We make exclusive and pleasant toys of socks with our own hands.

We make exclusive and pleasant toys of socks with our own hands.

Nothing so pleases the child as a new toy. You can buy it in the store, but you can show some ingenuity and sew yourself. In each house there is a sock that does not have a pair, a hole has been made on the heel or spout. Before throwing such a thing, try making a toy out of it. Teddy bear of two socks Unique toys or a second life for socks. Photo №1 To make this toy from socks with your own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • A pair of monophonic socks;
  • Two black beads for the eyes and one for the nose;
  • Threads, a needle, scissors;
  • Filling agent (wadding / sintepon).

Let's get to work. We take one sock, turn it to our heel. In this place there will be a bear's face. On the soles of the toe above the heel we draw two ears, cut off the sock along this line. From the remaining bow part we cut out the legs of the bear cub, it should be 4 pieces. Fold them in pairs face inward, stitch, turn out, fill with filler. Head of the bear cub inside out stitching along the lineears, turn out, stuff tight. Sew around the neck and cut off excess tissue. From it we cut out the oval, we sew it to the head, not forgetting to fill it with sintepon. Nashivaem there bead-nose, black thread embroidered mouth, above the oval we sew eyes. You will get such a pretty face. We take another sock, from it we will sew a trunk. From the nose we make a shallow incision into two equal parts, cut off the upper part of the sock to the heel. Stitching from the wrong side, stuffing, so we will have a torso with legs. Sew his head and front paws to it. The neck can be decorated with a bow or scarf. Exclusive bear cub ready! Cheerful bunny from the sock Materials:

  • One sock;
  • Two buttons for eyes;
  • Filling agent (cotton wool or sintepon);
  • Threads, a needle, scissors.

We smooth the sock, lay it on the table. Cut off the toe and gum. Turn the sock so that his heel is on top. Drawing on the sole of the contours of the ears and muzzle. We cut out. Make sure that the ears are the same size. Turning to the wrong side, sew the sections manually or on the sewing machine. We turn back, the head of a hare should turn out. Begin to stuff a toy from the ears, for convenienceyou can use a hook or a thick knitting needle. The ears should be tight enough and not bend. We fill the rest of the sock, we sew the bottom. For this, we sew the edge with a simple seam forward with a needle, pull the thread together. From the remaining toe we cut out a small circle, collect it with a thread along the edge, tighten it, fill it with filler. The hare's tail was obtained, which should be sewn into the lower part of the trunk. Embroider a smile on the muzzle of the hare, which turned out in the heel area. We sew on buttons - eyes are rabbits. You can take such, as in the picture, or small round beads. The hare is ready. If desired, the toy can be decorated with a bright ribbon. Elephant from children's golfs To create such a cute elephant we need:

  • One pair of children's golfs;
  • Remains of a pink toe;
  • Two small beads;
  • Filler (sintepon / cotton wool);
  • Threads, needles, scissors.

We take the first golf, cut off from it the toppart with an elastic band and half a foot. The middle of the golf course from the heel should be approximately the same in both directions. We put this part on the sole, cut from the bottom to the heel into two parts - so we will get a workpiece for the trunk with legs. Sew the two sections from the wrong side. From pieces of pink fabric we cut out circles, we sew to the legs - these will be the soles of the elephant. We take the cut off elastic, sew to the top of the workpiece. So we will get a scarf around the neck of the elephant, which will be able to close the seam between the body and head. We fill the torso. From the second golf we make an elephant's head. To do this, cut off the upper part, slightly short of the heel, and at the sole we cut only the toe. We cut out a triangle from the sole to make the elephant's trunk, as in the picture. We fold the golf across and sew the cut under the trunk from the wrong side. We fill the head in the region of the trunk loosely. Sewing the head and torso. The rest of the golfs will go into making ears and forepaws (2 pieces per paw and ear). Stitched from the wrong side, turn out, paws slightly stuffed with sintepon. Sew our ears to the head on both sides, and the frontpaws to the trunk. On the sides we sew beads for eyes. The trunk is sewn across the threads to give it a shape. On the legs and forepaws, we quilk the fingers. Elephant is ready to please your baby! Of course, these toys are not all that you can make from socks. Fantasize, and let it bring joy to you and your children.