We make an excellent outfit with our own hands. Pattern of universal dress bat that will make you the most beautiful and irresistible. Photos and instructions

We make an excellent outfit with our own hands. Pattern of universal dress bat that will make you the most beautiful and irresistible. Photos and instructions

To meet the fair sex,who do not like beautiful and stylish dresses very difficult. However, today it is very difficult to buy fashion and brand clothes, and there is a whole list of reasons for this. The best way is sewing! The easiest way to learn the basics of cutting and sewing is by creating a bat dress. This outfit is suitable for all occasions! The dress, in which the sleeves are made in the style of "bat" are constantly in demand. This outfit can be sewed by absolutely everyone who is familiar with the most primitive skills of working with a sewing machine. The dress model is attractive because it is suitable for any event: business meeting, party, work, walk, date and so on. The main "highlight" of the dress is that it does not completely tighten the arms, since the sleeves are free. The pattern will be created in the form of a rectangle. From above, you should leave a cutout for the head, and immediately you need to cut the sleeves, the length of which depends on your preferences. A dress of this type can be created from any matter. Again, it depends on your desires and, of course, on the time of the year. There are small subtleties - the matter should not be very thick. Consider the falling sleeve, because if the fabric is heavy, then this effect will not be achieved. We begin designing the dress. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №1 First, two elements must be found - before andbackrest. Consider the wish, because if you want to get a cutout with a "boat", then the details will be the same, and if they are "moussy", they will be different. Stitch the product from your shoulders and move along the sides. Then go to the bottom area. An important point is overlapping edges. Threads are often blossomed, and the dress can deteriorate. Be sure to sew the bottom of the dress. This is very easy to do - we twist the cut of matter and spend it. If you use a secret seam, then you will not see anything outside. By the same scheme we process the sleeves. Now it remains to decorate the neck. This is done with the help of obtachki. A few recommendations:

  • If you have used as a basis the pattern of a blouse with all-round sleeves, then it should be slightly extended.
  • Always check the width of the product along the thigh line. It should be equal to about a quarter of the girth and add to the resulting value of 1 centimeter on the freedom of clinging.
  • In addition, you should check the length of the sleeves.
  • Decide on the length of the cuff. Postpone the line of the bottom of the sleeve 13-17 centimeters and cut off excess fabric. On paper, design a double cuff.

We now turn to the pattern of details. Cut off the canvas with the front side inside. It is necessary to put the pattern in such a way that the middle section coincides with the fold. Circle the detail with chalk or sift. Draw a deep round neck. Turn the dressing pattern so that the top changes with the bottom. Put the details, align the middle section. 1-1.5 centimeter away from the edge, and move the pattern slightly, outline the outline. You have a back with an average seam. Circle the contours of the cuff pattern. Merge the middle with the warp thread on the fabric. Add such allowances to the seams:

  • on the side cuts, the lower and upper sections of the sleeves are 1.5-2 centimeters.
  • on the shoulder sections of 1.5 - 2 centimeters.
  • cut the hem of the sleeves 1 centimeter.
  • on the bottom of the product is 3-4 centimeters.
  • on lateral sections of a cuff 0,7-1 centimeter.
  • by cutting off the cuff to the sleeve 1-1.5 centimeters.

From the remains of the canvas, cut out the fringing stripon the oblique. Its length is equal to the length of the neck, and add to the resulting value of 2 centimeters and a width of 3.5 centimeters. How to sew a bat dress with your own hands? First, sweep the side seams of the future dress, as well as the lower sections of the sleeves. Then they need to be stitched so that the machine line does not break. Thread after sweeping away, and cut the slices. Side seams, iron from the bottom edge to 10-15 centimeters above the waist line. Do the same with the sleeves, retreating at the same time 20-25 centimeters from the bottom. Repeat the same steps with the shoulder seams of the future dress and the upper seams of the sleeves. Fill the neck of the neck with a seam with a closed cut. Strip it is better to slightly pull. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo # 2 The ends of the cuff are stacked in a circle. The width of the seam will be about 0.7-1 centimeters. Carefully press it open, fold the cuff in half inward with the wrong side. Cut the slices, and sweep the cuffs over the fold. Iron the parts. The next step is to adjust the sewing machine. It is necessary to adjust it so that the upper thread is firmly fastened and not looped. It is required to set the maximum stitch length. Carry out 2 machine lines on the bottom of the sleeve. The first should be at a distance of 1.3 centimeters from the slices, and the second - 0.2 - 0.3 centimeters. Place the fasteners first, but do not need to do this at the end. Make assemblies at the bottom of the sleeve. How to do it? It will be necessary to tighten the ends of the threads simultaneously with 2 machine lines, and then distribute them evenly. Then tighten the bottom until the length of the assembled element and the cuff section are the same. Now you will need pins. With their help you will pin the cuffs to the assembled bottom of the sleeve, while you need to combine the seams. Sweep them, and gradually remove the pins. The cuff should be stitched, the width of the seam should be about 1-1.5 centimeters, while plotting a line between 2 to create new assemblies. Thread the lines and lines for the formation of the assemblies removed. All the sections are swept together, and then press them in the direction of the sleeve. Now we have to sweep the bottom section of the future. To make the work more accurate, it is necessary to sew the cut manually, using small hidden stitches. Remove the threads of threading, and then iron the bottom of the product from the wrong side. To date, there are many kinds of bat dresses. Each woman can choose a suitable model for her. Everything depends on the lady's personal taste, as well as on the features of her figure. Note that the bat-sleeve outfit will visually make you lower. In a simple life to wear such a dress, for example, with ballets or sandals without a heel can exceptionally tall and slender girls. A few ready-made dresses for the bat photoinstruction for the pattern. Picture №3 Elegant dresses with air top and eleganta skirt for the silhouette is perfect for a cocktail party, a date or a business meeting. The main thing is that the outfit should be sewn from festive material. Use the same style, but from ordinary fabric, and the dress can be worn in everyday life. Evening clothes can be made with a deep neckline on the back. The presented style elegantly looks in such fabrics: silk, chiffon and many others. The outfit, sewn from monophonic viscose, is very practical and comfortable. He is airy and does not crumple, nor does he fetter traffic and will suit all cases. If the dress turned out short, then it can be dressed with leggings or narrow trousers. Then the outfit automatically transforms into a tunic. Elegant and exquisite look snow-white wedding dresses made in this style. The girl needs only to collect hair in a high hairstyle, and the outfit will advantageously accentuate the shoulders and neck. The bat dress is comfortable and beautiful at the same time. It ideally conceals flaws in the figure, emphasizes virtues and does not hamper the body movements.