We make a dandelion with our own hands from improvised materials.

We make a dandelion with our own hands from improvised materials.

How beautiful these spring flowers are after all -dandelions! People of all ages enjoy their splendor in spring and summer, but, unfortunately, the age of dandelions is not long - it is already very difficult to find these noticeable yellow heads in the beginning of autumn. Fortunately, a simple applique allows dandelions to stay with us for a whole year. In this article, we will tell you how you can make a dandelion from very simple tools at hand. How to make a dandelion with your own hands. Photo №1 So, first of all we'll stock up on all the necessary materials. For work we will need:

  • three-layer paper napkins (of the desired yellow color, you can, of course, take white napkins, but then the dandelion will turn out to be somehow implausible)
  • green colored paper,
  • scissors,
  • stapler,
  • Glue and cocktail tubes (optional).

The process of creating a dandelion consists of the following steps:

  • Divide the napkin into layers, and then combine the two resulting layers four times, then add the resulting squares four times more.
  • Place the workpieces on top of each other and connect with a stapler (if you want your dandelion to stand for a long time, join the workpieces crosswise).
  • 3. Take the compasses and draw a circle on the workpiece (try to draw as thin as possible so that the line is not particularly noticeable) and cut off unnecessary parts of the napkin so that you have a round workpiece left. 4. Raise the formed layers of the workpiece and squeeze them at the center - this is how the bud of the future flower is formed (if you want to speed up the process, take not one by one, but three or even four layers at once). 5. Take strips of green colored paper measuring 4 * 12 cm, fold them in two and cut off the corners. From the resulting workpiece, cut the leaves in the form of teeth, then unfold the workpiece and bend the resulting teeth. Make as many sheets as you want, but do not get too carried away - otherwise, the leaves can obscure the bud, or, worse, the stem can not stand the weight of the leaves and break. 6. Take a strip of green paper and roll a tube from it (if desired, you can use a cocktail tube for this purpose - it's even better: the tube will in any case be stronger than paper). Glue with the help of glue leaves and the dandelion itself on the stem. 7. Our dandelion is ready! If you want to make a dandelion even more beautiful and more resistant to various influences, decorate it with corrugated paper from below.