Do-it-yourself updating of the old wall: tips + step-by-step master class (37 photos)

Do-it-yourself updating of the old wall: tips + step-by-step master class (37 photos)

Furniture of the Soviet era, as a rule, hashigh enough quality, because it is not in vain that it continues to serve more than one generation. But when the soul wants something new in the familiar interior, you should not immediately throw away your grandmother’s old chest or mother’s beloved wall, it will be enough just to change their appearance and the interior will immediately sparkle with new colors. Sure, many of us have such an oldfurniture that it’s time to write off. Of course, you can throw it in the trash, or try to reanimate a little and update it yourself. In the future, there is an opportunity to continue to use such furniture at home, or to take it to the country. In any case, it will already be beautiful, comfortable and cozy.

Tips for repainting the old wall

One of the easiest options to make old furniture newer is to paint. Thus, it will gain an attractive appearance, moreover, the work will not take you a lot of time.

  • In order to get started we needchoose a specific type and color of paint. If the furniture is made of simple material, it is perfectly acceptable to use absolutely any paint. In the case when the final result is to get a shine - they take enamel varnish paint. To achieve a matte finish, an oil version is used. One of the best options for painting is acrylic (preferably water-based). Aerosol cans have proved to be quite good for homework with furniture. In work, they lie well and evenly on the surface, and also do not create streaks.
  • If you are painting the old gardenfurniture, in which case it is recommended to use paints and varnishes. They are well suited for metal objects, but do not forget to pay attention to the fact that they have an anti-corrosion effect. When painting aluminum items, buy special paint for them. In order not to confuse anything in the types of material and colors - it is best to check this or that product choice before buying from a consultant.
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  • Speaking directly about the paint itself -here you can use a brush, roller or spray gun. Please note that before applying the paint it will be necessary to degrease the furniture and carefully inspect it for any breakdowns. If necessary, replace accessories, locks or handles before starting work. Next, get rid of the old varnish and rub the entire surface with sandpaper. It is best to take fine-grained paper for this work. Alternatively, you can use a grinder instead. She, too, can perfectly cope with the task.
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  • Another important point before applying paintthere will be work on applying a primer. If necessary, use putty to eliminate problem areas. When the primer is completely dry, apply alcohol or vodka to the surface to completely degrease the subject.
  • The final stage will be the application of paint onsurface. This is done leisurely and accurately, the staining itself is carried out in one direction of the brush. It is best to apply several layers of paint - then the result will be much better. It is recommended that painted furniture be used no earlier than a week after work.
  • How to varnish old furniture?

      • The first and important point in this work will beproper selection of premises. It must necessarily be well ventilated and categorically not allowed so that there are places with open fire nearby. Before starting work, the old varnish is removed, all the shortcomings associated with cracks, troughs or other nuances are completely eliminated using putty and grinding.
      • After the prepared surface we will definitelyapply a primer. Then a thin layer is applied with varnish, while using a brush or spray to speed up the process and reduce the cost of effort. If you have chosen the spray can option, it is recommended that you first practice on some old sheet of wood to understand the principle of its work and subtlety.

    • Spraying the varnish is carried out at a distance of about 25-30 centimeters from the surface that is being processed. In this case, the movements should be in the horizontal direction.
    • It is important to know that the drying time of the varnish is approximately 48 hours if no other time is indicated on the product packaging.
    • Remember that the first coat of varnish is applied first.then carefully processed with fine sandpaper. All dust that occurs during operation is removed using a conventional wet towel. Next, apply a second layer and let the surface dry completely. Only if necessary can we apply the third layer, but such situations are extremely rare. Usually two layers of varnish are enough for a beautiful appearance and quality.

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    Ideas for updating the old wall and other things

    Since the principle of working with the surface of the oldthe furniture will be approximately the same - it is not necessary to dwell solely on it. Thus, you can return to life and other important household items. Here are some useful ideas you might find useful in your work.

