We make New Year toys of cones. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

We make New Year toys of cones. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The long-standing Russian tradition is to do New Year'stoys by their own hands - by the end of the twentieth century, practically faded away. Still would! In stores there are so many magnificent balls, stars, little animals and fairy-tale characters, manufactured in the factory way! Unless with them simple pieces - a flashlight made of colored paper or, painted with bronze paint, a walnut - could win with them? Today, fortunately, the tradition returns, because it's not that to hang on Christmas trees, but to, together with children to engage in fascinating creativity, to instill in their sons and daughters skills of handling scissors, glue, paints. Among the most popular materials from which you can make Christmas toys, ordinary cones - pine and spruce.

Choose cones

Cones in shops are not for sale, well, except inthose where you can buy a variety of unexpected materials for creativity. However, in this there is no special need. Being with children in nature, you can create the necessary stock of cones of any size and shape during the year, while simultaneously collecting other natural material that will be useful for your New Year's workshop: acorns with "caps", beautifully curved twigs, moss, maple and ash seeds, The nuts are closed, dense or with "disheveled" scales. In order to make New Year's crafts, you will need both, depending on what you plan to make. However, it is a pity if the toy under the influence of domestic heat begins to open - and your finished crafts are deformed. New Year toys of conesTo prevent this, bumps need to be pre-processed:

  • so that the cones always remain closed, they stand for a minute in a jar with joinery glue;
  • to open - cook half an hour, and then dry it on the battery;
  • You can open bumps by holding them in the oven for a couple of hours (temperature 250 degrees);
  • you can slightly change the shape of the cone, holding it in water, and then tightly tying up the threads and drying.

Thermal treatment, by the way, will destroy germs on cones, and make natural material safe, which is very important when it comes to children's creativity. New Year toys of cones

Materials, tools

In addition to cones, you will need:

  • paints,
  • brushes,
  • cardboard,
  • scissors,
  • threads and ribbons,
  • pieces of cloth and felt,
  • PVA glue,
  • beads,
  • sequins.

New Year toys of conesDepending on what kind of toys you areare going to make and on what technologies, this list can expand. You, for example, may require plasticine and papier-mache mass, nail polish and wire in beautiful plastic insulation.

Operating procedure

Cones are very beautiful natural material. To decorate them with a Christmas tree, sometimes it's enough just to paint each one in any color (red, yellow, purple), add a sparkle. According to the experience of those who have long mastered crafts from cones and conducts a master class on the Internet, it is better to use enamel, rather than acrylic paints, which are not exactly enough to paint cones. New Year toys of conesIt is convenient to use glittera multicolored Christmas tree tinsel, the so-called rain, which must be cut very finely with scissors. Cones are lowered for a couple of seconds in a container with a varnish used for woodworking, and then sprinkled it with brilliant multicolored pieces of tinsel. The new toy is almost ready. It remains to make a loop so that it can be hung on the tree. For this purpose, self-tapping screws are used. New Year toys of conesNow try to take on more complicated work. Make of the cones of Santa Claus.

  • step: color the lump into red, dry it.
  • step: make a head from a small ball, covering it with a beige cloth.
  • step: from the cotton wool, build a large beard, glue it to the head.
  • step: from a piece of red felt or some other dense fabric, make a Santa Claus cap, at the top of it, provide a loop so that the toy can be hung on the tree.
  • Step: Draw your eyes or glue as small black beads or beads.
  • step: glue the head to the trunk-cone with the help of hot glue (so it will be more reliable).
  • Your Santa Claus is ready. Now, using the same technology, you can make his constant companion - Snegurochku. In a separate master class, you can distinguish the making of toys using plasticine. This material, however, has one drawback - its fragility, it can be deformed due to too high temperature in the room or if the handicraft is inadvertently picked up or dropped. The advantage of plasticine is that this work can be actively attracted to kids who already received skills in handling this material. New Year toys of conesTry to make a hedgehog. From the cone it will be a body, of plasticine (more light in color than a cone) - a muzzle. And still need to sculpt the paws, a traditional apple or fungus, which are placed at the hedgehog on the back. In the same technique (using plasticine) you can make a swan, an owl, a penguin, a squirrel, a crocodile, a hare - all those your child wants to make.

    Useful tips and ideas

    The original effect gives bleaching of cones: in order to achieve it, cones are kept in a conventional bleach used for washing and cleaning for five hours. The ratio of the preparation and water is 1: 1. New Year toys of conesThe illusion of a frosty day can be obtained by coveringthe cone with silvery (non-colorful) sparkles: grease the cone with glue, roll around in sequins, dry so that they have time to "grasp" the glue, and then brush off the excess ones. Very nice toys, which, by the way, look very professional, can be done using old ones broken and unnecessary plastic pupae and various little animals. Taking as a basis a bump, it is possible to glue a puppet head, hands, feet. This way you can make Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, hedgehog, deer, dog, kitten, mouse, different birds. New Year toys of conesIt is not necessary to hang all the crafts on the Christmas tree. To make your room truly New Year, toys can be hung, for example, to a chandelier. By the way, so it will be possible to view the toy in all its glory, absolutely in all angles. Look at similar master classes: a.