How to make Evik dolls from fameirana. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make Evik dolls from fameirana. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Foamiran - a new material for needlework, whichtoday conquered the whole world. It is plastic, obedient, multicolored, soft and holding shape. One of its remarkable qualities is very low hygroscopicity. This is an excellent material for making ornaments on a swimsuit, bathing hats, bags, zakolkah.Colours from foamirana can vary old sandals. From it recently even make brides bouquets and, of course, various crafts, toys, dolls. Today we will learn how to make dolls.

Slippers from Foamiran

The Evik Foamiran doll consists of parts. One important of them is the foot. How to make the legs with your own hands, find out later. It is necessary:

  • sheets of foyamiran of two colors (bodily and violet);
  • scissors;
  • two balls of foam plastic with a diameter of 3.5-4 cm;
  • hot glue, gun for him;
  • Sequins;
  • cardboard;
  • toothpicks.

The order of performance of work

  • Take two identical balls of a suitable size foam (diameter 40 mm).
  • Cut them in half, and then cut vertically with the same piece about 1/6 of the diameter.
  • Glue the halves in pairs, as shown in the photo.
  • To continue, place the workpieces on the support so that the edges hang over the support. So it will be more convenient to tighten them with fameir.
  • Cut off the necessary violet from the sheet materialpieces and two rectangles of flesh color. Warm one of the rectangles with an iron, placing it between two sheets of clean white paper or cloth.
  • Cover the work piece with a warm material, holding itends of plastic. On the workpiece, you should put the foamiran with the side that was leaning against the iron. Glue with the toothpick the edges of the material to the workpiece and trim the excess.
  • Cut out a white foyamir or a thick cardboard spy and glue it to the sole.
  • Repeat heating foyamiran with an iron and wrap the workpiece with two pieces of purple material, gluing the edges. Trim excess.
  • Cut out the purple strip and glue it around the perimeter of the slippers.
  • Decorate shoes with pawns, beads, beads. Manufacture of slippers and feet for a doll from foyamiran is over.
  • Sandals

    Separately, we give an example, which describes howpossible to do only shoes. It's no secret that this detail of clothes in any doll is lost most often. It's great if you can replenish the doll wardrobe yourself. Sandals for the dollFor this craft, simply copy the patterns withphoto and enlarge them on the right scale to make shoes of the appropriate size. Next, we work in the same way as in the previous master class with the only difference: do not glue the foamiran to the workpiece. Yes, and the blank (polystyrene) is not to be wrapped around and pasted. Also, note that the arrows and dots in the drawing must overlap. The flower is cut out by a template or a figured stapler. A dotted line means that at this point the material must be bent. Now you can start making dolls evik.

    Crafts from Foma

    About what you can do with your own hands fromfomir in the commercials are already known throughout the country our needlewomen Tatiana Shmeleva and Eugenia Romanova. They do not hold a master class in these commercials, but invite to their paid lessons and conferences for beginners in the near future. Their hobby has already passed to a stage of business and allows to earn money. And here in this video the unknown girl spends a remarkable lesson on manufacturing a pupa of the schoolgirl from фоамирана. The lesson goes under the light fun music, the camcorder is successfully located and fixes all the little things, the handyman tells clearly and in detail. And even how to make slippers that we have already done with you on the video is shown in a slightly different version.