We make a beautiful gift to the teacher with our own hands.

We make a beautiful gift to the teacher with our own hands.

On the eve of the most "smart" holiday on the planet- the day of my beloved teacher I would like to talk about a decent and truly pleasing gift. Each time our initiative mothers from the parents' committee run around the flower stalls in search of a beautiful and inexpensive bouquet, and then tormentedly think about what service they should choose this time for the best in their school class teacher. Pleasant gift dear teacher. Photo №1 It's a shame, actually. A man who puts so much of his labor, patience, emotions and a little bit of a soul into the upbringing of our children with you, deserves at least a drop of full-value return. Plant your kids at the table and convince them to give the warmth of their hands to the person who devotes most of their lives to them. Let them do something themselves, with their hands, and then they will understand what it's like to work for yourself and to please the neighbor with the results of your work, and not hide behind the backs of moms. In order for the child to cope with the task, you do not need to overload it with especially complex goals. It's enough just to make a colorful postcard. To do this you will need:

  • one sheet of glossy paper or A4 cardboard;
  • a bale of unnecessary magazines;
  • a small piece of a narrow satin or floral tape;
  • decorative cardboard with a picture or cover of an old diary, a torn book or an advertising booklet;
  • beautiful gift pen.
  • So, we are acting!

    • First, from a sheet of glossy paper, we make a base, fold it in such a way that a book with one of the edges out of the second by 4 centimeters is obtained.
    • At this gap we will fasten a gift - a colorful pen. That bend, which is shorter, should be cut at corners, giving a rounded shape.
    • First, we will formalize the title page. To do this, we cut out of the magazines a beautiful drawing, or a few details, and we will collect from them an interesting collage. For example, elements of nature and animals, or a photo class with students, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. In order to give the cover the necessary style, we advise you to choose a wise quote or saying and add to the collage. The main thing is that everything harmoniously combined!
    • Next, we will arrange the inside of the cover. We paste there the paraphernalia from the subject, which is led by your teacher. Whether it's notes, chemical elements or mathematical signs.
    • On the spot for a gift, you should prepare a loop. To do this, glue a figuratively cut strip of decorative cardboard, and exactly in the middle of the strip pass a satin ribbon, which then will be tied up with the treasured pen.
    • And most importantly - the contents of the postcard. On the inner side of the book, you should put a barely noticeable line with a simple pencil for even writing the text. And with a child's hand, to express all your feelings and all thanks to your beloved teacher. It is not necessary to buy one's words - this is exactly the case when one should express his gratitude eloquently and vividly.
    • Around the text, we recommend to stick a figured frame out of small cut out patterns.

    The gift is ready! Hasten to please your favorite teacher!