We make paper flags for the birthday. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

We make paper flags for the birthday. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Birthday is the best holiday of everyonea person, especially a child. This is the day when only you are honored and congratulated, only you are given gifts and only for your sake decorate the house with garlands, balls and flags. Secrets of making simple jewelry we know from the kindergarten. There, good teachers taught us to make our first flags. Today, just remind ourselves and show the children how to make their own flags for the upcoming holiday. They differ from New Year or May Day only in that they have letters of congratulations on their birthday.

Simple paper flags

Let's recall the lessons of the kindergarten and we will do the samesimple festive garland. To do this, just take a rectangular piece of colored paper and bend it in half. We cut out the double workpiece using the proper templates. We will consider them as blanks, which we will use to make paper flags with congratulations on Birthday. They can be made from colored paper, sheets of glossy magazines, old books and simply from white writing paper. The main thing is, after giving them the right shape, to make applications from letters or simply draw them on the flag. Simple birthday flags

Garland with appliques

Paper flags are already ready for us. Now you need to paste on them the inscription "Birthday" or "Happy Birthday!" From the letters. The photo shows the entire alphabet. You can make the necessary templates by increasing the image. Cut the desired letters on stencils from colorful paper, decorate them with rhinestones, flowers, bows and paste them on paper flags. Then toss them through a tight lace and form festive garlands. Do not forget to glue the inner sides of the workpiece so that the flags do not fall off the thread.

  • Take a sheet of colored paper with a width equal tothe diameter of the future fan and fold the accordion. Fold it in half and glue together the two halves of one side. Get a semicircle. Fold the two semicircles and glue. Corrugated circle for garland, glue to the flag.
  • Cut a circle with a smaller diameter or a box and glue it to the fan.
  • Top glue the carved letter. Punch the stapler with two holes. The checkbox is ready.
  • Collect the garland and hang it on the wall.
  • Postcard with a garland

    Try to make very small garlands. Best of all, they are obtained from double rectangles, hung on the thread by the first method. Draw congratulations on the flags. Postcard with flagsFinish the ends of small garlands withtape or colored circles and glue on opposite sides of the opening postcard. Calculate the length of the thread so that the garland is sagging, rather than stretched during a turn. Look at similar master classes: