We make bullfinches and other birds from cotton wool. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

We make bullfinches and other birds from cotton wool. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

From cotton wool you can make bullfinches and a variety ofbirds: a pigeon, a parrot, a swan, a chicken. The technique of working with this light, affordable, environmentally friendly material is simple, but you do not need a few materials to make birds yourself.

Bullfinch from cotton wool

Master-class: birds on a branch

Step-by-step instruction will help to make the basefor any small model of a sparrow, a tit, a bullfinch from cotton wool. And then the handicraft should be painted with a gouache of a certain color. For bird birds, you will need:

  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • Cotton wool;
  • thread and scissors.

Bullfinch from cotton woolDescription of manufacture:

  • prepare a place to work, pour a little glue into a small container;
  • spread out a piece of cotton wool, stretch it slightly, determine where the back will be;
  • dip a piece in the glue, cotton wool should not be impregnated with glue - this is very important;
  • take the upper corners of the piece and wrap them in the middle;
  • thread tightly tighten the cotton between the back and tail.
  • spread the tad again with a brush and glue;
  • form the right tail while working with a brush.

The spout can be pulled out and also glued with glue, andyou can roll an extra small ball and glue it to the head. Now you have to dry the handicrafts, placing it so that it does not stick. It is best to hang it on a string, which was tied on the back. The final touch is the application of paint. From these birds you can make a composition: "plant" on a branch, make them "floating" under the ceiling.

Volumetric woolwork: nestling

Wadding is a soft material, but when properly processed, it perfectly holds the shape. The main materials for the mock-up of the next craft are minted newspapers, foil, cotton wool, PVA glue. Bullfinch from cotton woolWrap a ball of crumpled newspapers with foil, put it inglue, wrap again now with cotton. If you do not want a fluffy toy, once again go through the brush with glue throughout the craft. Vatu to the model can be glued not with pieces, but with rolled balls, and the chicken will look more interesting. A scallop and a beak can be made from any material. Do not forget about the eyes. Chicken color in yellow.

Master class: Stork as a gift

Volumetric application - an unusual optiongreeting card with the birth of a baby. This hand-crafted article will become a touching reminder of a wonderful event. To make a three-dimensional stork, you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • Cotton wool;
  • markers;
  • multi-colored yarn.

First, think about whether in the picturedepicts any objects other than the stork. So, the sun can be painted, and you can carefully fill it with a yellow thread or cotton wool, which you then paint in the right color. Bullfinch from cotton woolDifferent ways you can depict the grass. For example, apply a brush on the cardboard glue and sprinkle finely chopped green yarn on this place. Having determined the general picture of the postcard, start working on the bird. If you can not draw, download the outline of the stork on the Internet. On the trunk, neck, bird's head, paste cotton. Paws and beak are cut from colored paper or use red yarn. Glue the wings. To do this, take a colored paper, a piece of leather.

Bird made of cloth

The hand-made is very simple in execution, the bird does not need to be painted, but just pick the right fabric. For the volume stuff the craft with rags or cotton. The necessary materials for work:

  • the cloth;
  • Cotton wool;
  • thread.

From the fabric, cut a square, fold it overdiagonals. Fold the corners in the middle, also bend again. Then fold the part in half, the figure will resemble a triangle. Take a long string, tie the tip - it turned a beak. Form the head: lay inside, closer to the beak, cotton wool and thread. Lay out the detail, pull out the corners in the sides - these will be the wings. In the middle, place the cotton for the trunk and re-thread it to leave a piece of the tail. Through the middle, you can cross-thread the thread again. A bright bird is ready. A little desire, imagination and time and you can have a whole collection of crafts made of cotton wool - bright bullfinches, cute pigeons, solemn storks. They will please the eye, surprise, they can be presented as a small gift.