We do our hair for each day with our own hands

We do our hair for each day with our own hands

A hairstyle for a woman is more important than any outfit. That's why that the girl looked effectively and originally it is necessary, that her hairdress was ideal. Today we will look at a few everyday hairstyles. Girl with flower How to make a haircut for every day with your own hands. Photo №1 Hairstyle with a pigtailvery playful and romantic. Such a hairstyle will brightly emphasize youth and beauty, and a clip in the shape of a flower will add all the flavor and coquetry. To make a hairstyle with a pigtail, you need:

  • Divide the hair with a side cut, and twist the ends of the hair a little to make it look neat.
  • To comb the roots of hair on the back of your head, so that your hair gets the right volume.
  • Then select 2 large strands in the occipital part, twist each of them in a certain direction, and then twist them with each other so that you get the base of the braid.
  • Next, secure the resulting pigtail plait whenhelp of colorless rubber. Start with the tip. Pull out a few braids from the pigtail, this maneuver will give it the greatest bulk. To fix the result, it remains only to sprinkle the hair with a varnish.
  • The Greek image Hairstyle, in which a cute bunch of curls with a playful curl is formed on your head, will give your image a special romantic and flirtatious character. To create such a hairstyle you need:

  • Make a haircut using a hair brush, in the area of ​​the hair roots and fix the result with a varnish.
  • Weave in turn two thin pigtails, starting from the temporal region. Weaving should be used not tight, to give pigtails a little negligence.
  • With the help of braids, create a kind of rim on the head, use the invisibility for fixing, the tips should be pinched inside.
  • Remaining hair must be carefully combed, and then collected in a ponytail. It remains only to wind the ends of hair with a conventional curl and fix the result with varnish.
  • Roller Possessing luxurious hair, you can create onHis head is a quaint roller, distinguished by its special originality. And fervent tips of hair, knocked out of the hair, add a serious image of coquettishness. To create a roller, you need:

  • Select the bangs, the remaining hair is collected in the bottom of the tail and fixed with a rubber.
  • Carefully lay the bangs, wrap the ends of the strands around the rubber bands and pin them with invisibility in such a way that the strands do not get out of our cushion.
  • Then you have to comb your hair in a ponytail. To fix with usual varnish.
  • Then pull up the hair and twist it so that the volume is preserved. Leave a pair of loose pieces loose and twist their ends with a curling rod.
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