We make original cards with our own hands, using traditional materials.

We make original cards with our own hands, using traditional materials.

In our time of enormous abundance of giftproducts have become popular products in the style of hand-mei. Everything that is done by oneself is considered a sign of manifestation of true respect and recognition. It is not difficult to buy a trinket in the nearest supermarket, but the impression of the gift will be appropriate, so start learning how to make gifts yourself! For example, we try to make a colorful postcard from improvised materials. Unique postcards for everyone. Photo №1 We will be filled:

      • Colored glossy cardboard;
      • Sheets of paper format A 4;
      • Various old unnecessary magazines;
      • Adhesives;
      • Handle;
      • Decorative ribbons for decoration;
      • If the house has something of an area of ​​silvery or golden powder, glittery glue or radiant luminescent markers, then all of this will serve us faithfully;
      • Mom's nail polish with silvery sand is also useful;
      • Grandmother's buttons and sequins, beads and beads will come in handy.

So, we begin to act!

  • First, we'll cover the cover. We fold a sheet of cardboard in half, cut the outer edges by 1 cm and adjust the corners, giving them a rounded shape.
  • Then we paste under the cover a new sheet of cardboard with a cardinally opposite color. Get the cover in the frame. The combination of colors come up yourself.
  • On the decorated side of the cardboard paste bright decor. Its content will depend on the existing furniture fittings. You can make a magical garden of small buttons, pajetok, beads and beads. Glue all this wealth better on nacreous nail polish or glossy glue. The pieces of ribbons will give the volume of your picture, if you paste them in the form of bows.
  • Inside, you should write a beautiful literate text. To frame it it is possible in a frame from the same pajetok or beads.
  • On the upper inside of the cover, you cancome up with an interesting application of fabric. Cut out the original figure from a dense material such as a drape or felt, firmly glue it and decorate it with silvery powder.
  • And if the back of the cover is attachedribbon, inserting it through holes through a piece of paper, then with its help you can tie a small symbolic gift - a pen, a flashlight, a marker, a hygienic lipstick or some other pleasant trifle.
  • If this was not found in your arsenal, tie up the inflated balloon. It will be fun, we promise!

To create such a postcard, you do not need a clearinstructions and strict limits. You can afford to realize any turns of your bold imagination. Dare, do not be afraid to be creative and extraordinary! Forward!