We make a frog from beads with our own hands, master class, key chain / Toys with our own hands, patterns, video, MK

We make a frog from beads with our own hands, master class, key chain / Toys with our own hands, patterns, video, MK

If you want to make a small originala gift to a person dear to you, do not rush to run to a souvenir shop. A large-sized frog made from beads made by own hands will not save your budget much, but it will bring you true pleasure in the process of creation and, for sure, will be appreciated by having received such a gift.

Frog under the fly

  • For work we need beads and wire. The entire process of weaving describes this scheme perfectly.

Frog under the fly

  • The frog has no tail, so let's start weaving with priests. Dial two beads and cross the wire on the second.

Frog under the fly-2

  • We collect 4 beads from two ends. Take the second piece of wire and string on it 6 green + 9 yellow + 6 green beads.

Frog under the fly-3

  • Connect the two wires, passing the ends of the first through the 3 beads of the other on both sides.

Frog under the fly-4

  • Type 9 beads from the back side onto the two ends of the wire and tighten.

Frog under the fly-6

  • Begin to weave the hind legs. Type 14 green beads and one yellow. Go back, skipping yellow, through the last three, which form the first finger.

Frog under the fly-7

  • Dial two more times three green and one yellow, passing back the wire through three green beads. At the end, thread the wire through the entire foot to the torso.

Frog under the fly-8

  • In order to weave the second foot, the same scheme is used.

Frog under the fly-9

  • We continue to weave the body of 5 more rows in a parallel way with the four ends of the wire, not forgetting that the tummy of the frog is yellow and the back is green.

Frog under the fly-10

  • Make the tongue by typing 1 green, then 11 red beads. Make a noose by passing the end of the wire through the fifth bead.

Frog under the fly-11

  • Dial another green and thread the second end of the wire through all the beads of the tongue, except the loop.

Frog under the fly-12

  • The front paws of the plait are the same as the hind legs. Just make them a little shorter: 8 green + 1 yellow.

Frog under the fly-13

  • Shave further on the torso, reducing the number of beads to 8.

Frog under the fly-14

  • Our voluminous frog should have bulging eyes. To make them, dial from both sides: 1 green + pack + 1 black. Return to the palette.

Frog under the Fly-15

  • Make a circle of 6 green beads, go back to the very first and the first of six (pair). The circle is closed.
  • Thread the wire into opposite pairs of the circle and tighten.
  • Secure the wire. Cut off the excess. Twist the fly from one end of the wire using two beads. The frog is ready to fly.

Frog under the fly-16


This video shows how you can weave ourAn ante-tailed amphibian is somewhat different. Or rather, the trunk is done in the same voluminous way of weaving, but the eyes and paws here have a different form, and hence the circuit. This video is also good because in addition to a clear picture, close-up shots and a competent masterful speech, a screening report is written on top of the screen . The master class is shown from the beginning (preparation and weaving of the hind legs) to the very end (eyes and muzzle) with the final insertion of the craft.


From beads, two medium and one big bead can turn out to be a funny toy kakushka.

  • Start weaving from the eyes. Place in the middle of the wire one middle bead + a black bead. Thread the end again into the bead and, repeating again for the second eye, pull the wire.
  • Thread both ends into a large bead and weave the hind legs as described in the "frog under the fly".
  • Make two more legs according to the scheme, twisting three pieces of wire.
  • Cvakushki


    TrinketThe frog-keychain is made by a parallel weaving ofsmall beads 5 colors. A fishing line is used for it. Work begins with the feet and is outlined according to the scheme or, as in our case, from the photograph. Do not forget to leave a small loop for the metal ring.