Do-it-yourself snowflake suit: master class

Do-it-yourself snowflake suit: master class

Snowflake costume do it yourself There are just a few days left until the New Year. Shops, competing in the luxury of jewelry, offer Christmas costumes for every taste. Yes, this is not for you gauze skirts that were sewed by our mothers at night, for performances in the garden or school. But despite the variation in prices and materials, all of them are, in general, monotonous, and if there is a costume contest on the New Year tree, then there is a great chance to find the same “snowflakes” among the contestants. So what to do? How to please my daughter and make her feel one and only? After all, even at such a tender age, a little fashionista is already upset if she sees someone wearing the same costume. There is a way out: a hand-made snowflake suit according to our master-class will come out unusual, memorable and undoubtedly the most beautiful and beautiful. I offer you a small master class on how to sew a snowflake costume; it can even be made by an aspiring artisan. Special knowledge is not necessary for him, just be able to sew a rubber band.

Materials needed to make a snowflake costume

Stocking up on 5-6 meters of white tulle 1.5 widemeter, wide linen elastic (it needs 5 centimeters less than the waist size of the happy owner of the costume), as well as 6 Christmas-tree shiny garlands (“rain”). You can use the usual silver, but it is better to look only for the recently appeared in the sale of transparent garlands with a rainbow coating. Their peculiarity is that under different angles of illumination their color varies from yellow-green to red-violet, this will add similarities with a real snowflake. They are also reinforced with a thin steel thread, which prevents them from unraveling under their own weight, which is also important in a suit. Materials for tailoring a costume snowflakes do it yourself

How to sew a snowflake costume - procedure:

Fatin cut into strips 15 centimeters wide and1.5 meters long (if the skirt is long, if you want to make a short snowflake skirt, then the length of the cut strip should be twice as long as the finished skirt, plus 5 cm). We sew the elastic tape with a small overlap in order to prevent the sprawling (alas, in our time, manufacturers are chasing the quantity, and not the quality, so it is better to be safe). This will be the belt of our skirts. We put the finished tape on the back of the chair and proceed to the assembly of the skirt. It is possible to assemble the skirt with simple knots, but the knot, which is usually hung with a fringe, looks much more effective: How to quickly and beautifully make a costume snowflakes do it yourself Bend the loop formed to itself and down and pull free ends into it: How to sew a snowflake costume? Carefully tighten the knot, the main thing here is not to overdo it and not roll the elastic tape into a tube. Thus we will tie all our ribbons on the belt: How to make a child costume snowflakes do it yourself? It's time to put in the Christmas tree garlands. For the skirt we need 5 pieces. We tie the same way as the tape, and we breed in different directions. We continue to hang tulle tapes on top of the garland. Making a snowflake costume On average, from the knot of the garland to the exit of the tails onthe surface of the skirt you need to throw 3 tulle tape, leave a bundle to bulge on the surface of the belt, and again 3 tape. Next, 4 ribbons without a garland and again introduce a new garland. So they are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the skirt. Christmas costume snowflakes do it yourself When all the ribbons are finished, distribute them evenly along the entire circumference of the belt, shake, straighten the wrapped tulle ribbons and, if necessary, trim the garlands to the desired length. Snowflake costume do it yourself Leave the rest of the garland on the decoration of hands andheads. Cut off strips of 40 cm and tie a single knot at the wrists. Thanks to the wire inside the garland will not be untied and not dissolved. The remaining half is wound on a white bezel, fix the ends in a knot. Costume snowflakes do it yourself. If desired, you can put a snowflake pattern on a white turtleneck with glue crystals. We put on a snowflake skirt with white tights and a white turtleneck. Instead of a turtleneck it is convenient to use a white body. On the shoes you can attach tied to the bow pieces of the remaining Christmas garland. As you can see, to sew a suit of snowflakes with your own hands, neither special skills nor a sewing machine are needed. Elena Salimova specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: