacking" of 4 tubes, offset to the edges of the next row. The roof is made smooth or from "logs". make a house of paper with your own hands. Photo №6 Having made your own simple paper houses, then you can create more interesting and unusual crafts with your child.