Do-it-yourself bar counter: master class + real examples (42 photos)

Do-it-yourself bar counter: master class + real examples (42 photos)

DIY bar counter

Bar counter installed in the living room or onkitchen, practical and very convenient for drinking drinks or quick snacks. Using the bar, you can divide the room into functional areas. In addition, the use of a similar design in the kitchen makes the room space more functional. After carrying out repairs in the house, everyone has extra building materials. An excellent application of the remaining materials can be the installation of a boron stand with your own hands. Moreover, it is not difficult to make such an element of the interior. But the kitchen or living room will get a modern look. Do-it-yourself bar counter in the interior Do-it-yourself bar counter in the interior

Bar counter materials

The first thing you need to decide on a placethe location of the bar. Then you should think about how the stand will look and draw on paper an approximate sketch of the future interior element. And also it is worth deciding on the materials necessary for work. All materials for work should be harmoniously combined with the interior of the room in which the rack will be installed, in accordance with its stylistic design. As a worktop, it is best to use a particleboard or stone. Of course, a stone countertop has several advantages, but it also costs an order of magnitude more expensive. In order to independently install a bar counter at home, you will need the following materials: • Sheets of chipboard or drywall; • Wooden beams; • Skirting boards; • Putty; • Sealant; • Screws and nails; • Molding; • Decor elements; • Paint.

Bar counter manufacturing technology

The main components of the barare: • Countertop; • foundation; • side walls; • Intermediate shelves. The countertop and the base of the bar must have the same parameters. The base and countertop for the future boron rack must be cut out. A pine board may be suitable for this. From the same board, it is necessary to cut out the side posts and intermediate shelves. The length of these shelves is approximately 5 cm less than the length of the countertop. The height of the side struts should equal the height of the structure. Then with the help of glue and screws, it is necessary to connect the back wall and side racks. During operation, care should be taken to ensure that a right angle forms between the uprights and the wall. After the glue has dried thoroughly, you can begin to install the base of the boron strut and countertop. Installation is also carried out using screws and glue. Bar counter manufacturing processBar counter manufacturing process In order to make the design morestable, from the inside, along its edges, it is necessary to install racks of wooden blocks, 30x50mm thick. When the bars are installed, you can also fix the inner shelf. If necessary, a small hinged door can be attached to the design of the boron strut. In order to make the surface of the boron stand as smooth as possible, the stand must be well polished before applying varnish. All ribbed surfaces of the structure can be smoothed out or rounded with sandpaper. All constituent structural elements must also be processed with a planer. After that, a primer can be applied to the surface of the rack. When the rack frame is completely ready, you can work on its appearance. In some cases, in order to bring the appearance of the boron bar in order, it is enough just to cover its surface with a layer of paint and fix it on top with a layer of varnish. But you can make additional touches of the decor of the structure, for example, paint the surface of the rack, veneer with decorative skirting boards or additionally install a mirror on the surface of the countertop. After carrying out the necessary decorative work, all elements of the boron stand must be coated with colorless varnish or varnish of a suitable shade. This will protect the structure from the negative effects of spilled liquids and various mechanical damage. The hats of the screws are hidden with decorative rivets. To prevent the rack doors from opening and holding tightly in place, you can use magnetic latches. The final step in the manufacture of the boron strut with your own hands is to fix the necessary accessories. The inconvenience can also be caused by accessories that strongly protrude on the elements of the boron rack. The design of the boron counter depends on the personal preferences of the owners of the apartment, and the stylistic design of the interior of the room in which the structure is located. DIY two-level bar counterDIY two-level bar counter Focus on the stance orto intensify the effect of zoning the space will help a competently designed lighting system design. Halagen bulbs that are mounted in a beam above the countertop will best cope with this task.

DIY bar counter photo

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