  • Having worked a little on the surface of the old cabinet, you can give it a new life, and such a new thing will become a beautiful item in your home interior.
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    Transforming an old cabinet into a beautiful new piece of furniture

  • This old chair will be a bright accent in the design and decoration of the house.
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    Bright new chair made of old material

  • A table with drawers that has not been used for a long time will turn into a modern workplace. It can be designed according to your personal taste.
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    Remaking an old desk with a drawer into a new workplace

  • A bulky sofa can turn into a beautiful and comfortable soft ottoman, which can be easily placed in the hallway.
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    Bulky sofa in a new role

  • The former table on wheels will become a fashionable stylish pedestal that can be moved to any desired point in the house.
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    Design of an old table on wheels

  • Even earlier, a rough and uncouth chest of drawers after gluing will be a modern, light and functional piece of furniture.
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    Beautiful design of a chest of drawers with your own hands

  • From the old, seemingly unnecessary bedside table, you will get a wonderful bedside table that will decorate the design of your bedroom.
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    Making a bedside table in the interior

  • A dressing table, which at first could simply be written off, will turn out to be an excellent desktop, also with the presence of nightstands.
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    Old dressing table in a new attractive form

  • Having worked a little with the old carved back from the sofa, you can end up with a wonderful addition to the mini sofa.
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    How to use an unnecessary sofa back in a room design

  • Decorate a plain cabinet with a countertop and a door - a good and useful full-fledged cabinet for various items will come out.
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    DIY cabinet enhancements

  • With the help of paints, turn an unnecessary coffee table into a real work of art with unforgettable oriental motifs.
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    Design and decoration of the old table

  • If you still have some fabric and an old chair - feel free to turn it into a new design project, which will undoubtedly be crowned with success.
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    Upholstery chair to update the view

  • Work with a plain table, after which it will be a highlight in the interior design of one of your rooms.
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    Variant design of a pedestal for acquiring a new look

  • A large chest of drawers can easily be updated and converted to one of the French motifs.
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    Updating an old chest of drawers to modern design

  • The old closet of grandparents can be redone without any problems on a modern motif, using ordinary wallpaper.
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    Workshop "Dresser Update"

    One of the objects of the old wall is oftena chest of drawers that usually doesn't look the best way. Do not despair, but try to allocate a little of your free time so that he can transform into a new beautiful home item. Progress:

  • In order to get started with an old chest of drawerswe will need to completely remove the old fittings, as well as the coating with which it was painted. Having worked a little with scratches and bumps, we putty putty on wood and wait until everything is completely dry. At the first stage, it will be necessary to clean it with a sandpaper that has fine grain.
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    The old thing that took a long dust in the attic View after puttying and sanding

  • Next we need to install the molding frompolyurethane. It is recommended not to choose too voluminous and thick options, as they will look rude and absolutely ugly. It is best to take no wider than 5 cm and as narrow as possible. At the same time, they should be sawn at angles of 54 degrees in order to perfectly match the pattern. Glued and put on self-tapping moldings You can glue them on PVA glue, additionally reinforced with self-tapping screws with a wide hat.
  • The third step will be the primer treatment. Alternatively, it is possible to use a solution diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 PVA glue. When the primer is completely dry, proceed to painting the surface. It is best to use water-based acrylic paint.
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    View after the second application of paint

  • The penultimate stage will be the decoration of ourchest of drawers. For this, beautiful wallpapers were bought, which we will use in work. Since the choice of the range of materials is large enough - you can choose absolutely any option that you like. A variant of a beautiful dresser dressing We needwill cut out even pieces whose sizes will coincide with the inside of the frame. Gently glue them on PVA glue and after complete drying, double-coat the chest with water-based varnish. We also recommend that you read about how else you can give
  • The final step will be the installation of legs, handles and other accessories of the chest of drawers.
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    Chest with mounted handles and legsWe see that the principle of processing the surface of the old wall to update it is quite simple, and the result is beautiful and design. The main thing is that we can do all these things with our own hands, without resorting to outside help. We also recommend viewing:

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