Do-it-yourself vases from glass bottles: workshop + 24 photos

Do-it-yourself vases from glass bottles: workshop + 24 photos

Beautiful vases with flowers serve as decorationthe interior of the room, bringing bright colors and zest to it. You can buy a suitable vase in a store ready-made, or you can use all your creativity and make a vase from a glass bottle on your own, guided by the ideas of this article. Hand-made crafts are always especially expensive and memorable. They will not only serve as an excellent element of interior decoration, but also give warm positive emotions to the whole family every day. we already wrote about, now let's see what can be made of glass. In order to make a beautiful vase, you canuse a glass bottle of any shape and color. For example, here is a master class ““, with the help of which such bright vases are made, as in the third photo above. A vase can be made with a narrow neck, designed for one small flower, or at the stage of preparation of the bottle, cut the neck first. How to do this at home with improvised means will be discussed below. Content

    How to cut the neck of a bottle at home

    In order to carefully get rid ofThe following materials and items must be prepared for the bottleneck: • Thick woolen thread; • Solvent (acetone, kerosene, alcohol, gasoline can also be used); • Gloves and glasses for safety; • Matches; • A basin with water; • Sandpaper or knife sharpening stone. Next, you need to outline a cut line on the bottle. The woolen thread is unwound so long that it is enough to wrap the bottle three times around its axis. Then you need to moisten the thread in the solvent, quickly wrap the bottle three times in the place where the cut is planned, set fire and wait until it burns out. The bottle should be held so that it is in a position parallel to the ground. Next, the bottle quickly drops into a basin of cold water. From a sharp drop in temperature, the neck itself will break off in the intended place. The last step is to process the sharp edge with sandpaper or a knife sharpening stone. The second option is best done in water. How to carefully separate the neck from a glass bottle at homeHow to carefully separate the neck from a glass bottle at home

    How to make an original silver vase from a glass bottle

    First, remove the neck from the the above described method and prepare everything you need: spray can with silver paint, woolen thread, paper napkins, PVA glue, rhinestones and beads, scissors, cotton buds, transparent glue, ribbon for decoration. Napkins should be cut into 4 parts, apply PVA glue to the future vase and carefully glue all the napkins in turn, while on each napkin it is necessary to create special recesses, where subsequently beads and rhinestones will be glued. This is done with a cotton swab. It must be applied to the center of the napkin and scrolled around its axis. When the bottle is completely glued in this way, it must be left to dry for 4 hours. Then you need to stick patterns from pieces of woolen thread using PVA glue. After drying, the vase is ready to apply paint from a spray can of the appropriate color. In conclusion, after 45 minutes, you can decorate the vase with rhinestones, beads and a ribbon using transparent adhesive Moment.

    Vases from glass bottles with a knitted cover

    This option will especially appeal to thosewho knows how to knit beautifully. To implement this method, you need to knit a beautiful cover for the future vase, corresponding to the style and interior design of the room. Such vases create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house. Knitted Glass Bottle VasesKnitted Glass Bottle VasesHowever, if you do not know how to knit, do not despair. Amazing vases can be created using multi-colored knitting threads by winding from the base of the bottle to the neck. To create an even more beautiful effect, you can also put a variety of beads on the threads.

    How to make a vase from a glass bottle using corrugated paper

    In this case, you need to cut multi-coloredcorrugated paper into pieces and stick on a glass transparent bottle, using PVA glue with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Pieces are glued in several layers, the glue after drying will not be noticeable. The finished vase can be decorated with other elements to taste and varnished. Beautiful glass bottle vases decorated with corrugated paperBeautiful glass bottle vases decorated with corrugated paper

    Glass bottle vases decorated with fabric and lace

    If you have beautiful pieces of fabric withunusual ornament, original lace and glass bottles proper, you should not throw them away. All this can find worthy application in creating truly amazing masterpieces made by yourself. It will be enough to gently glue them with PVA glue on the bottle. Original vases using fabric and laceOriginal vases using fabric andlace Whatever the method of creating such a craft, the main thing in this business is desire and creativity. Be sure to think in advance which of the options is the least difficult for you in terms of implementation. It is worth starting your first experiments with it. The main thing is that the result of the work looks beautiful and harmonizes with the interior of your home. Elvira Goleva for Dé

    Photo of a glass bottle vase

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