We make a colorful and beautiful toy theater of felt for your child. Simple and useful fun. Available instructions and photos

We make a colorful and beautiful toy theater of felt for your child. Simple and useful fun. Available instructions and photos

Every child loves not only to look cheerful andoriginal ideas, but also to feel in them. It is very useful for children at a young age to develop imagination and creativity. And indeed, children really like to play different role games, imagining that they are the heroes of their favorite books or films. Therefore, one of the great gifts for a child will be a toy theater, which you can easily make at home. Your attention is a colorful and original pattern of the theater from felt in the form of popular heroes of children's cartoons - Luntik and his comrades. Big toys are not always popular with children, so our theater actors will be very small. The main thing is that they get on the fingers of children and stay there tightly enough. You can manually sew all the characters. All parts are very small, so some parts will need to be stitched together in several layers at once. And besides, it is very convenient for those who do not want to sit around the machine all evening. It will turn out less accurately and smoothly, but you will avoid unnecessary trouble when, in just two or three stitches, you will have to change one thread to a completely different one. Nevertheless, if you prefer a typewriter, then just make the details a bit more for convenience. Also you can sew your toys behind Velcro. This is convenient, because you can arrange more diverse games with such "actors". So, let's start making the main character - Luntika. In order to sew it you will need:

  • Bright purple or lilac, pink, pale purple felt. A little white, black and red material is useful;
  • Multicolored threads that match the colors of our fabric;
  • Ordinary needle;
  • Sewing machine. It is not necessary, it is simple on it you can choose the color of the lower and upper thread, because of what the finished toy will be more accurate on both sides.

photoinstruction for patterning toys. Photo №1 Let's start the pattern of the toy. According to our pattern, we cut out the necessary details. It is very important to make allowances, so that later there are no problems. First of all, let's take care of the back side of our Luntik. Sew together head and trunk. Of course, for more convenience, you can just cut both parts together right away. So it will be a little easier. Gently embroider fingers for the legs and sew them to the paws. We attach the ears, and then the upper and lower legs to the back part. We'll tackle the front. Nashimaem toy specks, eyes, mouth, embroider nostrils, glare and brow. Sew on the edge of both parts of the toy. The main thing do not forget that you still need to leave the space below, where we'll stick a finger. At your discretion, you can sew up the paws on the front. So it will look a little better. Sew our Luntik his neck. That's all. The first actor of the theater is already ready for performances. photoinstruction for patterning toys. Photo # 2 Now we will embroider a finger modelgrasshopper Kuzi. To do this, we use dark green and light green felt, as well as a bit of yellow, white and black material. Also we select by the color of the thread, take the yoke and go to the pattern. Sewing Kuzi is even easier than his friend, so it will not take you too long. We cut out all necessary details on our pattern. Do not forget that you need to make allowances just in case. Separately, we make the face of the grasshopper, its paws and "handles." The front side of the arms and legs consists of three parts, they must be sewn sequentially with each other, and then to the integral details of the legs and hands. Let's begin to connect the yellow upper and dark green lower face of the trunk. Do not forget to make a row of a darker yellow color in the middle of the yellow part of the trunk. photoinstruction for patterning toys. Picture №3 To the front part of the trunk with the underside of the stitched legsKuzi, after insert his handles, and sew the entire body to the integral part of the head-trunk. Again, do not forget to leave a sufficiently wide opening from below, so that the fingers can go there. In the same way we insert Kuset's tendrils, and at the very end we will sew our pretty grasshopper face. This concludes. Kuzya is completely ready and can already join his friend in the theater. photoinstruction for patterning toys. Photo №4 The next character in the cartoon that weLet's get busy, become a ladybug Mila. This is another wonderful toy for our beloved kids. So, our next heroine is very colorful and charming. If you have already made the two previous characters - it's just wonderful, because Mila likes to be in the company with her friends. For sewing this toy we will use the following materials:

  • Red, black and pale pink felt, also a bit of white material;
  • Needle and thread, in tone to our fabrics;
  • Always a good and positive mood.

photoinstruction for patterning toys. Photo №5 As always, first of all we cut out all the detailson a pattern, not forgetting about the need to make allowances. It is very important. Let's face the ladybug. We sew carefully her mouth, eyebrows, we sew on the right place of the eye. Pupils are best to embroider personally, or make them out of felt. In extreme cases, you can simply use the marker, but then it will not work out beautifully enough. However, freckles need to be made a thin marker. When you insert her antennae, sew right away and her "hair". You can do this only on the lower part, then there will not be any unnecessary seams, since then we will sew the front part to our back part. Let's make our legs Mile. First, you need to impose her golf clubs, and only then shoes. In the middle we will sew a speck of black color and on each side. Sewing is necessary again in the inner side. We fasten the collar. Carefully try on the details, the back and front, so that all the edges dock clearly, and connect the head with the torso of a sweet ladybug. From the inside to the body we attach its legs, we handle handles. Sew on the beginning of the sleeve, but only after that, and the shoulders. Also do not forget that there must be a hole for your fingers below. So, be very careful when connecting two parts. Do not hurry. You still have plenty of time. photoinstruction for patterning toys. Photo №6 That's all! With your hands, you made an excellent toy in the puppet theater of your child.