We make a sarafan for a girl to school with her own hands

We make a sarafan for a girl to school with her own hands

School sarafan - the most popular and alwaysactual type of clothes for children. School girl sarafan started to wear in the beginning of the 19th century and continue until now. For many families, buying a school sundress can be a waybill, so we suggest that you sew it yourself. How to sew a school sarafan. Photo №1 For sewing a sarafan you will need:

  • fabric (the length and width of the fabric is calculated based on the size of the child);
  • thread;
  • sewing machine;
  • pattern.

On a special paper we draw out the pattern of the sarafan. The length of each line will depend on the size of the child and the desired length of the sarafan. The simplest pattern of a school sarafan looks like this: But you can use this pattern: After the pattern is drawn, it should becut and attach to the fabric. Carefully circle each detail on the fabric better than this to draw a pattern on the fabric with a usual piece of dry soap. Then it will perfectly wash off the fabric without leaving any unnecessary lines. Cut out everything. We begin to collect details of the sundress. Sew the part to the part by hand. We do this in order to avoid unnecessary or crooked seams, incorrect collection. After you are sure that all the details of the pattern are collected correctly, you can proceed to the machine seam. Gently sew those places where there was a manual seam. After the work done with the machine, gently remove the manual seam with a needle or thin scissors. It should be washed. Wash in the machine, according to the requirements of washing your fabric. This should be done in order to avoid fading or that the fabric can "sit down". The dress is dry and should be patted. After that, the thing is ready. If you did everything according to the requirements and patterns, then you should get an excellent sarafan for a schoolgirl, who will please her for a long time.