Do-it-yourself air conditioner from fan

Do-it-yourself air conditioner from fan

In the summer heat, we literallydying of stuffiness. Fans rotate senselessly, and air conditioners are too expensive for most of us. Then we have good news for you, you know that with the help of engineering thought and desire, you can make your own home air conditioner for free. Today we will tell you how to do it. The Internet is full of similar projects, and you also try how this miracle of home-made equipment works.

What do you need:

  • Box fridge (hand carrying).
  • Scotch and glue (not a moment).
  • Knife for cutting drywall (you can apply a kitchen knife).
  • Pencil and meter or tape measure.
  • Fan normal.
  • Two PVC pipes of 25–30 cm each.
  • Lots of ice.
  • Air conditioner assembly process

    If you do not have a fan, then you will have tospend 200 rubles, choose the cheapest and easiest to just work. Why do we suggest using a drawer fridge? Because its walls already have a special film that contributes to the preservation of cold.

    • Further, this box will need to be glued with 3 cm foam in order to enhance the safety of the low temperature inside the box and increase its tightness.
    • Now you have to cut a few holes - one for the fan, and several holes for pipes from which cold air will flow.
    • Keep in mind that the more box you take under the manufacture of the fan, the more people you will need to impose in it. Almost all of its volume must be filled with ice cubes.

    The whole principle of work is sealed pasting the box and that's it. More detailed instructions for making home air conditioner can be seen on videos on YouTube.