We make Santa Claus out of paper. Master Class. Ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

We make Santa Claus out of paper. Master Class. Ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Always waiting for the magic holiday of the whole familytakes over the manufacture of Christmas decorations for the green beauty and home. And the most favorite craftsmanship is considered to be the main symbol of the New Year holiday - Father Frost. We suggest that you make Santa Claus out of paper. With this simple material, you can create your own hands with these masterpieces. You just need to give this lesson a little time and show all your boundless imagination. Study our master classes on making a grandfatherFrost with your own hands and you can please your loved ones with unique New Year gifts made with soul and attention. Modul Origami Santa Claus - master class 1 2We will need: sheets of A4 paper: blue color - 14 pieces for 211 modules, white color - 13 pieces for 207 modules, pink color - 1 sheet for 17 modules. We divide each sheet into 16 rectangles, from which we will make modules. 3Step one. We bend a rectangular sheet along half-and-half. With the help of one more bend, we mark the midline. 4Step two. Bend the edges of the folded along the rectangle to the middle, as shown in the photo. Turn the part and bend the bottom edges up. 5Step three. Fold the corners, bending them through a large triangle, and then we bend these corners inwards. Bend the resulting figure in half - that's what we learned to do the module. Now, in the same way, we make the necessary number of modules, indicated above, from the rest of the paper. 6Step four. We begin to make crafts. We take 5 white modules and have, as in the photo (the module of the upper row has a smaller side up). Next, we compile a chain of 3 rows of white modules. Each row consists of 25 pieces. 7Step five. We close the chain in a ring and turn it around. Next, we perform 3 rows of blue modules. From the seventh row we make a beard. To do this, insert the 2 white modules with the smaller side outwards. The remaining blue 7-row modules are inserted, as usual. 8Step five. In the 8th row we fix 3 modules of white color, as usual, with the long side, the other modules are blue. With each next row add one white module on each side of the beard. 9Step Six. In the 11th row, we insert one red module in the middle of the beard - this is the mouth. The 12 row consists of white modules. We put them on the blue modules with the smaller side outward, on the modules of the white color (beard) - with the long side, as usual. In the 13th row, opposite the red module, we dress the white with the long side outwards, and on 2 modules of pink color - with the smaller side (see the photo). 10Step Seven. In the 14th row, we dress 6 pink color modules with a smaller side, and dress the white modules as usual. 15 row - we dress 17 white modules and 8 pink ones. In the 16th and 17th rows, we dress all the white modules with a smaller side out - this is the hat. ready grandfather frost Step eight. The last 18 row consists of blue modules with a smaller side outward. We collect the hands from 3 white modules and 5 blue ones. We glue the finished eyes and insert a spout (a detail of the children's mosaic). Santa Claus from paper in the technique of modular origami is ready. We hope that after studying the master class, next to your Santa Claus there will be a Snow Maiden, made in the same technique. Ded Moroz from paper in origami technique - master class grandfather frost of origami We need color paper and a little patience. We offer you several schemes, by which you can easily make Santa Claus with your skillful hands. You can hang it on the Christmas tree, decorate them with a greeting card or give it to your friends for the New Year. origami grandfather frost origami scheme grandfather frost 12a 13 14Santa Claus with his own hands of colored paper - a master class Santa Claus from colored paper We need: red paper, pink for the face, white paper for the beard, cotton wool, markers, scissors and glue. 16Operating procedure:

  • Using a compass or a small plate, we draw on a red paper a semicircle. Cut it out, fold it into a cone and glue it together.
  • Cut out the oval from the pink paper, draw on it with a felt-tip pen and eyes and glue the face of Santa Claus to the cone.
  • Next, we glue the beard and the hat from the white paper. To do this, cut out the white stripes, cut them into fringe and twist it with scissors. We glue strips with a twisted fringe to the cone in the lower part of the face in several rows, giving the beard a splendor. From the same strip we make a hat. A beard, a hat and a fur coat for Santa Claus can be made from cotton wool, which is glued to the cone along its lower edge, on the face and upper part of the cone. Smart Santa Claus made of paper, made by hand, ready. With the help of a cone, using fantasy, you can make and Snow Maiden.
  • Santa Claus of colored paper strips - master class 17We need: dense colored paper, white corrugated cardboard, scissors and glue. 18Operating procedure:

  • We cut out from a red paper 6 strips in the size 1cm by 15 cm and 6 strips measuring 1 cm by 10 cm. We glue them in rings. From 6 large rings we collect a ball, fastening it with glue in the upper and lower parts. From small rings on the same scheme we collect a smaller ball. Torso and the head of Santa Claus turned out.
  • From pink or orange paper we cut outsmall circle for the face. Cut an arbitrary size mustache, beard and cap of corrugated cardboard and make out their face. Cut and glue the eyes and nose. We glue the face to a small ball, which is then glued to the body. Cut out cardboard mittens and felt boots and paste to the hand-made. The symbol of the new year from paper, created by own hands, is ready.
  • Several more ideas for the creation of Santa Claus with his own handsApplying the fantasy and using the schemes we proposed, you can make Santa Claus even from a paper napkin. 19Paper cone allows you to make a variety of options for Santa Claus with your own hands. Santa Claus from the cone 21And this family of Santa Clauses is made of ordinary sleeves from toilet paper. 22Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in the popular technique of modular origami. 23We hope that our master classes have helped youto understand the technique of making Santa Claus from paper and spodvigli to creativity. Attach a little imagination and create your own kind Grandpa or even a few. They will decorate your holiday and create a magical mood!

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