We make interesting toys out of the box with our own hands. Original ideas. View Results

We make interesting toys out of the box with our own hands. Original ideas. View Results

An interesting toy from the box for toddlers. Photo №1 In making an entertaining toy foryour crumbs, in fact there is nothing complicated. Mom will not only be interested in spending time creating a toy, but also do not have to worry about the safety and toxicity of the components, because made with their own hands is the most reliable and safe, especially for the baby. All that is needed for manufacturing.

  • cardboard box is more simple,
  • colored paper and cardboard,
  • adhesive tape or glue,
  • multi-colored cups (for example,cups from the yoghurt "Rastishka" - they fit perfectly in color; You can also use containers from under the film, pasting them with colored paper - they will last longer because of the greater density and less likely that the child will break them)
  • rope or thread, from which you can make loops,
  • stickers, pictures
  • markers that help you make the toy more vivid and decorate it.

First of all, it is necessary to glue a box of coloredpaper (it is better to take a few colors to match the colors of the cups). It is more convenient to use adhesive tape, rather than glue, because when using glue the paper is folded. The larger your box, the more cups will fit in it, and the more interesting the child will play. Be sure to consider this if the number of colors allows: you can teach crumbs not only to different colors, but also to their shades. Then at the top in the box, you need to cut out the holes, each of which corresponds to a certain cup, combining it with color or size. In order to cause the child's interest in the game, it is necessary to enclose something rustling, ringing, etc., preferably with a different sound, then the kid will perceive not only colors, but also sounds. (You can put dry peas, millet, beans, coins, etc., and you can leave one of the cups empty - this cup will serve as a surprise to the kid). From above on a glass stick a cardboard with the looped loops, as with them small handles it will be more convenient to get glasses.