Do-it-yourself tree décor decor

Do-it-yourself tree décor decor

In order to make the interior of your homeIndividual and slightly creative, it is not necessary to buy expensive designer items. In order to make it so, it is enough to use ordinary tree branches for decoration. The original lamp of dry twigs Fewthinks about this option, but in vain, because dry branches are very beautiful and sophisticated material, with which you can create many original things for the house with your own hands. Tree branches will look very good and appropriate in any room, be it a bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway or kitchen. They are perfect for decorating candles, mirror decoration, to create an original cornice or hangers for things. Here everything depends on your personal fantasy! The content of the article:

    How to handle branches for decoration

    However, before making the decor of the branches of a treewith your own hands, it is worth remembering that only dry branches will be suitable for its creation, otherwise otherwise, you will have to dry them. It is not necessary to use the branches in their original form, you can:

    • varnish for wood,
    • paint with spray can,
    • or plain enamel in any desired color.

    We offer you a few original ideas of what can be made from dry branches for the interior with your own hands, special skills are not required for this, just find a branch of a beautiful shape.

    Room dividers

    An interesting and very original screen forzoning can be made of the same length, even dry twigs. At the final stage, it is better to varnish this partition, thanks to which the finished product will acquire a certain charm. Such zoning will look not only interesting, but also very stylish. In exactly the same way from the same branches can make a screen in the bedroom. The curtain of the branches for zoning Eco-curtain for the bedroom


    The most important thing in the performance of this decor isIt is good to process the branches so that they do not fall off on the heads of the sleeping later And also you need to properly fix them so that when the mattress moves they do not move. Boho style for spa Untreated branches for the head of the bed Birch is perfect for the bedroom

    Wall decor

    Painted dry branches with a large number of branches can be an excellent decoration of the living room.

  • The main secret of this decor is that the branch was a contrast in color to the wall.
  • If the wall is dark in color, the branch should beeither light or with a metallic sheen, if the wall is in a light tone, it is better to use the branches in their original color or painted in dark colors.
  • Consider also highlighting such a walldecor. For lighting, you can use small candlesticks attached to the branch with glue, spot lighting on the ceiling or a garland randomly wrapped around the branch.
  • It is thanks to the lighting that such an unusual and rather original version of the wall decor looks very impressive and can turn an ordinary wall into a stylish part of the room. Birch in the interior Branches in the interior

    Kitchen Decor

    It will be very appropriate to look dry branches inthe interior of the kitchen. So old batteries can be perfectly masked by a screen made of dry twigs of equal length. Very useful in the kitchen will be a panel of dry branches, which can be quite large. Such a necessary thing as a stand under the hot, it is very easy to make yourself out of ordinary branches. Baubles on the fridge have a pretty cute and original look that are easy to make from small twigs and then stick to magnets. Its interesting and unusual design of the kitchen with branches will add a special atmosphere. Kitchen decoration

    Bathroom decor

    From dry twigs can be made very practicaldecor in the bathroom, it can be a large shelf on the whole wall, where you can store bathroom accessories, or a ladder on which you can hang towels. Or it may be small branches that will serve as hooks, it is very convenient to hang bathrobes and towels on them. Also dry knot can be used as a holder for toilet paper. Original towel racks toilet paper holder


    Dry branches as well as their cuts can be furniture decor. Incredibly elegant and stylish look tables, which are based on thick branches, and the table top is made of transparent glass. Toilet and coffee tables can be pasted over with sections from dry branches, they turn out not only beautiful, but also very convenient. For example, look.

    Decorative lamp

    A lot of different ideas exist for creating lighting fixtures. Lamps in which branches of different diameters are used as a basement look very beautiful. The lamp on the branch Cozier any roommake a dry thick branch of a tree, equipped with light bulbs. Such an element of eco-style perfectly complement the modern interior, and make it close to nature. Wall lamps and table lamps decorated with dry branches look great. Such lighting devices made on the basis of natural or colored branches will perfectly fit into a variety of interiors, ranging from simple to exclusive designer interior. Unusual lamp on a large branch Designer table lamp Wood sconce Night light on a branch Lamp to work on a tree branch Old lamp base lamp

    Shelves for storing small items

    Very nice and quite practical shelves forstoring books, souvenirs, jewelry and other small things can be easily done with dry twigs. This decor only needs to be well fixed on the wall and supplemented with decorative finishing materials. Also, the trunk of a tree, can be the basis for several shelves in the form of partitions. Shelves for trifles Branch shelves Untreated birch shelf

    Branch hangers

    Dry branches make excellent and verycomfortable wall hangers, as well as hangers hangers. It can be not just knots that look like hooks on the walls, but also unusual wall and floor hangers for hallways and bedrooms. So thick branches with spikes can play the role of very convenient vertical hangers for clothes, and thinner ones can be arranged along the wall. Clothes hanger Original clothes hanger For outerwear For jewelry Great store idea


    Non-standard and very interesting cornices on the windowscan be made from thicker branches or thin base of the tree. Curtains, on big hooks or loops in tone of curtains will look very beautiful on such eaves. This decor will bring creativity to the interior and create some home comfort. Cornice for flowerpots Wooden curtain rail for curtains

    Panel of branches

    To create such a decor requires largeenergy costs, in contrast to the simple compilation of a “bouquet” of branches in a vase. Initially, you need to come up with a composition, for example, a heart or a bird, or a star, and then proceed to implement. Such a decoration of dry branches can be made with your own hands, and it is unlikely that he will meet someone else. The decor of the branches "Heart"

    Pictures and frames

    Unique and unique paintings can be madefrom dry branches. To do this, attach the branch composition to the wall and then surround it with a beautiful frame. You can decorate the photo frame with thin twigs or their cuts by gluing it around. In the same way, you can also decorate a mirror that will look great on the walls in the hallway. The composition of the branches and frames for paintings Arrangement of branches and lamps

    Branches in floor vases

    Floor vases with dry branches look very impressive and stylish. Long branches in a transparent vase will perfectly replace any other decor, attracting views to itself. Decorative branches for floor vases

    Vase Decoration

    A dry twig vase decor is veryA stylish way to complement the interior of the room in the Scandinavian and eco-style. You can use primordially chosen branches on the ground, but they do not look as attractive as if they are painted. Starting their coloring, it is better to choose the color for the branches in accordance with the color scheme of the interior of the room. The most spectacular and stylish for this purpose will be golden, silver, white and black. Such original vases with decorated branches will look good on shelves, coffee tables and bedside tables near the beds. Stylish candlestick