Doing a candy string with your own hands, make a terrific gift for your loved ones

Doing a candy string with your own hands, make a terrific gift for your loved ones

It is very difficult to choose a gift for a teenager,especially if you want to do something with your own hands. That's the idea of ​​a gift that many teenagers would be delighted with - both boys and girls - a bunch of chocolate bars around their necks! If you are wondering what to give a teenager, do not be too smart! Everyone loves chocolate bars! Collect them beads .. Picture number 1 It's a perfect birthday present,graduation or as a prize after a football match, a concert or a knowledge tournament (hey, let's not forget about the botanists that we love). Such a prize is easy to make and not too expensive. Here's what you need:

  • 24 mini versions of popular chocolate bars
  • polyethylene film
  • packing tapes (they can be purchased in the department of materials for gift wrapping or in the nearest flower shop)

Step 1: Where should we start? Divide the sweets in half and lay them on the table in two rows. Carefully place a long strip of polyethylene film four centimeters long than the candy bar at each end. Be careful with this film wrapper. We all know how it can turn into a useless, crumpled ball, if you hurry and treat it carelessly. Step 2: Collect the beads. Place the candy along the film a short distance from each other and slightly away from the edge of the tape, as shown in the photo: Wrap the film around the sweets in this way: Step 3: small bows-bandaging from the packing tape. Cut the ribbon into pieces up to 20 cm and bandage them with a film between the sweets. Tie the two ends of the candy string together, using a smaller piece of tape. Repeat for the second set of chocolates- and a two-layer candy ligament is ready! If you want to make a more substantial gift, you can take a few bills and attach them between candies, folding them into corrugated bows. What else do teenagers need, if not candy and money ?!