Make yourself an origami volumetric ship-battleship without difficulty you can use the scheme

Make yourself an origami volumetric ship-battleship without difficulty you can use the scheme

Origami of the volumetric ship-battleship hasan amazing symbolic value. This model is able to attract prosperity and luck to the house. It is only necessary to work on its manufacture. Assembly instruction Surely, every person would like to have in his house an origami model of a three-dimensional ship-battleship, as depicted in this photo. Origami of the bulk ship-battleship. Photo №1 Having some experience in creating 3D shapes andspare time, you can create an excellent model. Help for each master will be our detailed descriptions. To assemble the model it is necessary to make 1027 blanks - modules of triangular shape. The manufacturing scheme of this element is presented below. Origami of the bulk ship-battleship. Photo # 2 The size of the blanks depends on the size of the finishedfigures. According to the classical standards, a 4x6 sheet is taken to fold the module. In the first three rows, 47 blanks are used. Should be a closed ring, as in paragraphs 1-3 on the below diagram. Origami of the bulk ship-battleship. Picture №3 Then the product is turned over and assembled withthe addition of modules in the stern and the nose of the battleship. On the fifth row of the assembly should be 55 blanks. With the same amount should be collected 6 and 7-th row. During the assembly process, the ship should be shaped as described in point 6 above. The nose of the battleship is made sharper than the feed. The 8th row is collected similarly to the 6th. On the ninth row, you can take modules of a different color. They are collected by the long side inwards, which makes the construction more durable. Many models of battleships are assembled with rims at the stern. To do this, on the border in two pockets of adjacent modules, insert the workpiece upwards with a pocket. To create a sharper nose, you must start from the extreme point to insert the workpiece symmetrically, then reducing, then increasing the number of modules from 11 to 13 series:

  • 9 pieces;
  • 12 pieces;
  • 6 pieces;
  • 3 pcs.

At the conclusion of the formation of the bowthe number of modules should be 22. As in the case with the stern the edging is made, if desired, you can create an ornament on it. The bottom is made, as indicated in paragraph 11. To make it, you need about 138 pieces, it all depends on the size of the origami of the voluminous ship-battleship. The first series is performed with the addition of modules to achieve the number of 8 pieces. Further 9 rows are collected with the same amount, it is necessary to make sure that the edges are formed even, the corners do not protrude. Next, the assembly proceeds with a gradual decrease in the number of modules. In the 22nd row he must be alone. The sail is made of 252 blanks, 16 rows. In each row the number of blanks is alternating - 16.17. From the 12th row, the number of modules decreases one by one on each side. It is necessary to try to make the edges of the bottom smooth. After the set of all rows, the sail is given a slightly curved shape. It remains to build a mast with a flag, as in the photo. Origami of the bulk ship-battleship. Photo №4 For this you can use a wooden workpieceany length and strips of colored paper. Now you can go in dreams to distant wanderings, to plow the sea, to inspire joy in the hearts of others.